This confuses everyone who comes to China to practice the right path, but everyone has different temperaments and experiences, and the most serious confusion has reached the level of "disorder"

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"Why don’t you ask?" Su Jing asked Fang Xian, "I’m still waiting for you to say," Please help granduncle … "I don’t know how to tell you something."
Fang Xian’s heart is confused, but an honest man will always be an honest man, blinking and not knowing what to do.
"It’s a pity that Brother He Yu doesn’t make sense. Just talk about right and wrong. It doesn’t matter if you listen." Su Jingxiao simply took Fang Xian outside when the war was safe outside.
After meeting many acquaintances outside Fang Xian, many people greeted him with a smile. Su Jing held Fang Xian and said, "Is Mr. Jia Jian learned a lot? It should be no problem to write three’ ten folds’ on a drawer. "
Mr. Jia Jian said from the side, "Look down on me. It’s not a problem to sing for generations in the 30 capitals."
Su Jing smiled and said, "Great poetry comes from great learning and talent. If Mr. Jia Jian is not a man of practice, it is not difficult to gain a good reputation by virtue of his talent."
The old man came to talk with a smile again. "To tell you the truth, when I traveled with fame and fame, I also gave lectures in several compound classes under an alias … My names are all hidden scholars without seeing the tail."
Su Jing returned to the topic to continue the other party’s first laugh. "Mr. Jian Jian is a university student, but if you throw him into the mang forest with wild animals, it depends on whether the crow listens to his poetry or the hedgehog accompanies him … Is that clear?"
"No, it’s not that my brother is stupid and can’t understand the true meaning of my granduncle." Fang Xian’s eyes were dark but his face became confused
When the Buddha’s eyelids drooped, he covered his eyes and wondered. He gave a light smile. "You are a stupid child. You can’t understand such a simple thing."
Red-eyed real people have a little chat, turning a small coffin into an Italian horse and a child’s coffin again. "The reason is so simple that you can’t understand it first, but you have to continue to practice."
"Su Jing, don’t make it difficult for this child." The flower interface waved a hand. "Tell him the truth directly."
As he spoke, he suddenly remembered something and ran to throb and whispered to each other. The latter turned his eyes and looked back deeply. Mr. Jia followed him and jumped into his coffin to find out what he was looking for …
Whenever Su Jing does a good job, he often rubs his own experience when giving lectures. Occasionally, it’s nice to embellish it. Brother Li likes it very much, but he can specialize in honest people to solve problems. Su Jing is really a little overwhelmed, not stupid, but has too many reasons. Well-intentioned will make it hard to say many reasons. When it comes to the deep beauty, it becomes shallow if it is expressed in words, and the roots can’t hit the point.
Su Jing himself feels hard, but it must be said that "the environment has changed and his cognition is different. Not to mention that when the old man came to the mang forest, he went to another prosperous time, but the Chinese language was different and his poems and phrases became penniless … This is not that China and Turkey first soared and then changed."
"Middle-earth people have entered the universe forest, that’s all. You may ask the immortals that they are so bitter, but where did so many immortals come from?"
"You and I are wonderful and whether the fairy sky is really wonderful or not can’t blame the fairy sky for not being round enough. You and I think too much, that’s all."
The honest answer is very honest. "My granduncle said the truth, and my predecessors have already told my brother."
I didn’t think the old pedant was so fond of answering words before. This time, Su Jingling taught Mr. Jia Jian to still smile. "Even the examples are similar. I am Qinhuai Jinyu, a man with a red voice who fell into a wild boar’s nest."
Mr. Jia Jian has already said the same thing, and it is definitely better than Su Jing’s, which can’t help Fang Xian.
This is not an accident. In terms of methods and reasons for helping the younger generation, Mr. Jianjia is much better than Su Jing.
"When I was promoted to immortality, I was not as long as you, or that sentence was right or wrong. I’m not sure if you have any objection, you can eat it at any time and don’t care about any manners." Su Jing was not discouraged to continue. The other party said first, "As I can see, the fairy days are like beasts in the forest. What are you fighting for? Baby, Xiu Yuan, abode of fairies and immortals, implements … Everyone talks about’ grabbing’ and grabbing the so-called thing, or we can simply take it as a struggle to grab the fight is life. "
"All the animals in the forest have a life, and I also have a life. If you don’t take others, you will be taken away by everyone in the forest." Su Jing’s hands stand and stand, "It’s ok to take his life."
Su Jing turned his head and looked at Mr. Jian Hu, who touched Hu. "I also told him that I am still almost a tiger and leopard in the wolf!"
"Sir, you’re right," Su Jing agreed with the other side. "Since you’re in the forest, it’s better to be a tiger than a jackal, more ferocious than a wolf and a winged tiger."
Fang Xian nodded first and then shook his head because of reason, but he shook his head because of his own other doubts. "My former brother has experienced several dangers and killed many people. I can kill me, but I don’t want to be white … regardless of whether I am a tiger or not, even if I want to be a tiger, I will do as the Romans do … if I do as the Romans do, what will I do?"
Fang Xian was inarticulate and thought he couldn’t understand his thoughts. He frowned and wanted to explain why Su Jing shook his head and said directly, "To be a tiger is to do as the Romans do." What if you are a tiger? "
"Thinking that being a tiger will go with the flow" Su Jing looked at Fang Xian "but never thought that you would be a tiger"
This time, Fang Xian froze again. He still didn’t understand. He couldn’t finish. He didn’t understand, but he couldn’t understand where he knew. He was really confused
Su Jing, however, has little patience. He doesn’t seem to explain the conclusion that "you are the head tiger, and which jackal will hurt you and bite it to death."
"I’m a tiger, too," Su Jing said with a smile. "If one day you and I fight for my life, you can live. Will you kill me?"
Fang Xian was completely stunned and was about to shake his head, but Su Jing suddenly laughed. "Don’t worry, it won’t be so difficult. If there is such a day, I will lay down my life to save you."
Laughing, but not joking. Brother He Yu said that no brother can abandon his elders.
The mang forest is under fierce competition. Some rats live by digging holes, some wolves prey by expanding their herds, some birds take refuge by flying high with their wings, and some tigers dominate the mountain forest.
Fierce tiger who hurts me and I eat who is happy;
A generous tiger is more fierce than a jackal, but it can easily give up its life to save its children … It guards.
All the responsibilities are guarded in these two words.

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