Of course, Yang Guang can’t put these things into things, but he can’t take them out when he meets someone, so as to avoid embarrassment.

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Chapter one hundred and forty-four A debt of gratitude is hard to repay
This whole neighborhood is the kind of old town house.
However, it is unlikely that residents here will get enough compensation for house demolition. First of all, the economic development in many prefecture-level cities in Gao Qiao and jiangnan province is the lowest, especially since this is the old town in the county, and the house is not very valuable.
If we really want to demolish it, the developer will lose more than it will gain.
Compensation alone is enough to drink a pot. After all, the population is too large to want violent demolition now. Possibility is the same as of course, if you want to be malicious, you have to think about the consequences.
Yang guang entered the community according to the address.
Even the registrant didn’t openly enter, and found the family building of the employees of the plastic factory. After asking a nearby resident, he went downstairs.
At the door of room 42 on the fourth floor, he rang the doorbell, but he didn’t hear anything in the room before he realized that the doorbell might be broken.
"Knocked" Yang guang knocked on the door and then heard the sound in the room.
But let Yang guang didn’t expect that it was this Ma Wen’s family who seemed to be very wary of a figure. After carefully coming to the door, she also specially looked at it from the cat’s eye.
Yang guang’s so-called natural reason is that he is not here to collect debts or borrow money, but to return the favor.
"Who are you?" After a long time, there was a population inside. It should be a young girl.
"My name is Yang Guang, and my neighbor Ma Wenjie has come to return her favor." Yang Guang made up a white lie because he can’t tell them the truth.
The murder of Wolangpo is to be "sealed", and the more the Ma family knows, it may make them feel guilty for a generation.
Even if it wasn’t Ma Wen’s fault.
"Are you my sister’s neighbor? Then why do you come to our house when you return the favor? " This girl’s tone of voice is a little blunt, which Yang Guang didn’t expect.
However, she pointed out that this speech loophole Yang Guang was not embarrassed. After all, he had an explanation.
"Because she died, I can come to her parents’ house. Besides, are you sure we should keep talking like this?"
It’s always uncomfortable to talk through a door
I’m not a bad guy myself.
But even if Yang Guang said, "Ma Wen died," the other party actually didn’t cry or make trouble, but there was no overreaction. What, was she indifferent when she knew that her sister had died?
Later, the other party asked another question, that is, where her sister married and what was her name.
Yang Guang didn’t think much about returning the other party to test his authenticity.
However, Yang Guang didn’t expect that he heard the girl whispering softly at the door with a hint of sobs. "So you are a baiwenhang married to Xihe Village."
What happened?
Yang guang outside a face of Meng force.
But the door is closed at this time
"Come in, keep your shoes on." The girl’s words were cold.
Yang guang entered the room with something and found that the decoration inside was faintly broken.
"This is my health care for my uncle and aunt, and this is a notebook for you."
However, Yang Guanggang said that he saw the girl opposite and immediately looked at Yang Guang coldly.
She looks pretty, at least she is a beauty of more than ten points, but at this time she shows a cannibal appearance. After that, she scans the room consciously to see if she can weigh her hand weapon to solve the emergency.
"Who are you?"
Yang guang was a little puzzled by her words, but she immediately explained, "how did you say that my sister married a small mountain village and knew your rich neighbor?" Health care and brain notes say buy it? But also more than 2,000 kilometers apart to thank you? "
"If your family is rich, how can you need my sister’s help? Are you afraid that she is not going to introduce me to you as a daughter-in-law? "
The girl said Yang Guang was a bad person.
Yang guang also feels wronged.
What? Although I’m not handsome, I’m always fighting for myself. How many girls will throw themselves at myself!
"Believe it or not, I’m here to return Ma Wenjie’s favor. If you want anything, I can give it to you, and then we’ll never owe each other anything."
"Give me 300 thousand and I will believe you," she said without hesitation
"Do you want cash or bank transfer?" Yang guang didn’t ask each other for money, just as a return the favor.
Because Ma Wen told Yang Guang the news, he won 2 meritorious points, which are also worth 2 million. Of course, Yang Guang can’t also return 2 million to Ma Wen’s family because he is short of money.
After all, Ma Wen made a deal with Yang Guang, and what she was worried about was whether it would affect her family after she turned into a spectre and killed more than 200 people. But Yang Guang found out that this matter was diluted by "chicken plague", so it would be good to come over and completely solve this favor.
Now give 300,000 yuan to solve this debt of gratitude, and Yang Guang also thinks it is worth it.
"You really give me three hundred thousand?" I didn’t expect the other person’s face to show indecision.
"Really give"
However, the girl smiled and shed tears.
She is like a girl who has been wearing a strong mask for a long time. She can’t help crying after touching her weak heart. "Thank you, thank you."
Yang guang didn’t know what happened here, but he didn’t ask much.
If she wants to explain, she will say
"I’m sorry to let you see a joke and doubt your kindness. My name is Ma Xue."
"Oh" Yang guang didn’t say much.
It was at this time that Ma Xue’s cell phone rang, and her face suddenly changed after she glanced at the screen of her cell phone.
After that, she squeezed out a smile at Yang Guang and said, "Sorry, I’ll leave first." Then she immediately got up and left and entered her room.
If Yang Guang wants to eavesdrop on this conversation, it can still be done easily. After all, the sound insulation of this old house is not good, and the hearing and eyesight of martial arts are different from ordinary people.
But he usually doesn’t eavesdrop on other people’s privacy, which is nothing to him, and he has no bad habits in this field
Why do you have to eavesdrop on other people’s words in a military battle?
Ma Xue came out of the room in less than a minute.
When I got to Yang Guang, I said to him, "Yang, can I trouble you with something?"

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