Who in dealing with the flesh and blood giant.

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Is it when out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of the fallen figures in the distance of the street, or is there an unstoppable worry?
It’s hard to be distracted by your opponent’s words.
But he still believes
The reinforcements will have
There will be fire fighters if the state bureau doesn’t catch up! Many of them have gone to various places, and this white river city is still the hometown of many powerful people!
The wind suddenly stopped.
The surrounding streets and buildings seem to have subsided, and only the most basic black and white colors are left. Those pedestrians and ordinary investigators who fell to the ground also disappeared with the black and white colors passing by them
How many awakened people still have the evil spirit to defend the year?
There is also a young man who is flying from a distance. A black and white picture in his hand is spreading with light.
Black and white picture scroll!
It’s a’ common thing’ drawn from a high-level trap and a high-level card pool. It’s only a few days after the Apostle of Destiny, so I was lucky enough to carry one of them.
Black-and-white teenagers’ hearts were ablaze and their right hands were ablaze.
The whole people jumped up towards a flesh-and-blood giant and slammed it.
Magic step!
Cannon boxing! Flame fist!
Once a teenager in Baijiangcheng, he is now a top power in the world with three senses!
In a moment, the black-and-white storms and flames subsided.
About the same time
The bald eagle is a big city in the federal state of Lunsti.
Here, a great evil disaster broke out in the core area of the city, and a terrible evil white bone giant was riding on the road.
The huge white bone war horse crushed the car.
Terrible intellectual shock is like a thousand decibels of noise constantly penetrating into the human brain.
Panic, crying, screaming, and rational collapse are performed here.
"Heroes, our heroes!"
"Who will help us? !”
"Shit! I knew these heroes were unreliable at the key moment! "
Hero is the mysterious power of the bald eagle Federation.
A number of heroes, secret teams and people awakened by the 51 ST district not only make the people gradually ignore the disaster, but also control these people’s experts by creating momentum for these heroes
It is a means to kill two birds with one stone
And at last a hero appeared.
"It’s a cyclist!"
"Is it the twelve heroes and a cyclist?"
"If the cyclist comes, there will be hope!"
People who are far away from the disaster center stopped to watch, and many people took out their mobile phones and other tools to shoot.
Riding a bicycle and shaking his cloak, the awakened one charged like a knight.
A minute later
Bike man fell down.
It is difficult for double awakens and Samsung to cross the ravine.
Young people are covered in blood, and the rational impact pours into their minds, and the skin gradually creeps like a worm.
His back was cracked, and the dark palms sticking out from the inside kept climbing out of the street for a moment. A’ giant worm’ with dozens of arms and a length of more than ten meters appeared in this street.
Look up and roar
Come to the secret team and stare big eyes.
"He’s out of control."
"His flesh and blood and his somatization soil gave birth to a great paradox."
"… withdraw!"
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Migration Road
The base command center is full of silver and gray tones.
The black leather leader stared at the huge federal map in front of him with a negative hand. Many areas were marked with red dots, and the striking red light lines spread from the surface.
Just like the ground base flashing harsh red light.
"There was a major disaster in the northern city of Lunsti. Twelve heroes and a cyclist died and lost control."
"A 40-meter-high monster appeared in Billerburg, a large city, and it is suspected that the city has fallen."
"Twelve Heroes and Captain Black Hawk Died"
"Twelve Heroes and One Punisher Died"

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