"Who the hell are you!" Elite shouted out at this time is the language of ancient crocodiles.

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Scholars can understand it, too, because not long ago, scholars got the ancient crocodile language data … of course, Lin gave it, but the specific source should be from the border.
Scholars think so, so it is also a little surprised that even the ancient crocodile language has a mirror. Is the development model of the world crocodile exactly the same as that of the pipeline crocodile?
"Your life function is complete and normal." A demon also said that it sounded very clear … "And your age has gone backwards a lot. You will have a second chance to enjoy your life when you return to the juvenile stage."
It answered the elite while paddling with a slate, but it gave the elite more doubts. "I want to ask you … what do you want to do? What want to put me here? "
"Give you a chance to survive," the devil said. "You may stay outside until you wake up forever."
"Because the climate won’t change much here, although that’s what we try," said another demon, "but you may not be able to wait that long."
"… you …" The elite said, "What on earth are you doing this?"
"Observation record," said the devil. "According to our investigation of you, you are a creature that our ancestors encountered."
"Our ancestors lived far away," said another demon, "so it is a miracle that you are here."
"Miracles need to be observed and recorded. You have been recorded, and you will continue to be recorded. You will continue to live and record for us. We are very interested in you." The demon said, putting a slate in his hand into the bubble, "This is a recent record. You can enjoy it."
"…" Elite didn’t answer.
"Don’t want to react? This is normal, so let’s record it first. "Then these demons are ready to take off from the ground."
"Wait a minute!" The elite shouted, "What are you and God? What is the world here! "
Just about to take off, the demon stopped suddenly. A demon said to the elite, "Your intelligence can really make you understand, so we suggest you follow us."
The elite questioned, "Follow you?"
"This is a survival bubble," the demon poked a bubble and said, "You can get rid of another set of plans it needs and bring that set of plans."
"Bring me that plan!" "Bring it here!" "Bring it here!"
Almost all the demons said the same thing, and the last demon moved it and spread its wings and flew the boat.
After a few tens of seconds, it flew from the ship again and took something like a stone.
It flew to the bubble and put the stone in the bubble.
"this ….." elite words to say this stone suddenly moved, it like moved to the elite side with all of a sudden the whole Zhang Jiang elite package.
After wrapping the elite, the stone slowly … deforms, and it forms a shape that conforms to the elite body. Scholars have been watching it from a distance and think it should be … armor.
Finally, the original’ stone’ elite figure became armor with almost the same style as the devil, which looked a bit like a mixture of rock and metal.
"Very well, you can follow us to move … step out of the bubble."
Chapter one thousand three hundred and seventy-two From afar
"Where you come from is where our ancestors once lived."
"Our ancestors used to stay in that place for a while, then left there and stayed away from you. It is said that our ancestors had a fierce war with your ancestors."
"But a long time ago, we won’t remember what we hated at that time. You don’t need to mean this … you need to mean it now."
"Now what will you come here? We are very interested in this, so we decided to observe you. You are also a creature with enough intelligence, so all this is very convenient. "
Scholars are following a ship and listening to people from the ship … talking mainly to elites and those … who are now temporarily called demon creatures.
Demons seem to be very talkative. They always communicate with the elite, and the elite can hear them because they bring scholars to it.
During their communication, the devil slowly talked about their ancestors … and learned about their race.
"Our ancestors left their world in some way, and the first world was called’ pipeline’ by them, which was a very big world." The devil’s voice echoed in the scholars’ hearing. "They are still unsolved from the method, although there are many sayings but there are no detailed records …"
"Why are you leaving?" The elite said, "Is it because of the war with us?"
"No, it’s an ancient …" The demon paused and said, "The ancient prophecy predicts that the pipeline world will suffer a catastrophe."
"This is the conclusion that our ancestors studied the past writings," the devil said. "The life writings in the pipeline world will suffer a severe blow, in which all writings will disappear …"
"What kind of earthquake disaster is that?" The elite wondered, "But there seems to be no catastrophe in our history …"
"It’s not an earthquake phenomenon, but a group of extinct people will appear. They are a group of creatures," the demon said. "Ancestors’ predictions show that even if they develop to this point, their strength will be slightly stronger than the existing literature."
"Then they can destroy the pipeline bit by bit," the devil said. "We can now confirm whether this prophecy is true, but it is because of this that our ancestors left the pipeline and set out to find other worlds."
"Predict … the exterminator …" The elite said, "Did you know at that time?"
"Do you mean that the prophecy has come true?" The devil asked, "Did the exterminator really appear?"
"…" Elite didn’t answer, but continued, "I don’t want to discuss this. Can you continue to talk about you?"
"But we are willing to share this history with creatures who can understand us," said the devil. "After all, this situation is hard to meet."
"Our ancestors then went to the second world where they lived. The world was very … beautiful. They continued to multiply there for a long time," the devil said. "They made the culture grow stronger and stronger."
"Is this it?" The elite asked, "but it doesn’t seem very beautiful here."
"Not here," said the devil. "This is what we call the’ melting zone’."
"What does this mean?"
"It accidentally approached us," said the elite. "It was this’ melting zone’. According to records, it was originally a huge black … evil sphere."
"It’s going to hit us," the devil said. "It’s coming from a distance to get close to our beautiful world. We couldn’t help it."
"Hit …" said the elite. "Do you mean this … sphere is going to hit the world where you live?"
"That’s right …" The devil said, "At the beginning, our development of culture will destroy our beautiful world and disappear."
"We have a last resort. We engage all weapons," the devil said. "It is impossible to destroy it by all means … without destroying such a huge object. We want it to change its trajectory and not directly hit our world."
"Why don’t you run away?" The elite said, "It’s like you escaped from the pipeline before."
"There is no way for us to escape from the original escape method … there is no record of our separation and there is no place nearby. We can defend our world," said the devil. "We have fired all our weapons here."
"Then it was incredible that we succeeded. Although these weapons caused an explosion, it seemed a little bit … but it retreated," said the devil. "This one was going to crash into our world, and it moved straight back."
"We don’t know what the principle is, but at that time … we did succeed, and we celebrated the victory …" The devil said, "But later we found out that we were wrong."
"The world didn’t retreat for long, and it came at us again," said the devil. "So we made a lot of weapons and bombed it in the original way."
"It retreated a lot in successive bombings …" The devil said, "We can continue to live a peaceful life for a while …"
"But we soon discovered that it was a cycle."
"It’s close again … we can bomb again."

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