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Xiao Yu heard a surprised glanced at Tian Wuxian, an old slut. Is it really hidden that he is an ancient master of Bai Di?
He also heard more or less that this ancient power can be traced back to the ancient heaven. This sect controls animals, and its main door is Juexue, that is, Bai Di’s hand can explore the grave, and it is difficult to escape the animals in heaven and earth. Once locked by this big hand, it will not be caught by a post.
At its peak, this sect took on the post of animal feeding officer in heaven, specializing in raising animals in heaven, catching all kinds of exotic animals from nine places and ten places, and cultivating them to guard the Heavenly Palace.
However, later, Emperor Heaven destroyed this ancient power, and the rule of Heaven was uprooted and burned to the ground, leaving nothing behind.
At this moment, Tian Wuxian looked at the public with a lewd smile. "You little snake is not shallow, and you swallowed a nine-turn destiny Dan blood to evolve in the direction of nine-headed dumpling. You have eaten all the animals, but you haven’t eaten nine-headed dumpling. It’s so good that no one can escape if you are caught by the old man!"
He took out a big black hole and threw all these hydras into the black pot. The man was about to pop out and was slapped by the old slut to cover the pot. Suddenly, the bottom of the pot burst into flames.
"Ah “`"
There were piercing screams in the pot.
"Let me go, you old slut. Let me go. I beg you, let me go!"
The man kept begging for mercy, wailing and cursing, but it was a pity that the old slut was determined to cook it, and he ignored it.
In the end, the screams became weaker and lower, and several green lights flew out from this big blame, wrapped them and disappeared here to go outside to resurrect.
As soon as the old slut’s eyes lit up and lifted the lid, there was a strange smell. The pot was full of nine-color snake meat, and the smell made people’s appetite move.
"Cooked and finally cooked!"
The old slut couldn’t help drooling with a smile on her face.
Xiao Yu craned his head and was not good at this fragrance. A pair of eyes looked at the pot.
The old rogue hurriedly covered the pot and put away the blame. Hey hey smiled, "Brother Xiao, let’s get down to business. Let’s divide this pot of small snake soup later. Let’s talk about it first. Otherwise, if we continue to have experts, it will be difficult to bring about changes."
"Mom never dies!"
Xiao Yu secretly scolded in his heart.
The old rogue shared this pot of snake soup with himself.
Immediately Xiao Yu is no longer polite to sweep directly to these treasures, reaching out to pick up all the treasures, and fishing for all the rare elixirs that are filled with the law of fairy tales.
Even Xiao Yu saw a huge Dan furnace wandering back and forth, in which a golden god Dan had wings on his back and rode the furnace on the rampage like a devil incarnate.
"Good thing!"
Xiao Yu snatched the then together with the Dan furnace, and at the moment there was a monstrous essence bursting through this treasure.
Tian Wuxian was furious and lost his way. "Five disaster gods Dan!"
He looked more envious than he did, and his eyes wandered around. Unfortunately, there was such a five-disaster god Dan in the whole treasure house, and he could never find the second one.
"Mom, how is the old man’s luck so bad? It is said that once God Dan can resist the five failures of heaven and man by himself, an aging horse will enter the realm of God King. If five failures come, he will never rise again. This is a good grandmother who knew that she would not covet that pot of snake soup. This is a big loss."
Tian Wuxian secretly annoyed, but at the end of his hand, he was not at all satisfied. He quickly fished back one treasure after another.
When it’s really fast and slow.
The treasure here was soon fished out by two people, and both of them happened to look at the depths of the treasure house, where waves of terror and ferocity were obviously sealed with some great weapons.
"How does Brother Tian divide it?"
Xiao Yu asked smiling eyes couldn’t help cold light flashing.
Tian Wuxian’s eyes were as cold as a mountain, and he smiled and said, "How about the fifth five-year plan?"
"Good is five or five!"
When two people act at the same time, they are really fast to the extreme for fear of walking slowly, where the treasure is acquired by the other party. Their eyes are sharp and they can see that the deepest weapon is the highest grade.
If you get it in your hand, make a good sacrifice to make them suffer for life!
Two people boom in front of the ban, and suddenly there was a terrible ferocity, like a raging wind, and they were all dressed in rags and danced wildly.
At the same time, the two men breathed a sigh of relief and looked at each other with a smile. "Don’t rob anyone!"
This deepest place is a Hyogo!
However, there are two treasures in Hyogo, and the fetal membranes are not completely formed, but you can still see the vague fairy smell on the surface.
Horrible and unpredictable!
Seeing these two treasures, one is a treasure mirror, which is divided into yin and yang. The dark side is as dark as ink, the dark side is as red as blood, and the wandering is filled with terrible breath.
The other thing is a Zijin sledgehammer, which is heavy and unpredictable, full of colorful faces, and there are many runes wandering and several star fields flashing, which makes it difficult to bear its weight.
Tian Wuxian laughed. "Brother Xiao, this precious mirror belongs to me and the sledgehammer belongs to you. What do you think?"
He wants to take advantage of his heart. This precious mirror is small and exquisite. At first glance, it can be seen that it is flexible and abnormal, and it can destroy the enemy thousands of miles away. On the contrary, this sledgehammer is more broken than heavy and weak, and ordinary people can’t lift it.
Even if the body is strong, the speed of holding it will be greatly limited and the real strength will not be exerted.
Although this sledgehammer is extraordinary, I’m afraid only a fairy can get it!
Xiao Yu smiled and said, "Good talk!"
He took a fancy to the sledgehammer at a glance. Although others can’t lift it, it doesn’t mean that he can’t lift it. He can smash a star field with a hammer.
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-two Search
The two men strode towards Hyogo without saying anything, and immediately collected their magical powers from their valued treasures.
"get up!"
Tian Lao rogue and complete a drink with a mass of white light poured into the treasure mirror. Suddenly, the treasure mirror was stimulated, and both sides of Yin and Yang suddenly became bright. A black light swept over Tian Wuxian in an instant.
Tian Wuxian’s face changed into a big shape, and he quickly dodged to the extreme, and his side was directly torn into a bottomless ravine.
Even his clothes were scratched and smashed on the spot, revealing that he was naked and naked. It is conceivable that if he walked a little slower and was swept by this black light, he would have to go back outside and be reborn on the spot.
Xiao Yu looked at her mouth and whispered, "The old rabbit runs very fast. Why doesn’t grandma sweep you to death? These two weapons are mine!"
He continued to walk towards his Zijin hammer.
Tian Wuxian’s face went up, cold sweat rolled, and he hurriedly took out a dress and put on a big face again. He didn’t expect this treasure mirror to be so powerful that he actively rejected outsiders.

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