It turns out that almost all the dishes in the menu are the same as "mom’s dishes", but the price is 50 cents a dollar cheaper.

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For example, Pearl Yuanji Shujia sells 8 yuan and "hometown stir-fry" sells 7 yuan.
A pot of ribs and lotus root soup is sold for 1 yuan at Jishujia’s house, and 9 yuan for "hometown stir-fry"
Anyway, it’s the same as the food, and the weight is the same, which is cheaper than Jishu’s.
Besides, the chef’s skills there are not bad, and the decoration is the same. Can you not take away the business?
"Their chef’s skills should be too good."
Ji Shu frowns
Qian Guijun said, "What can I do? They changed this new menu today, and the price has dropped. All the customers have gone. The surname is Xie, and they have found someone to send out a leaflet at my sock shop on the street corner. Many customers will definitely choose cheap dishes. We all know that we can’t reduce the price when selling socks, so everyone can’t make money in this vicious competition. "
"This price is really cheap, and customers will definitely want it."
Cai-Juan Liu looked at each other’s menu and frowned so much that she could hold a pen.
Aunt Xu asked, "boss Xiaoji, what shall we do? We also reduce the price? Cheaper than him … "
Aunt Xu and Xie Yuanlong have become the main players since they played the red scarf. She hates Xie Yuanlong more than Ji Shu.
"No, once the price goes down, it’s hard to go up again."
Ji Shu bowed her head and thought for a moment. Before she remembered, she saw a big boss in the catering industry writing from the inside that the way to deal with the price war should first be to maintain its own quality and shape its reputation and brand instead of blindly following the price reduction.
"The price war sales volume is high, but the quality is prone to problems, and the management of the department is also prone to flaws due to high sales. Let’s hold our horses first."
Ji Shu said to Liu Caijuan and Aunt Xu
Qian Guijun nodded and showed appreciation expression.
"Ji Shu, I don’t think you have no experience in opening a restaurant. Look at what you say. It feels like you have opened it!"
Ji Shuxin thinks that I am on the shoulders of giants.
She turned to Liu Caijuan and said, "Mom, we won’t reduce the price, but let’s hire a woman first."
"This business sent to please people? Where is this? Xiaoji boss, I can do two jobs by myself. "
Aunt Xu busy said
Ji Shu smiled. "Customers are emperors. They engage in price wars and we engage in wars."
Then she explained it to Cai-Juan Liu and Aunt Xu.
Xie Yuanlong is maintaining the queue order at the gate of "hometown snack"
As soon as the price is reduced, the business is booming with the naked eye. His price is cheaper than that of other shops nearby.
He calculated that even if the price is reduced, he will still make a profit, but it will kill Ji Shu!
What’s more, he wants to bring down Jishu’s shop to please him to know that young friend.
This friend named Feng is a big spender. It is said that he has access to planned steel in the steel plant.
In this era of dual-track price system, whoever can get the planned low-priced bulk merchants to change hands and sell them at the market price will make a fortune!
Not everyone can resell steel. You have to have access and courage. Xie Yuanlong also wants to participate. Since he met Feng Guangyao in a wine shop, he has been looking for opportunities to make friends.
Does Lulu know that Xie Yuanlong wants to please that Feng but not to do so?
"This name is feng so much? So worthy of your friendship? " She still can’t help but ask JiaoChen.
"This Feng Guangyao is flexible and ruthless, and he will certainly be successful in my official career in the future. It’s good for us to do well with him. He drank too much wine. He said that this Ji Shu broke off his marriage with him, which made him very painful … You said that I happened to meet this woman. I saw that the pavement was on Chuhua Street the other day, and I just saw their business license. The boss asked Ji Shu to ask again that it was Guomian No.2 Factory. Isn’t that what Feng Guangyao said about women?"
"What a coincidence! You said that you ruined this woman’s shop. Will Feng give us some steel indicators?" Lulu asked carefully.
"I’m sure he’s biting her teeth. He’s seeing someone now and calling her by her name when she’s drunk. The surname is Feng. Now she’s making a lot of money and bought a private house on the riverside. What restaurant should I open if she wants to spare me some steel?"
Lulu bowed her head and thought, Is this girl named Jishu stupid? Break off an engagement with such a person?
"Feng so much I also want to see! Next time you drink and ask me to go with you? "
She leaned over to light Xie Yuanlong’s cigarette and left a big seal on his face.
On Sunday morning, before Ji Shu got up, a small hand scratched her face.
"Sister-get up!"
Ji Tian took Ji Shu’s face and leaned over to kiss her sister’s hair on the edge of the bed.
Knock at the door outside.
Ji Chang opened the door and Lin Cuilan came in with a basket of fruit.
"Hey, why haven’t you got up? I remember that the handsome young man of science and technology didn’t come to the store to ask you to eat Western food at the Revolving Palace Hotel? "
Ji Shu is so busy these days that he almost forgot about it.
"Is the store opened that day! You also said that you had an appointment for lunch at 11 o’clock in the evening class, and you forgot? We all remember it. "
Lin Cuilan came over and lifted it. "What a beautiful day today! It’s just suitable for young people to date! Get up quickly. Do you want to come from time to time? "
Ji Shu stood up from the bed with a carp. "Oh, my God, I forgot!"
Liu Caijuan got up early and went to the store recently, so Lin Cuilan came to help babysit on the rest day.
Jishu rushed to the sanitation and brushed his teeth, holding a toothbrush in one hand and poking around in his mouth, muttering, "Master, don’t talk nonsense. I didn’t go with someone else. We went to eat with Liu Dali. They thanked me for saving them in hypotenuse street."
Lin Cuilan glanced sideways at Ji Shu. "Whatever you say is what you want, but you’d better dress up. It’s a fine day today, so you can wear a skirt."
Ji Shu went to the toilet to spit out the toothpaste. Hua La Shui and Ji Shuyin came together and it was as clear as a duet. "Master, don’t talk nonsense. Mo Kuangfeng, a teenage girl, is untouchable."
Her witty tone made Lin Cuilan laugh.
After washing his face, Ji Shu came out of health and smiled and said, "It’s also good to eat at the Revolving Palace Hotel today!"
She really hasn’t relaxed for a long time. It’s like a war.
Ji Tian flutters in Lin Cuilan’s arms. She likes economist to talk, but she can’t say clearly.

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