"Of course, it’s only a small matter," Song Changgeng replied with a smile. Then he turned to Zhou Qingyun and Shi Zhu and said, "Sister Shi, if you have nothing to do, why don’t you come with us to visit Guihua Mountain?"

Shi Zhu is interested in making friends with him, and he is also curious about him. He never misses the opportunity to get close to nature. He said, "Well, I heard several sisters say that your osmanthus mountain tree house is about to visit." Zhou Qingyun shook his head and said, "I won’t go. If […]

The holy king looked back at his eyes and the old dog stepped in without saying anything, but a smile flashed in his eyes when he turned his head.

Lingzhu, I’m coming. The old man fought back his excitement and called in secretly for a while. well At present, the shadow flashed that the old dog had reached another huge fixed eye and immediately exclaimed. Because I am hanging on my feet at this time, a gangster is secretly unfathomable, and it is also […]

Destroy the surging billows and glanced back at the fierce Qingyang, while Qingluo grasped the young man’s skirt and wanted to hug his brother and fear something, and stood on the ground with wide eyes.

Canglan’s lips are pale, and the boundary of Hanshan League is full of a strange Shaqi, which seems to be dead and dead, and blood has been crushing him for a long time after it rotted into pieces. Destroy the surging billow face frost suddenly smiled and nodded, then turned around with the cold mountain […]