Xu Le nodded slightly and continued

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"How to rescue this and recruit mercenaries?"
"Now Zion is understaffed. Before the Kuroshio, we need to carve out an extra war zone ring area.
Too many people have been deployed to carry out the pioneer rescue workers, which is naturally not enough. "
Xu Le is a Zionist researcher, even a wild warlock, which is a real Zionist rescue team. The people in the rescue team are very kind to him.
Xu Le smiled and nodded his thanks after hearing the rescuer’s explanation.
"Thank you for asking so much trouble!"
"You’re welcome"
Not a smooth return. After everyone returned to the law enforcer hall, Xu Le signed and came back from the law enforcer hall.
He went to a noodle restaurant opposite the law enforcer hall, sat at the outermost position, ordered a bowl of plain noodles and ate it slowly.
At the same time, the black spider mercenaries by Wang Shu and others also came out from the hall of law enforcers.
Wang Shu glanced around the small restaurant and finally stayed in the noodle restaurant opposite.
He said to one side Gusini
"Is the money settled?"
"What are you going to do after settlement?"
"Give me some. I’ll eat noodles across the street."
I heard Wang Shu asking for money, and Gesini picked his eyebrows.
"First of all, you need 2 yuan for pre-treatment. This money is the team’s mat for you.
Then this is the first time that you have carried out the extra subsidy that you have not experienced in combat.
The rescue is divided into 34 yuan to get rid of … "
"It’s not so much trouble. Just give me 1 and he will pay the bill."
"Er … OK, do you want me to go with you?"
"You don’t want to go shopping with the captain? I’ll just go myself. "
Gersini doesn’t feel quite right. Wang Shu seems to talk a lot. Before he got up, he rarely asked for anything to eat, and it was casual.
Why did you suddenly think of eating noodles today?
However, he is going to eat, and even the noodle restaurant opposite has no reason to refuse.
"Well, then you go."
Wang Shuge Sini looked across the road.
He doesn’t even have a temporary certificate, and the mercenary documents of Rui Lifeng are also handled by the widow of the mercenary group head.
A person like Wang Shu who has no specific identity is likely to be an exile or a fugitive from a city.
Ge Sini thinks that Wang Shu should not run away because of it.
When I came to the noodle restaurant, there was no room. Wang Shuneng "reluctantly" sat opposite someone.
"The boss came to the bowl of noodles to fill me with meat."
"There are mines at home, so much meat," someone said sourly.
In order to expand this time, someone spent all the 9 yuan on some conventional weapons and equipment
He didn’t even take the night watchman’s equipment with him. It was only when he bought it himself that he found that many things were quite expensive.
For example, things like dark searchlights range from ten to dozens in the field.
The combat routine will be smaller by dozens, and bulletproof will be hundreds.
Xu Le certainly thinks it’s expensive, but it’s a relief to think that an expensive suit cost thousands of dollars in previous lives.
Although firearms, ammunition and injuries are cheaper than lighthouses, new weapons are also expensive.
For a level 2 transcendental person, all 9 pieces are not necessary.
Plus, this time, it failed again, causing someone to go bankrupt completely and be vegetarian when eating noodles.
Wang Shu glanced at someone’s plain pie pie.
"Although there is no mine at home, I can still eat some noodles with meat. How can you be so poor?"
"I call it saving, not poverty." Someone is still stubborn.
"Xu Lei and Xu Ting in the rescue are not your relatives, are they?
I remember you came from Zion and now you are a Zion researcher with a bright future. "
"The future is bright, and I am not a vegetarian here."

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