On the mobilization speed of large-scale troops, the Terran Godsworn couldn’t catch up with them, and the result was to cooperate with their poisonous insect tactics and make people suffer heavy losses. Finally, he forced Ren Huang Hao Anyi to come in person, which barely tied with the Zerg until Sun Hao appeared to destroy the King Kong Zerg. Only then did the army shrink and retreat to build a huge Rio fortress outside the Galaxy.

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Even the wormhole lose ability also fully sent for half a year before sending huge reinforcements to Rio fortress. At this time, the troops sent in advance have already engaged with Terran Ren Huang and Zhan Zu.
The front-line intelligence came over, and the Terran Ancestor officially changed its name to Zhanzu, symbolizing that the Terran had tied for the top two and launched an attack on the Zerg at the same time.
The fierce battle in Rio fortress shows that Ren Huang and Zhan Zu have strong fighting capacity, and the mother worms in Buriot fortress are crazy about cultivating soldiers, but the loss of Zerg soldiers is still greater than the loss
Leo’s battle report kept coming.
As Abel War Star approaches the battle and escalates, the earth-shattering fighting power of the two Terrans is really frightening.
Ren Huang Jian Hao is comfortable and powerful.
Powerful breakthrough of the Galactic Pony Zhanzu
In the past, so many reinforcements were still tied, and the key was the explosive destruction bug, but now it is not particularly good.
Remember that Abel War Star has the ability to cross wormholes, and the disorder after the explosion may not be able to stop Abel War Star’s assault.
Actually, the Abel-avoiding war star and the war ancestor met, and the strength of the war ancestor increased greatly. The Zerg sent a large number of soldiers to intercept the war star halfway through the virtual wormhole.
The whole Rio fortress has actually become three huge chapters, and the zerg soldiers who die every day are not counted.
Of course, Abel War Star should also have soldiers killed every day. Zerg warriors are not afraid of death.
Worm emperor watched the battle ahead every day.
However, after all the reinforcements arrived, Wang Qiqi, a few big worms, began to cultivate soldiers. After that, the situation of Rio fortress finally stabilized, and the zerg’s huge ability to generate war soldiers finally showed its great power. The training speed of war soldiers has been able to catch up with the loss speed.
It was not until this time that the emperor took a long breath of relief.
Finally, it’s stabilized, so the resources consumed by the battle are a little more, but the zerg has accumulated over the years, and the zerg has captured the resources in poverty over the years, which is still affordable.
Mother Huang doesn’t believe that the Terran’s two great powers will really be tireless, and Zhang Sheng doesn’t believe that Abel War Star can be driven permanently.
Race to go in and fight with zerg consumption, then the final result is definitely a gain.
Spell consumption zerg is not afraid of race.
Worm emperor calmly waits for the results ahead.
Zell worm king seriously summarizes information every day and reports all kinds of situations to all kinds of resources consumption, all kinds of war soldiers cultivation and so on.
After the mother nest sent a large number of troops, it was much quieter than before, and the surrounding area of the mother nest was quiet.
Looking up at the star mother emperor, I can’t see the feeling of flying insects all over the sky in the past. It’s very cold and cheerless
There is also a mother nest, and the stars all over the sky seem to have entered hibernation, appearing less and less, and there is no light in the virtual space.
One day, King Zell sighed in front of the mother emperor, "This universe seems to have entered the winter, and the temperature in the mother nest is much lower. Many slackers are reluctant to go out and fly."
Worm emperor smiled noncommittally.
It’s normal for every soldier to feel depressed and depressed when the mother nest is sparsely populated.
I hope the situation in Rio will be better. If we can persist in going there for a hundred years, I believe the Terran will have to withdraw its troops from Rio.
After a while, Zell came to report that "there seems to be something wrong with mother’s situation, but she can’t come."
Now that Zell said this, the Worm Emperor felt something was wrong, as if he had overlooked some very important issues.
These problems should not be a big deal, but together they are somewhat abnormal.
After the two female worms looked at each other for half a ring, the emperor asked in a low voice, "It seems like a few months. Has not a worm returned to the mother nest?"
Zell’s body suddenly shook his mouth and said, "It’s mother. I finally know what’s wrong. Then the Karga Zerg is not only a base in Rio fortress. It’s reasonable that every month some insects in his fortress come to the mother’s nest with resources, but it’s been several months, and no one has come."
Intelligence is coming every day, but there is not a worm to send resources?
Mother emperor and Zell looked at each other.
Mother emperor low command "send information in the past to ask what’s going on"
Zell bowed down and excused himself. "I’ll ask."
The information is still open, but the situation is very strange. The information shows that each base sends soldiers with resources regularly every month and has entered the wormhole.
The wormhole didn’t show anything unusual. It is reasonable that zerg soldiers should have arrived at the mother’s nest long ago, but why hasn’t it arrived yet?
Already set off? Haven’t arrived yet? Does that mean there may be something wrong with the wormhole?
The mother emperor was amazed at the secret of the wormhole. She didn’t really understand the ability to shuttle through the wormhole. The zerg evolved its own virtual ability to travel, and now it’s abnormal. What’s going on?
And where did the monks who entered the wormhole go? Will you directly get lost in the virtual?
Worm king and Zell worm king are completely confused. How can such an abnormal thing happen?
The situation outside is unknown, so should we go out from the Ministry and have a try?
Worm emperor and Zell sent a team to find the wormhole and drill into it.
Everything was fine when I went in, but after I went in, I lost my connection and waited for a month. I should have seen the destination, and the zerg disappeared. I don’t know where it went in the wormhole
Then the Karma Emperor and the Zell Worm King knew that there was a big problem. I don’t know why there were some problems in the wormholes around the mother nest, and the worms got lost unconsciously.
I don’t know how this happened, and is this situation particularly serious?
Finding that the wormhole is out of order, King Zell finally feels that things are unusual, so doesn’t it mean that the whole mother nest has been unconsciously isolated and become an island without support?
In my heart, King Zell sent several high-strength destroyers directly to break through the void outside the mother’s nest to see if I could find a wormhole and get in touch with the outside world.
I don’t know if I don’t try, but I’m surprised if I try.
The emptiness around the mother’s nest suddenly became more bizarre, as if a ripple enveloped the huge mother’s nest, and an egg shell around the mother’s nest firmly blocked it.
The destroyer rushed halfway, but he could no longer break through the void.
Chapter DiErErYi A recruit dew trap
If you want to rush to a certain height, the strong rebound will bounce the destroyer back to the mother’s nest alive
The test results show that Genzel Worm King looks scared.
This is not a natural phenomenon, and it is definitely not a coincidence. Maybe someone did not know that Tongtian means to isolate the mother nest unconsciously.
Who has such a great avatar?
Who is it again? Can find a huge mother nest that is almost hanging through the virtual space and keeps moving?
However, the mother emperor became very calm in the face of sudden changes, and all the zerg fighters who went to the mother nest entered a state of super alert. At the same time, all the zerg fighters at the Zerg base were ordered to support the Rio fortress to completely repel the Terran Coalition forces. If possible, they could enter the Terran Rambo Star Domain.
Is almost instantaneous mother emperor has analyzed the theory of who is secretly arranged to such a shocking overall situation, and the result directly points to the Terran.
Then it is possible to completely destroy the Terran on the battlefield in Rio and have a chance to force back the Terran monks who attacked the mother nest.
I don’t know who the monks around the mother’s nest are at this moment. Ren Huang or Zhan Zu? Or both of them? So who will be Leo’s two enemies beyond the Great Wall?
The worm emperor reached an order to prepare for this moment.
The accident happened again. At the same time, all the members of the Zega Zerg in the mother nest sounded a very arrogant and arrogant tone. "Zega belongs to gold silkworm, and you always talk to the old man about ruling. Today, we specially launched a battle for the leadership of Zega tribe to Zega Worm Emperor. According to the worm code, if I belong to Zega, I can’t participate in the war at will. Just wait for the old man to climb to the top and destroy the queen before deciding the policy of Zega Zerg."

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