Fengrui tip refers to the honour person Su Yu who spoke in red before. "Come out! World War I! "

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Today, I’ll show you that the top sage is like a beheader!
The man who speaks in red has a red face and a high status. He was so humiliated and forced to fight by a saint.
"Hum arrogant human!"
The honour person in the red suit is cold-blooded, qi and blood are surging, and he is about to fight against the leader of the red suit, but he barely opens his mouth to stop "wait, you are not his opponent"
The honour person in red is angry, but he dare not disobey the leader’s order and can stop angrily.
"Dare not fight?"
Su Yu sneer at stepping in the previous step and proudly drink "I am the Terran Emperor! I am here! People dare to fight! "
The long sound makes people’s souls move, and even the stars resonate with it. The black hole looms as if it were about to collapse.
That’s terrible!
Su Yu’s binge drinking made the honour person in red face white and could not help but go back half a step.
This Terran’s qi and blood inspired by others is too frightening!
This is not a saint!
This is a fierce beast from ancient times!
His honour person is terrible!
Chapter one thousand and fifty-two Nine Great Statues!
"It’s so arrogant!"
"I can’t bear it!"
"The Terran saints in the district dare to challenge the respect!"
The venerable people in the red suit jumped up and became furious. They were jumpy and angry with Su Yuhang.
He is a top saint!
But his boldness of vision is not weaker than that of the venerable man.
This Terran is full of qi and blood, and it is daunting and frightening.
This strength is derived from the deepest part of the source.
This is Su Yu Terran Avenue!
If the Red Chamber wants to dominate Xinghai and destroy Terran, it must first step over the body of Yanhuang Empire and the body of Su Yu!
In the face of the powerful Pi Suyu, the venerable people in the red dress society were angry. Some people opened their mouths to challenge the leader of the red dress society. "Leader, let’s destroy this Terran fanatic together!"
"A group of young people dare not fight for our son!"
Ann’s heart sounds clear and indifferent, and Ziya Mountain Saint Wei does not infringe. "A group of venerable people have to fight together to fight a saint?" Really let the seat rise and see! "
A group of venerable men in red will breathe in succession and look embarrassed to the extreme when they hear this.
An Yu Xin Hua is the weakness of their hearts.
They really dare not Su Yu fight alone.
The strength of this Terran Emperor is so terrible that he is simply too powerful to be a human saint.
Do your best, make the best of your merits, the law of human resources and the rules of that powerful field.
He has too many cards. How dare Su Yu fight alone!
For this, the venerable people in the red dress society have a deep understanding of Su Yu’s record. Unless the leader of the red dress society personally makes moves, people can restrict Su Yu alone!
But now I can see that the leader in red is obviously too lazy to shoot.
"Still dare to fight! A group of cowards also claim to be Xinghai Venerable! I think you might as well change your name to Zun Xin! "
Fox nine sneered at his body, but he was full of energy. He had already prepared for the battle.
Although the number of venerable people in Yanhuang Empire is small, they have been eyeing the people in red across the street.
A venerable man in red gritted his teeth and said, "We are together!"
How can you be afraid of the Venerable Emperor of the Chinese Empire when there are many people in red?
"Kill this arrogant Terran!"
If there is a red dress, the honour person will roar and roar and can’t help it.
In an instant, the world oscillated and the poor universe burst into a strong source breath, and a large number of gods overflowed and scattered, just like Wang Yang! It’s horrible!
More than 20 people in red will honour person body avatar circulation giant * * manifest out their body qi and blood monstrous terrorist energy crazy explosion!
There is a huge palm manifesting and slamming Su Yu!
There’s Xiantianbao Xianhua stabbing Su Yu with poor brilliance!
What’s more, seven venerable people in red joined hands with the floating sound of the body, shocking the poor, penetrating the evil spirit and gathering together to attack Su Yu’s whole body!
These people are too ashamed to sneak up on a top saint!

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