Perhaps those powerful hot weapons are effective for many blood families and angels, but they are not effective for the high-ranking blood families, earl and duke.

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Even a nuclear bomb, you have to hit it first.
Even worse, fighters who reach this level will have a sense of crisis in their hearts. Who will stay somewhere and not move? They may not be very good at going into the ground, but the sky is still fine
Chapter six hundred and twenty Things have changed
China’s affairs for the time being.
On the other hand, Sam, especially Sam, has the largest number of believers in Guoguang Angels.
Then these believers spray those human fighters to curse and condemn them, and some even threaten the White House owner to release powerful hot weapons to humanely destroy those fighters who can fly.
Of course, the owner of the White House will definitely not care about this.
Even if he wants to take care of the old warrior in Sam, he can see clearly and clearly. He wants those ten-winged blazing angels to die cleanly. He may not be able to do the ten-winged blazing angels, but there is no problem in changing the White House owner.
If you don’t want to go to Taiwan?
Then wait for an unexpected sudden death.
Senior since the spirit can be separated by a distance to kill human spirit.
What about Wu Sheng?
That powerful god wants to kill an ordinary human being, which is a piece of cake.
Even if the other party has a patron saint of Wu Zong level? Who dares to confront the martial arts leaders? Even though he is an old warrior, he is not some warrior to provoke.
However, these believers are a bit like flies. Although there are many people, they naturally feel less powerful than the leaders.
But not long after, some believers who believe in angels of light received messages from their priests.
And then advertise it.
"Dear teachers, our flaming angel adults are being attacked by black-hearted humans, and now they are in danger. I hope you can pray for our flaming angel adults to recover their injuries and let those humans be punished."
"For example, I would like to exchange my youth and beauty for the blazing angel, and my great power has soared."
"I’m willing to celebrate my birthday for five years, and my great power will rise."
"I am willing to …"
Of course, there is also a note at the end, "Only when you have a real heart to pray can it be effective, and you don’t have to pay the price. The angels will also let you get your due reward after praying for others."
Many believers in angels of light originally wanted their gods to do something, especially after someone unified them, so they were willing to pay the price.
In particular, isn’t it killing two birds with one stone to learn that this so-called heart prayer requires a price and that the most heartfelt person can get the reward he deserves?
Naturally, these believers did so.
As a result, large-scale believers unified their angels and prayed.
Whether it’s the cost of one’s life or youth and beauty.
There are even people who pay the price themselves in the future.
However, they didn’t know that a number of lines were scattered from the sky, which drew them away at some cost and took them away for blessing.
And then merged into a powerful energy.
Directly in the direction of two blazing angels facing death.
This thick powerful energy directly into the two blazing angels body.
Moment will also be their injury after recovery.
Even the broken wings have become intact.
What’s more, they two blazing angels have reached a peak.
But what about those so-called angels praying for mankind?
They always feel that there is something wrong with themselves, but they don’t know what is wrong. More importantly, they are afraid to tell others, fearing that they don’t really pray for angel gods in ungodly.
Since you want to get benefits, is it right to pay relative to the price?
But these people don’t know and don’t care.
They, the old Tianshi, and several human martial artists have brought great trouble.
"Bad things have changed" and the original is attacking the old Tianshi and the abbot Yong Yan. At this time, his face has changed so much that even the heavens and the earth are almost difficult to maintain because of the vibration in their hearts.
Let alone the two of them, especially when the Lord surrounded the two blazing angels, and he felt that his exquisite chessboard method was about to be broken
There is an explanation, that is, the strength of these two equal-winged blazing angels is beyond his limits.
And the famous Zhen Xun Gong Zhuang woman is well informed.
Tell the truth at a glance, "Let’s go. Those two angels have moved human beliefs, and now their strength has reached the boundary of senior warrior."
Even if it’s short-lived, it’s not a big problem if you want to kill them.

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