He also said that he likes Nuo Nuo not because of her appearance, family background and other reasons, but because he likes her.

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External factors, of course, also include race. If the existing people come over and hammer themselves, Nuo Nuo is not a person or a dragon, and he will reply faintly, "I know."
But so what?
Isn’t it … (by mistake)
So he saw ChuHang so tangled that he had to guide it.
The main reason is that I can’t say in my heart that I want to see myself identify with my friends and find my happiness.
He will marry Nuo Nuo, but he also wants to see Brother Lu get married and Chu Hang get married.
Maybe it’s his subconscious. He always feels that time is running out.
"Thank you, brother Caesar. I get it."
Chuhang nodded lightly, calmed down and looked out of the window at the winter scenery.
"Gdzilla Dragon Knight doesn’t it sound cool? Why do you always think Brother Jin Mao has something else to say? "
Painted pear clothes looked naive and asked like a curious baby.
Mainly, when she came back with Fenrir before playing World of Warcraft, she felt that she and Gdzilla were dragon knights.
And Gdzilla may go to war with Fenrir after that. Isn’t that the Dragon Knight seen in the game?
"Don’t think much about painting pear clothes. Look, if I go out with Fenrir, I will be a dragon knight."
Lu Chen vaguely explained
"That chu brother can also be a dragon knight? Can it be difficult for Brother Chu to stabilize when Fenrir fights? "
There are some doubts about painting pear clothes. Fenrir Fei is also very quick. In the fierce battle, Liu Chen has such a balance of outstanding talents.
Although he is a little rude to Brother Chu, it seems difficult for him to be a Dragon Knight.
Liu Chen couldn’t bear to paint a pear coat, and he was close to the ear of the pear coat and explained in a low voice, "Brother Chu, the dragon knight … is not the same as me."
Painting pear clothes puzzled Gdzilla, saying that Brother Chu can also be a dragon knight.
Everyone is a dragon knight, but the two kinds of dragon knights are different. What’s the difference between dragon knights?
"Here we are"
At this time, Sakura stopped the car. She felt that she had a lot to explain when she painted pear clothes on her birthday after marriage.
"You can stay in Tokyo first and have a rest for a few days. What do you need to go home?"
Sakura didn’t take everyone to the Tokyo Peninsula Hotel this time. Although the style of the presidential suite is also tailored to several people, it is always an outside hotel.
This time, Lu Chen is the best man in Minamoto Chisei, painting pears and clothes, and he is his maid of honor. In the future, he will also be a family member, so it is not reasonable to let his family live outside.
Chu Hang and Caesar are Minamoto Chisei’s "brothers", which are special male guests. They are also friends who have experienced life and death together, and naturally they are arranged to enter the family together.
This is a courtyard belonging to the Sugiyama family. Let alone four people, even if they come to forty, there is enough room to arrange for their stay.
"Sister-in-law will go to work first and we will settle down ourselves."
Lu Chen also changed his name to be more standard than painting pear clothes. Thanks to finger, his face gradually rose.
Thanks to Sakura’s practice of facial paralysis for many years, she didn’t appear shy and unnatural. It was a habitual salute. "Then I’ll go and prepare things first."
Near the wedding day, she is really busy these days. Minamoto Chisei still has to deal with the family affairs. For the complicated wedding details, she can arrange and record them to prevent Minamoto Chisei from making mistakes.
Lu Chen and Li Yi went to see the house, packed their things and prepared to look for places they had never been to in the afternoon.
After Caesar made some suggestions to Chuhang, Chuhang went to the yard and silently took out his mobile phone.
On the other side of the ocean, Kassel is lying in the bath at night, and the delicate swan’s neck is resting on the edge of the bath.
The girl’s pretty face is flushed with water temperature, and the light shines on the jade arm. The water mist is warm and the jade fat is slender.
The water mist is slippery, the skin condenses and gradually slides down through the delicate hills and finally returns to the bath embrace.
The girl looked at the white ceiling with a long breath and wandered out of the sky. "Blissful …"
Humans really enjoy it!
Xia Mi has to admit that he is slowly adapting to the human world and is willing to stay all the time, and does not rule out the reason why human beings can enjoy it very much.
No one can refuse to lie in a warm bath after a day’s fatigue and enjoy hot water to cure it.
Xia Mi’s body is not tired, but his heart is tired. Besides, it’s really comfortable to customize the bath because of painting pears.
"Dirty dirty-"
The vibration sounded, and Xia Mi’s soft body tightened for a moment and then slowly relaxed.
She raised her hand and picked up the mobile phone wrapped in a waterproof bag from the cupboard. It turned out that someone was coming.
The water mist was too strong, and the screen, including the tarpaulin, was filled with a thick fog. She could vaguely see that it was Chuhang, and her spirits suddenly burst.
Without thinking, I directly clicked on a green button of Fang.
The screen lights up and Xia Mi is in a hurry to get rid of it, but it’s a bit ineffective to touch it because of the heat of water mist.
"Brother, close!"
Xia Mi mouth fierce, revealing two small tiger teeth threatened.
But ChuHang closed his eyes without realizing that he should hang up first
"I said I was hanging up!"
Xia Mi huffed and finally fiddled with human technology to produce this … video call.
She threw her mobile phone to the stage, brushed it from the water, grabbed the bath towel, quickly dried her body in a bathrobe, and walked out of the bathroom with confused eyes.
Then she was ready to dial again. When her fingers moved, she hesitated, evoked a naughty smile at her mouth and dialed back in the same way as before.
Words through ChuHang see across a piece of white suddenly closed my eyes again.
Xia Mi said angrily, "I’m dressed!"
Chuhang obediently opened brother Caesar’s instructions before he was ready to speak, but he forgot at the moment.
"I’m sorry, sister, I ordered it wrong and didn’t know you were taking a bath."
Chu Hang explained that he was really upset just now to make a low-level mistake. He wanted to type Mandarin.
Xia Mi grinning little tiger tooth "also said! Don’t just do it! "
See ChuHang expression she was annoyed little muttered "no response at all …"

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