Just when Wang Xuan should fantasize, the beauty disappeared. He hurried around with his confidant and finally saw the beauty in Baima Temple. Although the clothes were simple, the whole person had a unique temperament.

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Who is this little girl? When Wang Xuan should be thinking about it, she found an acquaintance around the beauty. This person is Pei Renji, the long Pei Hangyan. This person likes weapons with two heavy hammers, each weighing more than 30 kilograms. Because Pei’s father holds heavy troops, Wang Shichong is both pulling and preventing them.
Wang Xuan should look at two people who are not sure what kind of wife the beauty is Pei Hangyan. Concubine? This Pei Hangyan is very lucky! Wang Xuan should think bitterly, but although he is arrogant, he knows that Pei Hangyan has a bad temper. Once he goes crazy, the whole Luoyang people can stop him, even his father can’t stop him.
Wang Xuan should be unwilling in his heart, but he recoiled when he remembered that his father said that he could endure a calm for a while.
Back to the East Palace, Wang Xuan should have tea without thinking about food. He didn’t want to feel beautiful. At this moment, his confidant came back to find out the news. The woman was neither Pei Hangyan’s wife nor his concubine, but his sister named Pei Cuiyun.
Pei Cuiyun has always lived in seclusion, and few people know her. This woman is seventeen years old and has no husband’s family. According to common sense, it is common for a woman from a big family like Pei’s to get married at the age of thirteen or four, but it seems that Pei Cuiyun’s family is very favored and still stays in the family at the age of seventeen.
Wang Xuan’s eyes should be bright. Pei Cuiyun didn’t get married, which is a good opportunity for him. But Pei’s father holds the soldiers, and he dare not provoke them unless he marries Pei Cuiyun’s wife seriously, so there is still a little hope. If you play with Wen Xi, where will Pei’s centuries-old name go?
Wang Xuan’s heart sank. He felt sad. Nothing can be done about it.
A little eunuch named Su Cheng around him saw that Wang Xuan should step forward. "Is it difficult?"
Wang Xuan should eyes lit up and grabbed the Su Chengdao "JiJiangAn? !”
Chapter 547 Color prefix a knife
Su Cheng was caught by the collar and almost out of breath. He quickly danced his thin arms and struggled to say, "Too, too, I am breathing."
Wang Xuan should let go. His face looked very anxious and irritable. He wished he could hold Mei Jiao Niang in his arms and enjoy it. "Speak quickly!"
"Taidian is now going on an expedition to the whole Luoyang city as a eunuch. If Taidian says one thing, it means two things. Who dares not listen?" Su Cheng said slowly and took a casual look at Wang Xuan.
Wang Xuan should be thoughtful and suddenly excited. Yes, it’s always too much. Although my father has mastered the soldiers, in the final analysis, I am still a minister. Do they dare not listen to themselves? Thinking of this, Wang Xuan should appear excitedly "Haha, lonely, let them send their daughter to the palace!"
Su Cheng one leng quickly grabbed too much thought. How can this be? Don’t say that Pei’s father has soldiers. Even a general minister can’t say that whoever wants to send his daughter to the palace will send him.
Wang Xuan should be caught by him and asked angrily, "What are you doing?"
Su Cheng quickly said, "TaiDian BeiZhi didn’t mean that." Su Cheng was sweating so much. Why didn’t this counterparts get interested in nothing?
Wang Xuan should say, "What do you mean?"
Su Cheng quickly low said Wang Xuan should eyes lit up this is a good plan! Wang Xuan should ha ha a smile patted Su Cheng on the shoulder and said, "Su Cheng has done a good job, and after the job is done, he must be rewarded!"
Luoyang city is crossed by Luoshui, the north of which is owned by palaces and dignitaries, while the south of Luoshui is relatively poor. Most of the people and officials live here, so it can be said that this is the "slum" of Luoyang city.
Pei Renji is in his forties this year. Because he is a rare military commander, Pei’s family has a special position. However, with the chaos in the world, Pei Renji Wenxi’s land property and deed tribe entered Pei Ji’s hand.
Although Pei Renji is not a miser, it will hurt, but there is no way to control it. Who is Wenxi Datang?
Of course, for Pei Renji, the loss of Wenxi’s hometown land is nothing. He is in front of the future. He is only in his forties, and Pei Hangyan is only 23 years old, which is a heroic age.
Where will the Pei family go in the future? Pei Renji didn’t think it was a temporary plan to possess Wang Shichong for nothing. It seems that Wang Shichong is not a good master in Pei Renji, and even a valiant soldier like Qin Shubao has left him, which proves something.
There are two roads in front of Pei Renji, one is to take refuge in Datang, and the other is to take refuge in the Great Sui Dynasty. Emperor Tang Yuan belongs to the nobles of Gansu. He needs the support of the nobles when he needs it, but Pei Jia suspects that it meets this condition, but it is a little difficult.
The difficulty is that Pei Ji has won most of the interests of Wenxi Pei’s family. Will he allow himself to go to Datang and return to Wenxi? The answer is obvious: it is impossible. Because of this, one’s status will inevitably lead to Wen Xi, Pei Jia, Li Yi, and redistribution. Pei Ji will certainly not endure it and will certainly not be willing to change to himself.
Datang thus ruled out that there was a big Sui left, and now the morale is in full swing. Since moving to Bashu, the trapped dragon land has not been trapped, but it has been killed continuously. It has been a quarter of the day to take Jingxiang in Longxi and it is almost a matter of doubt to take Jiangdong downstream after taking Jingxiang.
Wang Shichong’s intention to fish in troubled waters this time seems doomed to failure in Nanyang Pei Renji, but Wang Shichong didn’t bring himself. He was really worried about himself. He was afraid that he would rather stay in Luoyang with Pei Jiajun’s rebellion.
Just as Pei Renji was thinking about it, Pei Hangyan came in. He bowed his hand and said, "Dad!"
Pei Renji put his troubles behind him and smiled. "Yuan Qing, do you play with Cui Yun?"
"Dad is also happy to go to the White Horse Temple to play incense today," Pei Xingyan said, and slowly came over and lowered his voice. "Dad and his son asked for a sign on a whim!"
Pei Renji was shocked to "sign?"
"I don’t believe this, but I don’t know what it is. I always feel very uneasy today, as if someone has been following me," Pei Hangyan said.
Pei Renji was silent, and he paced uneasily. What was the danger?
At this time, a servant came in and said, "Your Excellency sent a eunuch to say that he wanted to see your Excellency."
Pei Renji stopped and said, "Invite him in!"
Wang Xuan was sent by the eunuch Su Cheng, who bowed his hand when he came in with a smug smile. "General Pei!"
"Ha ha, it turned out that it was Sue’s father-in-law who missed the distance and hoped that Sue’s father-in-law would forgive me!" Pei Renji said.
"General pei bother! I came here this time on orders from General Pei to go to the palace for dinner tonight, "Su Cheng said.
Pei Renji listened to the eunuch’s words, but he was stupefied. He and TaiWang Xuan should not make friends with Pei Renji and don’t think highly of Wang Shichong. Another reason is that Wang Xuan should be a stupid heir, so ignorant. Even if Wang Shichong can unify the country, it can’t hold on to it. Just like the Western Jin Dynasty, it fell into chaos in just a few decades.
Is it too late to invite yourself to dinner at this time? What can I do for you? This Pei Renji seems to be a bit inebriated.
Although Pei Renji is a military commander, he is not a fool. He immediately said, "Since it is too much, please be a minister and you will definitely go."
Pei Renji said at the same time, waving a hand, a dinking came with a dish. Su Cheng uncovered the dish cloth and saw that there were two pieces of Chengcheng Huang gold cakes inside. He couldn’t help laughing. This Pei Renji is quite good at being a man. What a pity!
Eunuch Su Cheng smiled unceremoniously and pocketed the golden cake with a proud look on his face.
Pei Renji smiled quietly and whispered, "Father Su dares to ask Taidian if he has something important to discuss?"
Su Cheng coughed with a short hand and said, "Now we want to share the worries of the country and ask the general for advice."
Pei Renji smiled with a look of sudden realization. "I see. Please tell my father-in-law that I must keep the appointment on time!"
Su Cheng told Pei Renji that he must take Peihang Yanyan and leave Peifu with a smile on his face. He returned to Taigong and handed it to Wang Xuan, saying that Pei Renji bribed his property with a piece of golden cake.
Wang Xuan should squint at the golden cake and wait for the night arrival.
Su Cheng just walked out of Peifu Peihang Yanyan and came out without waiting. Just now, after hiding from the screen, he heard the conversation between his father and eunuchs.
"Is there any conspiracy when my father suddenly summoned me?" Pei Hangyan asked his brow, unable to conceal his worries. The shadows in the daytime covered his mind like dark clouds for a long time.
Pei Renji snorted and sat down to Su Cheng. Although there is nothing unusual, there is often no abnormality. Sometimes it has a fatal flaw.
Who should Tai Wang Xuan be? He didn’t bully men and women academically. Wang Shichong was so arrogant when he didn’t master Luoyang Army. With the gradual improvement of Wang Shichong’s status, this person pursed his ass like a proud peacock.
Wang Shichong ascended the throne, and he was naturally a great Jun Zheng, with a detached status and a real one person and ten thousand people.

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