On the mobilization speed of large-scale troops, the Terran Godsworn couldn’t catch up with them, and the result was to cooperate with their poisonous insect tactics and make people suffer heavy losses. Finally, he forced Ren Huang Hao Anyi to come in person, which barely tied with the Zerg until Sun Hao appeared to destroy the King Kong Zerg. Only then did the army shrink and retreat to build a huge Rio fortress outside the Galaxy.

Even the wormhole lose ability also fully sent for half a year before sending huge reinforcements to Rio fortress. At this time, the troops sent in advance have already engaged with Terran Ren Huang and Zhan Zu. The front-line intelligence came over, and the Terran Ancestor officially changed its name to Zhanzu, symbolizing that the […]

Its audience turned their eyes to Ji Tianci’s friends and relatives, and they found that most of Ji Tianci’s friends and relatives were extraordinary and their strength was extraordinary.

Many people know Li Fanzhi, and the audience around them found that Li Fanzhi turned out to be the nine young men who looked very young. Everyone turned their attention to Ji Tianci, and even the audience at several venues next door looked over. There was a buzz everywhere for a while. "This is a […]

Unexpectedly, three alloy silver pills were shot back, and the flame shield exploded at the moment, and three alloy silver pills suddenly dispersed.

Scattered to the fire lotus head, left, behind three directions. In an instant, the lotus flower was attacked in different directions. Bombard lotus from three directions at the same time Fire lotus expression a slight change. A black bullet was thrown directly from the waist and crushed into black powder in an instant. Boom A […]

Alas, despite this, what can we do? Although we are outnumbered, our strength is relatively strong. There is a huge gap between the three parties. If we don’t follow their orders, I’m afraid our lives will be lost.

This is it. The science of uniting the unwilling but can’t do anything at the moment is lament. That’s the first way to practice smell speech, and your eyes flash slightly. You don’t have to be discouraged. Although we really don’t have the strength of these three parties, we haven’t had a chance to compete […]

Before you know it, the two of them have flown to send a large array of Zhenyuan, which seems to have thought of something. Li Laodi, you are going to Taiji Xianxing after returning to Cangdi Xianxing and closing the practice.

Li Yueling nodded his head, saying, The younger brother is going to do this. That’s good. That’s good. If you decide to go to Taiji Xianxing immediately, it’s hard to be original, so you will go to Zhenyuan with you. It’s like putting a worry on your mind and saying a sigh of relief. The […]

Speaking of the word dignity, Dai Naidie left another precious memory for us. In the early 1940s, she taught in Guiyang township, which was in a state of war and chaos. Later, in her memoirs, Dai Naidie went to the local farmers with emotion and said that they had a natural dignity and praised the rural farmers in China, even if they were poor and uneducated, they were always an ancient Chinese heir.

Yi Ben’s divination says that it depends on people’s culture, whether they are rich in cars, Dai Naidie or illiterate farmers in China. Their human dignity is a cultural knot of transformation, falsification and culture. This is a kind of moral cultivation that sneaked into the night with the wind to moisten things and accumulate […]