Zhang Yi said faintly, "How do you feel that a few of you can be older at most? Are you better than me or brother Wu?"

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Zhang Yihu looked at one side of the broadsword. Wang Wu never spoke again. He promised to retreat in a low voice. They were all taught by Zhang Yi. If Zhang Yi couldn’t hold them, it would be no use. Besides, there is this famous broadsword Wang Wu.
Zhang Yi laughed. "Brother Wu, shall we go now?"
Wang Wu a face of excitement replied "go now! Girl, don’t lead the way! "
Rhyme curled her lips and said, "Wait a minute. I’ll get my horse first!"
While talking, Rhyme whistled in the distance, and a crisp horse neighed, and a group of fiery red horses galloped from a distance.
Zhang Yi blurted out, "What a wonderful steed!"
Rhyme smiled smugly and said, "What do you think of it? This is Grandpa. It’s natural for me to spend a lot of money to buy a bloody BMW!"
Beauty smiles with limited amorous feelings, and Zhang Yi’s heart is instantly touched.
Aside Wang Wu cried, "Come on, girl, don’t show off. It hurts you as much as your grandfather does. Are you willing to spend a lot of money to buy such a precious mount! Don’t lead the way! "
Rhyme spat out her tongue and said, "Uncle Wu, do you really want to take him to see Grandpa? The three uncles are angry with him."
Wang Wu laughed. "If Uncle Wu really catches him in front of your grandfather, your grandfather doesn’t know how happy he is. Let’s go."
Talking, the three men disappeared into the night like lightning.
The three people are all BMW Liangju, and they have traveled more than two hundred miles in just two hours. Look at the border and it has reached the middle of Liaoning.
Rhyme rode the bloody horse to lead the way, deliberately trying to drown Zhang Yi’s previous defeat and hate Wang Wu. Zhang Yi only followed behind, but the bloody horse was really a god, and two horses could only follow the tail. It was difficult to walk side by side.
Wang Wu ha ha smiled. "Come on, look at the little girl who is still angry with you. Girls can’t be easily provoked!"
Zhang Yi also said a few words. Women are born with grudges, right?
As the night approached, three people came to a small mountain villa.
Rhyme waited until the horse approached the door of a big courtyard, and a rein stopped and jumped from the horse, pushing the door and breaking in.
Who see rhyme son back faint expression suddenly became cheerful and cried, "big miss you can be back, the father has sent several people to find you …"
Rhyme gave a hand and said, "It’s none of your business. I brought a distinguished guest to see grandpa today. It’s okay. His old man’s house won’t scold me hee hee …"
Speak Wang Wu Zhang Yi two people also came to the front door.
Rhyme said, "Uncle Shi, help them tie up their horses and get some fodder. I’m going to see grandpa!"
Talking rhyme hands motioned for two people to follow her.
Yuner excitedly came to the main hall and cried, "Grandpa, Grandpa, I’m back. Look who I brought for you!"
At this time, the old man pushed open the door and his face was as heavy as water. "How old are you? Don’t let Grandpa save snacks and see how I punish you!"
Rhyme obediently put out his tongue.
At this time, Wang Wu had already pulled up his clothes not far away and knelt down to call out, "Uncle Wang Wu has been polite to you for many years. How have you always been?"
The old man looked up slowly and said, "Wang Wu, where are you from? Get up, get up, get up, ha ha. Five, we cannot father but haven’t seen each other for many years. "
Wang Wu got up from the ground and said respectfully, "Martial Uncle, you made me easy to find. I haven’t heard from you since I said goodbye more than ten years ago."
The old man laughed. "Five, now your name is shaking all over the world. Who doesn’t know the Beijing Heroes? You have made great achievements in recent years. Please ask Shi Jia to go to Shixiang and tell them that their fifth brother is here!"
Talking, the old man brought Wang Wu into the house.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-three Wing King, Shi Dakai!
Several people walked into the room.
Wang Wu said, "I really don’t know how to find your old man if Uncle Shi hadn’t happened to meet Yuner this time. Today I brought you a distinguished guest!"
The old man’s eyes looked at Zhang Yi, but he saw that Zhang Yi’s bearing was remarkable and calm, and his eyes flashed off, and he could see at a glance that he was coming from the battlefield.
Zhang Yi also looked at the old man, who was about seventy years old and had a slightly slim mind. He still couldn’t cover up his heroism in the extraordinary vicissitudes of life, and his momentum revealed the essence of his extraordinary eyes. He looked like a martial arts expert who studied outside.
The old man laughed to himself first. "Who is this?"
Wang Wu laughed. "Martial Uncle, don’t blame the recklessness of the five elements. I also know that your identity is too sensitive. But in those days, you once lamented that the late Qing generation did not know which hero could save this Chinese Shenzhou. Today, Friday brought you such a great hero!"
The old man’s spirit shook and said slowly, "Ge is full of murderous look. It seems that he has just come out of the war. He is young but calm. Let me guess. Isn’t it the Chinese tiger who has just been in Shengjing?"
Zhang Yi was surprised at the old man’s diabolical vision, which is not what ordinary people can have.
Zhang Yi quickly bowed down and said, "Small is Zhang Yi’s hasty arrival today. Please don’t blame the old gentleman!"
The old man laughed and said, "Ok! Not bad, not the kui is a famous Chinese tiger! The general is indeed a contemporary hero! I regret being able to see Zhang Jian’s life and death. "
Wang Wu aside said "ShiShu you see …"
The old man gave a hand and said, "Five don’t you introduce me! Do young people want to know who I am? "
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "The old gentleman, I think I can get a big sword. Wang Wu respects and admires people so much. I’m afraid there are really few people in the world. Naturally, I am very curious and ask the old gentleman to give me anonymity."
The old man said slowly, "The old man is in heaven, Shi Dakai!"
Shi Dakai!’
Zhang Yi was really shocked this time. For the first time since arrival to this era, he was completely shocked. In his memory, Shi Dakai had been captured by Zeng Guofan on the Dadu River as early as thirty or forty years ago. How could he still be alive?
Shi Dakai looked at Zhang Yi’s expression and laughed. "How did General Jian scare you? The old man was a first-class rebel of the Great Qing Dynasty. You didn’t think that the old man was still alive, did you?"
Zhang Yi took a deep breath and said to the ground, "Zhang Yi has heard that Wing Wang is the most famous commander in chief in the late Qing Dynasty since he was a child. It is an honor for the younger generation to see the old gentleman and Zhang Yishi today. It is impolite."
Shi Dakai, the wing king, is one of the few heroes in Zhang Yi’s mind, not only his military genius, but also the most exotic figure in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the most exotic figure in the late Qing Dynasty!
Shi Dakai chuckled, "General Jian Shengjing, the imperial government official, won’t take me for being the number one rebel?"
Zhang Yi said with a wry smile, "Wing Wang joked that Zhang Yi is not so pedantic. Today, it is enough to see Wing Wang. He said that at the beginning, Wen Zhenggong took great risks because of his compassion. If Zhang Yi took Wing Wang and asked the court to like it, it would be hard to say that Wen Zhenggong, a sage who was full of respect and respect, would collapse. Just his teacher Li Zhongtang would spare me."
Shi Dakai Gherardini replied, "Oh? This is not the Chinese tiger in my mind. Zhang Jian dares to be a hero who can take responsibility and make big decisions … "
Zhang Yi’s face was just saying, "Wing Wang should not make fun of North Korea’s formation of Cang Lang. At the beginning of the camp, he once said that my loyalty is to the 40 million compatriots in Wan Li, China, and we are fighting for the well-being of China. Instead of being in the central plains for 300 years, the Manchu dynasty was not a bunch of dear moths. They were not worth fighting for! Our army’s blade is aimed at invading China’s foreign enemies, splitting China’s ulterior motives, and respect for heroes like Wing Wang. Will you come and arrest them? "
Wang Wu laughed aside. "Martial Uncle, don’t tempt me. If Jian is really like that, I wouldn’t have brought him to see you. However, the vision of the first-class genius military commander in the Qing Dynasty has been unusual for decades. Jian is a unique genius in the contemporary world. I hope you can cherish the hero. Martial Uncle made every effort to come to Fengtian in order to turn Mukden into a base for reviving China. From here, we will rejuvenate Qiang Bing, change the backward and beaten situation, and make China stand in the world power after ten years. People dare to look down on us, which is why Jian told me that it was because of his ambition that I gave up the huge family business of the escort agency to help him. I hope that Uncle Shi can also help him. I know this is also Uncle Shi’s long-cherished wish! "
Shi Dakai, with a face of loneliness, often sighs and says, "Five other talents are just a joke from Uncle Shi. How many heroes and heroes have not escaped Uncle Shi’s eyes? How can I fail to see the firm ambition? I have never stopped searching for his intelligence since he became famous in Korea during World War I? I know everything about him."
Zhang Yi laughed. "Wing Wang blazing with anger can naturally see clearly. I don’t know Wing Wang Wuge …"
Shi Dakai said with a smile, "Five calls me Uncle, but it’s just holding me up. I’ve always lived in the south for a long time. Five is in Cangzhou, and I was already famous when I met him. It’s just that I’ve been calling me that since I was a few years old."
Wang Wu said with a simple face, "Martial Uncle, this is what you’re welcome to think. When Wang Wu just debuted, it wasn’t framed by sinister people in Jianghu. If it wasn’t for Martial Uncle’s generous help and advice on martial arts, where did I achieve today? Uncle Shi is a national but a model of chivalry, which is what our generation yearns for. Uncle Shi is just a firefly in front of him. Uncle Wang Wu said that he must be pleased and proud compared with the former teacher. "
Chapter three hundred and thirty-four Heroes pity each other.
Zhang Yixiao asked, "Wing Wang, I heard that your family tied themselves to the Qing camp in the battle of Dadu River, so please surrender in exchange for thousands of Taiping rebels to live on the Dadu River. Finally, the capital punishment army of Ceng Wenzheng public office was wiped out. What happened? I really didn’t expect you to … "
Shi Dakai sighed and said, "It’s the second time for me to confide in people. The first time I experienced it was to confide in five. The kingdom of heaven rose. I led a great army, Wen Zhenggong, and after dozens of battles, I won and lost each other. Once I pushed him close to the corner and forced him to jump into the lake to commit suicide; She once beat me out of the water. We admired each other in all previous wars, but he belonged to the Qing court and I was in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, but the war could not erase our long-standing friendship, integrity and good strategic layout. I am good at tactical changes; But in the end, I still beat him by a move, but I am not as good as others. "

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