Compared with them, I love Luo’s strength is indeed quite different. Of course, I love Luo and I don’t bother to argue with them. Others may not know it, but Temari knows that I love Luo’s strength has surpassed that of Dad. After all, Dad’s gold sand has been left to him.

8 minutes, 37 seconds Read

"So now we meet spot is not his heyday? In this way, it can be said that the spot will take the initiative to avoid the tree! But on the other hand, Shu Mao’s strength can make Spot scruple, and he also said that Shu Mao’s strength is still very good. "
"The real spot doesn’t fight with Shu Mao. We still have a guess here!" Three generations breathe a mouthful of smoke.
"What guess?"
"You all know that Shu Maoji rarely goes out, except for some very important ones, he leads the team himself. Therefore, under normal circumstances, when Spot meets Shu Maoji, Ji is always taking people to Konoha. Do you think this is the case?"
"Well, that’s true!"
"So we guess that the spot is still nostalgia!"
"Nostalgia?" LeiYing eyebrows tightly knit up.
"That’s right! As we all know, Konoha was built by the Uchihiro clan and the Thousand-Handed clan. Without the efforts of these two families, there would be no Konoha. When it comes to people, it means that Konoha is really a product formed by the first generation of adults and the first generation of adults. In other words, Konoha can be said that the first generation of adults and the first generation of adults are "children" together. If there were no two of them, there would be no me! Is this the truth?
Everyone knows that the strength has reached our level of destructive power, which is quite amazing. Even if it is as big as a leaf, it is likely to be completely destroyed!
So our second guess is that adults don’t want to play their own’ children’ idea! "
"old monkey, your statement is very fresh, but it is very reasonable. I can’t find any reason why I can’t accept it!" Mifune walked over and said that this reason is more in line with human nature.
"I just noticed that three generations of adults said it was the second guess. Is there a third guess?"
"Ha ha or Shui Ying brain turn faster! There is indeed a third guess! "
"What guess?"
Three generations put away the smiling face and became serious.
"This guess is that orochimaru told me that we don’t want to say it, but since everyone wants to know, I will tell you to listen to it.
Orochimaru said that Spot may be watching the development of Konoha. He thought of destroying Konoha in one fell swoop on the day of the real war! To get back at konoha! "
"If he really wants to revenge konoha, maybe this is the best way! Konoha has developed so fast these years! The largest trading market in the forbearance world and the largest town with the largest floating population are all evidence of the development of konoha.
If I mean, if Lord ban really wants revenge on Konoha, it will be completely destroyed when it reaches its peak, which may be more satisfying to his revenge, don’t you think? "This time Shui Ying thoroughly understood the meaning to be expressed in the three generations of words.
"Before, we always understood what spot would hide not far from Konoha when it disappeared. If it weren’t for Jiraiya’s intentional discovery of him, we didn’t even know that there was such a dangerous person around us!
Orochimaru’s words completely woke us up. Although I don’t want to admit it, I still prefer the third reason in my heart, that is, Spot wants to destroy the whole konoha at one stroke when it reaches its peak!
If he really wants to destroy the village, then I think anyone can stop him, can’t he? "
At the same time, these men thought of Seal Mountain, which disappeared completely because of spots! If the spot really appears in their village, does it mean that their village will become a "seal mountain"?
"The tree mau he also has a very important is to prevent spots appear konoha damage! Unless we determine the location of the spot, Shu Mao will not be easily dispatched. Even if there is a war, we will still arrange it like this. "
At this time, no one has any objection to the three generations of them. The reason is very simple. Everyone knows that at present, Konoha has three shadows and a lot of strength. I really want to say that Konoha is the main force of this Coalition! Although they don’t want to admit it, it’s the truth!
"So is it necessary for us to prevent spots in other villages?"
"Tu Ying’s adult has to say that you asked an idiot question. That’s to get back at Muye, but does he need to get back at you?" Shui Ying directly despised Onogi.
"Well …"
LeiYing swallowed water. He wanted to ask the same question just now. It’s okay to stop the car, but …
"Brother, you seem to want to ask the same question just now, right?"
Behind the thunder shadow than directly to the thunder shadow the truth to say out will also attract the attention of others.
"than!" Raging thunder shadow naturally rewarded him with a punch!
Chapter 35 "Xiao is not Xiao"
It’s much easier than accidental insertion to make the Gokage talks more serious. This may be the most unique ability.
After the joke, everyone continued the meeting.
"Well, after discussing our Konoha news for so long, don’t you have any exclusive news yourself?" Three generations walked over and asked
"Since three generations of adults have said so, I will say something we have heard." I love Luo to sit still and primly.
"In this case, the wind shadow adults please! We are all ears. "Mifune was very polite when he spoke at this meeting, and he didn’t despise him because I loved Luo’s age.
I don’t know if you have noticed this organization! "
"This is natural!" LeiYing this grumpy didn’t say "this is not nonsense" class is very to face.
And he a few people are a moment.
"So do you know their origin?"
"origin? What do you mean? " LeiYing frowned again.
"Well, let me tell you about the origin of this organization first!" I love Luo’s throwing a blockbuster, and everyone was very surprised!
"Do you know their early experience?" Onogi directly stare big eyes tightly staring at my love.
"Know yourself and know each other!" Three generations slowly expressed their thoughts.
"hmm!" Shui Ying also nodded his head.
"Come on, I want to hear it!" Lei Ying’s bad temper
"According to our sand endure the dark department secretly pursue this for more than two years, we really found something interesting!
It’s almost three years since the spot declared war on Konoha, and that’s when we began to face up to this organization! Because my father knew that he didn’t arrive in the village before, we can say that the news of this organization was backward from the beginning, but I’m not reconciled. I really want to know where they came from, as three generations of adults said just now. I didn’t expect that I actually found something amazing.
Everyone knows that most people in this organization are rebellious from major countries! "
Speaking of which, I love Luo to deliberately looked at Deidara behind Onogi.
"So has anyone ever thought about a question: which country did their leader come from? Is that country rebellious? "
"This …"
There are many mysterious people in Xiao organization. The head of this organization can be said to be the most mysterious representative.
"According to our secret tracking, we found that this organization has a wide range of activities in small countries. In other words, their small countries have a high popularity, and even some ordinary officials know about them. Moreover, this organization has been around for a long time, not just in the last two years!"
"This is impossible!"
"You don’t believe that this is the case! At that time, a small ninja team appeared next to Shimada Hanzo in Yuren Village a few years after Shimada Hanzo, a demigod of Konoha Sanren. This team is the initial situation now! "
At this time, I love Luo waved and Temari received my love Luo’s signal to distribute the files in his hand to various shadows.
"You see this information to remember things is what we find out including now xiao leader information!
Originally Xiao was a mercenary group! Everyone is familiar with mercenaries, which is a way for ninja students in small countries. They get commission by being hired and get some necessities of life, and so on.
Xiao may have been born at first, but everyone knows that Shimada Hanzo is not a generous person, so he can’t stand having such an organization around him!
It is for this reason that Shimada Hanzo finally had friction, and the final result of this friction is now known to all. Shimada Hanzo disappeared, and the world of Xiao Ren stirred up the storm! "
Several of him have been constantly leafing through these materials of I love Luo and listening to his story!
"Now they are the rulers of YuRen Village and the only rulers, and no one can come back when we enter YuRen Village to explore people! I think Deidara should be very clear about the reason? "
"Well, I know that rain endures village rain. I think that’s why those outsiders can be found! He doesn’t know. Anyway, I don’t like the rain. It feels very heavy when it falls down in the village! You also know that I joined that organization later, but for the weasel, I would still be practicing in my temple! "
"We finally managed to sneak into Yuren Village with a secret technique, and the man died completely not long after he came back!"
"Did he bring back any news?"

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