"Of course, it’s only a small matter," Song Changgeng replied with a smile. Then he turned to Zhou Qingyun and Shi Zhu and said, "Sister Shi, if you have nothing to do, why don’t you come with us to visit Guihua Mountain?"

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Shi Zhu is interested in making friends with him, and he is also curious about him. He never misses the opportunity to get close to nature. He said, "Well, I heard several sisters say that your osmanthus mountain tree house is about to visit."
Zhou Qingyun shook his head and said, "I won’t go. If I don’t get it done, I’ll tell the master and teacher Zhang that you should be careful. Things won’t end like this."
Song Chang Gung proudly smiled and said, "School sister, since I dare to do it naturally, I dare to bear all the consequences. Now the rise of Qingcheng School has become a foregone conclusion, that is, I will no longer make moves, and it will be the same in the future."
This time, I won’t be able to do it when I get back. If you still won’t let me go, hey hey, if he wants to move, I will take the whole Emei school as the price. I’m not so easy to bully. "
Although I like his verve very much, Zhou Qingyun knows the strength of her sect. She doesn’t know what to say, but she doesn’t know how to say it.
A few people lost their interest in talking for a while, and Song Changgeng knew that his words diluted the harmonious atmosphere just now, but he didn’t care about talking to Shuangying. After the conversation, he came to the place where the two Zhu fruit trees were located with Shuangying. Song Changgeng couldn’t help but be happy to see this thing. One is that two such osmanthus mountains, one in Beihai and one in Beihai will make it faster for his new brother to enter the country.
Cast a spell to pull out the two fast stones without hurting the spirit vein. The spell imprisons them so as not to let the reiki in the stones run away, and then put them all in the dry Kun bag.
After receiving here, everyone went back to the cave to simply tidy up Mi Niang, and secretly muttered to Yu Yingnan for a while. Yu Yingnan said to Song Changgeng a little shyly
"Brother, these Ma Xiong and orangutans are very obedient. Our Guihua Mountain is so big that it is better to take them back, so that we can have fun and play at ordinary times, ok?"
I looked forward to Yu Yingnan Song Changgeng, clutching my sleeve. I really couldn’t bear to refuse her. He thought about it and deliberately teased her and said, "There are too many horses and bears. Can’t we put them in a golden boat?"
"What shall we do?" Yu Yingnan couldn’t help looking at her with a disappointed expression. Song Changgeng couldn’t bear to tease her again and continued, "But there is a way I don’t know if these guys dare?"
Shi Zhu, who is sitting in Taiyi Golden Scale Boat, is envious of this magic weapon, but Shuangying and Mi Niang are worried about the strange picture displayed in the mirror.
See Song Chang-geng busy black dragon’s huge body. Thousands of Ma Xiong and orangutans are hung on the winding surface of mountain vines. The scenes are really weird, while the Buddha slave black carving is roaring around the black dragon.
It turned out that this was Song Chang-geng’s idea to transport these orangutans and Ma Xiong with his huge body, and he admired the courage of these Ma Xiong and orangutans.
At that time, after he said this method, everyone thought that several orangutans and Ma Xiongling should fly around as soon as the experiment started. After that, several guys were too scared to move.
However, they don’t seem to want to leave Shuangying and Mi Niang’s house. Even though they are extremely scared, they still dispatched a large number of vines. Shuangying and others helped to tie themselves to the black dragon. Lapras migrated in prehistoric times.
Volume 14 Migrating to the North Sea Chapter 139 New methods
Lai Shizhu was amazed at Song Chang-geng’s busy black dragon, but she was even more surprised when she saw him take out the Taiyi Jinlin boat. She still heard of this Tianfu treasure.
In Taiyi Jinlin boat, she looked at Song Changgeng with complicated eyes. You know, when her master Lao Ni left the Kunlun Sect, she didn’t bring anything good.
At the invitation of his good friend Xin Nini, he entered wu-tang clan Lingling to take charge of wu-tang clan men and women, but wu-tang clan became weak after the chaos. What’s the good baby?
Therefore, brothers like Shi Zhu come out to look for treasures after they have learned something. Although they are in distress many times, they still don’t give up on him, because treasures are too important for practitioners.
Just as ordinary people can’t live without food and water, dharma and magic weapon are just like food and water to ordinary people. It is false to see such a treasure as Taiyi Golden Scale Boat and say that stone beads are not envious at all. She will die with envy.
When the large forces returned to Guihua Mountain, they faced the black dragon Ma Xiong and the orangutan wonder Qin Ziling and others, which was naturally a temporary absence, which was simply unimaginable.
Fortunately, everyone is a practitioner with strong psychological endurance. Qin Ziling asked Qin Han Calyx and Shen Ruolan to help arrange these animals quickly, while Qi Lingyun and Li Ning could not stand by.
After a lot of work, everyone settled down these animals. Fortunately, Guihua Mountain is big enough, otherwise it would be really troublesome. However, after everyone knows that these creatures are breeding and food are problems, everyone greets each other and enters the tree house.
The newcomers Shi Sheng and Shi Zhu have never seen such a comfortable house in the tree, and they all like it. At this time, Li Ning is complaining that Li Yingqiong is playing outside.
No, but I can’t get it back, and I want so many animals brought back by his brother’s flying sword to cause trouble to his brother, and so on.
But I haven’t seen my father Li Yingqiong for more than a month, but she didn’t take it seriously. She knew that her father’s nagging was because she was worried, and she was afraid that something would happen to her, that she would get into trouble, that she was afraid of this and that.
However, she didn’t know that her father and family were closest to each other until after the separation. They nagged again because they had something in mind. She smiled and knelt on her father’s knee and listened to his nagging.
Yu Yingnan looked at Li Yingqiong with envy because she never had parents, but she was also idle. Qin Han Calyx pulled her to ask questions. What happened outside? That’s your apprentice. How’s it going?
Finally, I took out my Dayan Seven-Star Sword and compared it with Yu Yingnan Nanli Fire Sword, while Qin Ziling and Shen Relan called Shi Sheng and Shi Zhu to settle down for them.
After a while, everyone gradually dispersed and went back to their place of residence. Qin Ziling accompanied Song Chang-geng out for a walk and said something during this period. At the same time, they also talked about some private words. The stronger the friendship between the two people.
The next day, Song Changgeng and others chose a good place to receive a wisp of spiritual vein and planted a Zhu guoshu, so that with the nourishment of spiritual vein, Zhu Guo will grow endlessly and there will be no shortage of use.
After staying in Guihua Mountain for a few days, Song Changgeng came from Guihua Mountain to the North Sea with a busy black dragon. He wanted to put another Zhu guoshu in his hand.
After planting here, all the new brothers have something completely transformed.
He will go to Beihai Black Knife Gorge to see the cultivation of those female brothers. After all, I haven’t seen them for a long time. I don’t know if there is any new situation.
The younger brothers were very happy to see him coming, but Princess Changping and Jade Butterfly were the most happy to see him coming. Princess Changping looked at him like she didn’t know what to say.
For princess Changping’s affection for him, this kind of mentoring involves the problem of men and women, and Song Changgeng doesn’t know how to deal with it. After all, he hasn’t experienced it
In fact, accepting Princess Changping doesn’t care what ethics and ethics are for him, but he doesn’t want Princess Changping involved in his own affairs. It is what he wants to see most in this black knife practice.
Therefore, he has always avoided two personal matters, and Xiaoyu Butterfly has not seen him for a long time, and he is bored with him. He also said that he will go with him this time.
Seeing Song Chang Gung’s inquiry, Princess Changping explained in a low voice, "Younger is playing very well here and misses the master very much, but she knows that she can’t help anything or she will go to you herself."
Recently, however, she has developed a method that has been perfected with the help of all of us. Now she can control some huge creatures by depicting the array through her own blood media and make them her own puppets.
Then, in their bodies, they coagulate their vitality to make a Dan, so that Dan can be controlled by her. Those creatures not only listen to its command, but also have strong strength.
Younger thinks she can help you because of her strength, so she will haunt you so much this time. I’m afraid if you don’t take her away this time, she will make you. "
Speaking of this, Princess Changping can’t help but look dim. Although she is willing to manage this place, she also hopes to stay by his side often, but it is fruitless, but it is good to stay together.
But this is an extravagant hope. She is a princess of a country, and her childhood education has made her afraid to cross the ethical barrier. This feeling can be hidden in my heart silently and can’t be told to people.
Song Chang Gung looked at her for a while and turned to Xiaoyu Butterfly and said, "Butterfly, tell me what’s going on? Can you really control other creatures? How much can you control? "
Jade butterfly put his arm around his neck and said, "I don’t know. I accidentally wanted to learn from Master and enlighten me. My blood has been enlightened in chinemys reevesii for one thousand years, but it has not been enlightened."
But I don’t know why it was connected with me. After listening to my command, the sisters helped me to control them. It’s so interesting. I can also help you take me away. "
When I heard this, Song Changgeng knew that his blood was rising, but his heart was moving. What if this method tried to make me busy again? How powerful is it to make it into a sword?
Thought of here, he couldn’t help but feel blood pouring into his heart. If this sword becomes more powerful than those innate swords, then he can really be vertical and horizontal, and he can deal with himself, which is special.
The fourteenth volume Hunting in the North Sea Chapter one hundred and forty The sea of clouds fleet
He thought about all kinds of needs before and after, and felt that it was over, but if it was refined, it would be the most Qiang Jian, and perhaps the purple and blue walls could be confronted.
You know, the black dragon has a path of three thousand years. How many people in the world have a path of three thousand years? Maybe Blissful Reality can fight against its innate sword by virtue of its thousand-year cultivation.

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