There was a tremor and abnormal noise in the cabin.

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Houseman collapsed in his seat like a giant slime, and his eyes were already stimulated. The other two were pushed aside by his huge size.
Fowler tapped houseman’s helmet and motioned for him to put on the extravehicular activity.
"We’re coming to land."
Words just say that finish houseman played again.
"am I going to walk on the moon?"
Looking at the instant recovery, fat Brian shook his head inexplicably and silently prepared himself for landing.
"Hey-are you … are you really going to land?"
Director hutchins sounded in the earphone. He seemed a little at a loss.
"I mean, now that you have solved the crisis, can you continue to implement it?"
"You know, when we met for a month, you shouldered an important mission …"
"We landed on the moon is not to help each other and their astronauts play forward? So I think it is necessary for me to communicate with them. "
Brian said lightly and hung up the communication directly, and then looked out of the spaceship. A large number of workers had gathered around the spaceship.
There are many astronauts from all over the world among these people.
Brian remembers that if the three of them are not counted, all the active astronauts on earth have gathered here.
Everyone was smiling and waiting for them to leave the cabin.
The atmosphere and pictures look like a harmonious town.
After confirming that both of them are ready to land, Brian presses the button to open the hatch.
Fat houseman was still thinking about whether to say a classic saying when he left the cabin, but Fowler pushed him to stumble for two times, and then when he adjusted his posture, he pushed himself too hard and jumped up half a meter in situ.
Although the quality control of the lunar spacecraft has failed, the mass and gravity have been increasing, but the increase is lighter than that of the earth
Houseman was stabilized with the help of several workers around him. One of them came out of the cabin, and Brian took it, and Fowler took it.
It is the first time for all three people to arrive at the moon, and they are inexplicably excited. They always feel that they are creating a great achievement that can be recorded in history …
This feeling continued until they officially entered the base department.
Hundreds of astronauts stared at them …
These astronauts have been living in the temporary base for some time, and the harmonious situation is like a class exchange meeting in a university. They are three people who accidentally broke in outside the school.
Fortunately, Brian and Fowler were both astronauts. Although they had retired from active service, some former acquaintances were greeted by astronauts soon, which eased the embarrassment.
Astronauts in North America also took the initiative to accept their three new partners.
In the whole process, houseman was not affected by the atmosphere at all. When astronauts from all over the world kept chatting up, they had to find someone to borrow a pen and paper for others to sign or take a group photo for themselves …
Compared with Brian, he said hello to a few people who still have some impressions, so he sat alone and rested.
But soon, a mutual aid worker took Brian and Fowler away.
Two people through the rest area all the way to the conference room.
As soon as Brian opened the door, he saw that the conference table was full of people, and experts and scholars were discussing something.
After seeing them come in, there was a moment of silence at the scene and then the discussion began again.
Zhang Tianyuan is also in the conference room.
He got up and welcomed Brian and Fowler and invited them to sit down.
"It’s a big shot in the mutual aid society …" Fowler came close to Brian’s ear and told Zhang Tianyuan’s identity before sitting down.
Brian immediately took a deep breath.
One of their real purposes is to rob the moon ship from the mutual aid society, and now they suddenly meet the president of the mutual aid society, so he can’t help but be vigilant.
To Brian’s surprise, however, the president who looked about his own age didn’t show an aggressive attitude.
On the contrary, Zhang Tianyuan praised them as soon as he opened his mouth. "I dare to face the bee colony and escape from it. I admire your courage and professionalism."
Brian paused for a moment, then the horse answered, "Without your help, it is impossible for us to escape from the side of the bee colony with the help of our ship roots alone."
Fowler also accepted this statement.
Although Brian’s driving skill is really superb, no matter how superb it is, it is impossible to make up for the hardware limit gap
It is only a matter of time before their spaceship is more like a cart in the agricultural age and knocked over by bees than the principle of not flying.
Zhang Tianyuan laughed
"As far as I know, you landed on the moon this time to explore the way for us?"
Brian chose not to answer this question in silence.
Fowler was embarrassed. Her eyelids jumped, "We did get this."
But this is not the only one …
Fowler wiped his forehead and burst out in cold sweat without saying what he was thinking.
Although everyone knows that the president must know that he knows that, but he broke the agreement first and sent someone to rob the moon spacecraft, and even made a plan B, so that astronauts would die like heroes and gain sympathy from the bees …
It’s embarrassing to say it
Zhang Tianyuan did know that he looked at the guilty Fowler and said again, "I think your design is flawed, and you and I have too little communication, which is also an important reason why you were in danger just now."
"If we had communication before your action, and simply modified the spacecraft to increase our signal characteristics, then the bees would not be able to attack you actively."
Fowler was even more embarrassed when she heard this, just like a student who was reprimanded to her face for doing something wrong. If she was not black, her face would be red now.
"Mr. Director, we are responsible for enforcing the law, which really affects those who make big shots …"
Zhang Tianyuan said, "I don’t blame you. I think your actions should be guaranteed more and your lives can be guaranteed less."
"This is a spaceship renovation plan. You can look at it."

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