After three years, I heard this name again. Mu Yun’s heart trembled like that long-lost feeling when she suddenly heard Cheyenne at Ye’s home. Her memory could not help but return to the time when she played the game Sword God.

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Xia Anna was a skilled gold coin migrant worker who did whatever he wanted to make money in the game. He once met Wuyue when he was selling games, and then he became Wuyue’s exclusive businessman and collected what she needed.
As the two became familiar with each other, Cheyenne began to go in and out of the advanced game map with Wuyue, and his skills continued to improve. Wuyue relied on him even more. Cheyenne was more mature in the game where he was independent since childhood, which lasted for about a year. Cheyenne had not talked to Wuyue, and both sides could feel that they were becoming warm and ignorant.
Cheyenne once joked that Wu Yue was asked about Cheyenne’s age by his wife Wu Yue in the game, only to learn that Cheyenne was sixteen years old at that time, and Mu Yunqing, a Wuyue operator, was twenty-one at that time.
After learning Cheyenne’s real age, Mu Yunqing’s feeling of being in love was immediately replaced by a sense of shame. From then on, he withdrew from the game circle and returned to his mind to study and finally graduated with honors. This is what Mu Yunqing is today.
Mu Yunqing occasionally heard some news about Cheyenne, which was suppressed by her reason. She never looked for Cheyenne again, but Cheyenne’s voice had already been engraved in her mind, because that feeling of love was her first experience that she would never forget.
Mu Yunqing remembered him when she heard his voice in the game Evolution, but when she first saw Cheyenne’s true face in Ye’s old house, she could see that Cheyenne was the great devil, but Cheyenne had already forgotten her.
"I am Wu Yue" MuYunQing felt less nervous.
Cheyenne looked at MuYunQing MuYunQing also looked at him, so the two of them looked at each other and saw what the years had changed, as if nothing had changed.
Cheyenne was calm after the initial shock and excitement. He was no longer the one who went crazy looking for a teenager after losing the trace of Wuyue, and he wouldn’t have met Zixiaxian later if Wuyue hadn’t disappeared.
"I didn’t expect that we should have known each other for a long time." Cheyenne looked calm and didn’t question the joy of seeing old friends again.
Mu Yunqing sighed and knew that Cheyenne had really completely forgotten that time. She seemed to have really missed it.
"Who exactly did you bring me here to see?" Cheyenne thought of something, and his legs suddenly trembled.
Maybe …
"I’ll show you this person and Wu Yue. She is Zixiaxian!" Mu Yunqing’s words made Cheyenne feel dizzy, and his consciousness could only be stabilized by holding the wall.
"Zi Xia … she really knows you …" Cheyenne’s dry throat grinned and wanted to show a smile, but it was uglier than crying.
Chapter 373 Goodbye Zi Xia
Zi Xia Xian is a familiar but unfamiliar name.
Cheyenne has just seen a fake purple Xia Xian, but when Mu Yun, the owner of Wuyue, remembers this name, it makes Cheyenne feel like a lifetime ago. People who have been searching hard for a long time in previous lives suddenly appear, and now Cheyenne has a feeling of being close to home.
Is this true?
It’s not another false information, is it?
It’s not the first time that Cheyenne has received similar news, but she always comes back disappointed.
"Sister, are you outside?" Perhaps the noise outside alarmed the people inside, and a sound came out.
Cheyenne automatically ignored the information leaked in the sound, and felt that the familiar polar sound echoed repeatedly in a white ear of the brain, just like Mu Yunqing remembered Cheyenne’s sound. How could Cheyenne mistake Zixia Fairy Sound?
Although this sound is a little heavy, it can’t be concealed from Cheyenne. The person inside is Zi Xia Xian, who has been searching for Zixiaxian for ten years in his previous life!
Cheyenne Huo pushed open the door and stepped in, shouting "Zi Xia!"
When the housekeeper heard this sound, it was like being struck by lightning, but she quickly got into the sleeve and locked the door and screamed, "Who are you? Get out or I’ll call security!"
Although it was a glimpse just now, Cheyenne Hawkeye is not a vegetarian. He still clearly saw that Zixiaxian, who made him dream, was covered with dark brown scars like a toad.
MuYunQing didn’t come in, but closed the door from the outside with his back against the wall, so he sat down on the ground and closed his eyes regardless of the image.
"Zi Xia, come out! When can you hide!" Cheyenne clap door call way
Although Cheyenne used to look for Zi Xia for ten years in his previous life, it was only half a year since Zi Xia disappeared in this life, which was almost yesterday for Cheyenne.
"You go, I’m not Zi Xia," said the voice inside.
Cheyenne took a deep breath and sat down at the door, saying, "Zi Xia, you’re such a poor liar. Mu Yunqing told me everything. Don’t run away again."
"No way, my sister promised that I would never see you again." The voice inside shouted with a hint of anger.
"Come out first and let’s talk it over," Cheyenne said.
"No, I won’t see you. Go away." There seems to be a little weakness in the voice. Once upon a time, she made up her mind never to see him again, but when he suddenly appeared, her heart was still so fragile.
Cheyenne not only didn’t leave, but said with remembrance, "I will always remember the first time I saw you, when you were chased by monsters, but you smiled brightly …"
As Cheyenne Luoziyu’s thoughts returned to the day when Zixiaxian Monkey King first met him.
Luo Ziyu is Mu Yun’s cousin Qing. They were very good. At that time, Mu Yunqing’s mood was low. Luo Ziyu asked in every way. Finally, he realized that his cousin turned out to be an eccentric elf in the game. Luo Ziyu was very curious about what kind of person could make his cousin dream.
Mu Yunqing had made up his mind not to see Cheyenne Luoziyu again at that time. Curious, he secretly entered the game without telling Mu Yunqing to get to know a man who made his cousin abnormal from the side. However, Cheyenne’s level is already very high. She is a novice in the game because she is looking for a substitute for Luoziyu in the early stage of the game and it is the first time to play the game. Even if she is abnormal, she is very clumsy.

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