Unconsciously, the mortal who had some difficulties in dealing with a mere ghost has now grown up to be a powerful practitioner on his own.

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Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra with overbearing Bodhisattva Buddha Light Little Green Snake thinks that even the former hordes of monsters Pei Wende can make it clean by himself.
After all, forcibly transforming evil spirits and ghosts is the best means for Buddhist monks.
There is no doubt that Pei Wende is the best Buddhist practitioner that Little Green Snake has ever seen, and his potential is even greater than that of breaking the precepts and rebuilding the Hui Ji monk.
Chapter 32 Su Shi Ling Hui? Immortality drug introduction!
[You even plan to cross over with me? 】
Silently staring at Pei Wende like a real Buddha, Chen Zhengdao’s eyes couldn’t help but flash across a sudden color
[and this is the real reason why I can’ possess’ you? 】
When the light of Bodhisattva shines on Chen Zhengdao, you can feel that the last touch of Yuan God belief that supports you is being tempered and disappeared.
This means that Chen Zhengdao’s "persistence" is over. It’s time for him to be reborn.
[Your master … It was a crazy monk! 】
Heart again the slightest hatred Chen Zhengdao that unprecedented calm PeiWenDe ear rings.
You and my master have been enemies, right? 】
When limited to slow down the knowledge of the depths of the sea, Pei Wende asked calmly.
From Pei Wende, I vaguely realized that Chen Zhengdao was hiding something from himself, and now he just confirmed it.
[Let me put it this way! 】
[or rather, the whole door is your master’s enemy]
It’s also not surprising that Pei Wende reacted because Chen Zhengdao didn’t want to fool the other party
But Chen Zhengdao didn’t expect Pei Wende to know this detail in this way.
Even more, he didn’t expect that Pei Wende could really cross over his Yuan God, which broke Chen Zhengdao’s understanding of the word "crossing over".
[Seventeen years ago, before you were born …]
[Your master single-handedly went to Zhongnanshan to plunder several Taoist scriptures in the name of "debating the law" and helped the imperial court establish the present Qintian prison]
[It was after you were born that your master fell out with literate Sect at that time that he took you away to Tanzhou]
Listening silently to Pei Wende, the old monk who had made great achievements, couldn’t help showing a wry smile on his face.
【 The old monk … Is it really because of me that I am reduced to this? 】
Unconsciously, the old monk’s scrawny appearance flashed through his mind, and Pei Wende felt a sense of anxiety inexplicably.
If it weren’t for his own words, the old monk now estimated that the red man in front of the emperor was a crazy monk who was very strong in others’ eyes and wouldn’t have become this skinny old man.
[Because you are a earthworm reincarnated, Su Shi Linghui is a panacea that everyone can only hope for].
[Smell evil spirits, once you can eat them, you can qualify as a dragon]
[And there is a dragon spirit to care for the emperor. If you can’ drug introduction’, you can prolong your life by one hundred years even if you can’t live forever]
[Even a guy like me, with only a wisp of soul left, can do it again with your body]
The so-called "Su Shi Ling Hui" actually refers to those who have shown extraordinary talents and abilities that ordinary people can’t have since childhood.
Push it to the spiritual world, that is to say, some people who have inherited some characteristics of their previous lives are likely to be some powerful metempsychosis figures.
Taoism takes possession of the soul, and the Yuan God is possessed …
Buddhist metempsychosis, immortal magical powers …
It can do similar things than some monsters that escape from the underworld.
From this point of view, Pei Wende, who has inherited all the memories of his previous life and is familiar with ancient and modern times, can indeed be called "Su Shi Ling Hui"
Unfortunately, he is not the reincarnation of Chen Zhengdao’s imaginary Buddhism, but a soul from the 21st century.
No wonder the old monk refused to teach me to practice, but always wanted me to be quiet and be an ordinary man.
Listening to Pei Wende’s feeling, Chen Zhengdao seemed to see once again the Taoist who raised himself from a young age and saw the picture of the other side blocking the mad monk Lingyou and dying in Zhongnanshan.
It’s a pity that you didn’t arrange the road for you according to the coffin, but chose to be his successor-a true enlightenment.
Chen Zhengdao said this sentence in a tone full of envy.
This world has never been fair. Some people can have an epiphany, but others need a thousand years of hard work to get the right result.
Pei Wende is the former while Chen Zhengdao is the latter.
Pei Wende’s practice has only been a year, but he has become a two-wheel qi, and his magical powers are self-possessed.
On the other hand, Chen Zhengdao has been practicing since childhood, and it is only when he is thirty years old that he can break the Yin Shinto and condense the immortal Yuan God.
From this perspective, it is not without reason that Zen master Lingyou will accept Peiwende disciples and teach, impart knowledge and truth for more than ten years.
Pei Wende, from the 21st century, has a different understanding of life and the world.
This unique cognitive spiritual Zen master has successfully transformed his own practice path through long-term guidance.
So Pei Wende’s past life experience and knowledge became the cornerstone of "attacking other mountains and jade" and assisted to become a real "enlightened person"
Not the kind of person who follows the instructions and repeats the former humanity.

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