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When Fang You and Kurome returned to the No.1 training base, they saw the silver bell looking out at the gate.
At the sight of his figure, the bell smiled, and her sweet smile, even just looking at it, could bring healing to people.
It seems that all the way to get rid of the evil spirits and the fatigue of the boat trip have been cleaned up.
"I heard that you have developed two kinds of restorative drugs."
"Yes," the bell accent is as sweet as a wind chime. "One is that the recovery of physical medicine is not much, but the production is also very low, which is suitable for new people who have not yet awakened."
"One is that the energy to restore life can be made much higher in battle."
"Teacher, you are very tired now, aren’t you? Let’s try this potion of mine and say yes after drinking it."
She looked at him with her hands filled with medicine and her big eyes sparkling.
Fang you picked it up and shook it slightly.
The energy recovery agent glows like a fluorescent agent, and there are many tiny particles floating in the twilight. At this time, his eyes can see that these particles are crawling like insects.
Fang You "…"
"What material is this medicine made of?"
"Of course, it’s a mysterious material, that is, it will fall out when playing tricks. Fortunately, our base hoards a lot of materials, so I can find some, but even so, it is still very limited to make energy recovery agents."
But the more the bell talks, the more he feels uneasy.
He believes that the level of the bell is due to safety … Considering the overall situation of the organization, he used his skills to’ detect’ and let Xiao Huan query the game information for double comparison.
"Energy recovery agent (bad)"
"It is said that the special medicine made of silver bell can quickly replenish and restore life energy by special causes and stimulating itself, but due to the material limitation, the effect of this medicine is slightly poor, and excessive intake of sediments in a short time will produce side effects."
A small intake is not a serious medicine. It is a hundred million points, but it also contains a silver bell.
Warm your arms!
Fang you broke the bottle cap and was bored.
"How is the efficacy good?"
Fang You didn’t speak, just like a stone carving. His facial expression trembled slightly, and there seemed to be no light in his eyes.
It took him a long time to say, "The effect is very good, but …"
"But what’s the matter?"
Looking at the blinking eyes of the bell, I got stuck. "But you can’t drink more of this energy potion, can you?"
"Well, according to my calculation, it’s no problem if it doesn’t exceed three bottles a day, but if you drink two or three bottles in a row, the recovery effect will drop a lot."
Two or three bottles in a row?
Fang You fell silent when he heard it.
Zhou ju is lying in the rocking chair of the investigation bureau compound and basking in the sun. "Shu ~!"
Since the hell gate incident, Bai Jiangcheng has become a lot safer as if it had turned around. Of course, Zhou Bureau also knows that this is due to the small but mysterious organization that seems to be burning fire.
There are several very powerful awakening people.
It is said that some people have special talents before awakening, so that once they take the right path, they will grow and progress far beyond others.

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