Speaking of the word dignity, Dai Naidie left another precious memory for us. In the early 1940s, she taught in Guiyang township, which was in a state of war and chaos. Later, in her memoirs, Dai Naidie went to the local farmers with emotion and said that they had a natural dignity and praised the rural farmers in China, even if they were poor and uneducated, they were always an ancient Chinese heir.

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Yi Ben’s divination says that it depends on people’s culture, whether they are rich in cars, Dai Naidie or illiterate farmers in China. Their human dignity is a cultural knot of transformation, falsification and culture. This is a kind of moral cultivation that sneaked into the night with the wind to moisten things and accumulate fine temperament
Hamilton said in the Greek spirit that the influence of writing on us is that we can accurately measure whether it is passion for the mind, love for beauty, honor, gentleness, courtesy and delicacy. Those things that we can accurately measure have become the first important things, and that is the highest realm of writing.
Today, China’s cynicism pretends to be a grandson, a nationalist, a cynic and a grandfather, but in my opinion, he brazenly vented his rage in his heart and did not suppress his dislike of hypocrisy, so he pretended to be a scholar first.
1 year
Example power
Impression of China’s moral model Spring Festival Evening is a trick of CCTV in the last two years. Although the routine is a little different from dedication more than ten years ago, the faces of the models are more simple and more colorful, which is more credible and respectable than the popular singers who are full of news.
Moral model has a long history. According to the art circle, it belongs to the category of model ethics. From eating and drinking in an alley, it is still very happy. Back to 24 filial piety, China people have always believed that the power of example is poor
Demonstrating ethics and setting off norms and declining ethics is a didactic theme. From five stresses, four points of beauty and three loves to honor and disgrace norms, although they are still in the life guide, questions are endless. In this way, the moral significance of the dilemma table norms has been completely removed, and the function of guiding life has therefore become a good remedy for moral dilemmas in some people’s eyes.
However, the problem is that the appeal of moral models is decreasing with the development of time scale. Moral models must be embedded in every specific acquaintance community alive. Only when he is kind and you and I see him bravely, you and I can hear about him. It is not glory but vanity for moral models to get close to Zhu Chi because they live together day and night.
If you don’t pay attention to it, you will look like a clay tire. If you don’t believe it, let’s take a look at a report. On the first day of the New Year’s Day, you will attend the CCTV Spring Festival gala in the Year of the Ox and return to Wuhan. Wu Tianxiang, a moral model of Wuhan, was greeted as soon as he got off the plane. The cadres of Wuchang District Committee of Wuhan were surrounded by the district party Committee. Zhang Guangqing said that seeing you pay a New Year call to the people of China in the Spring Festival Evening, you were proud and hard. Wu Tianxiang said that this was not his personal honor, but the honor of the people of Wuhan
I have no doubt that Comrade Wu Tianxiang has done a lot of good deeds, but once kidnapped by politics, it will be similar to insincere and empty minds, which makes people laugh and cry. It is a good example, but it has become a bad example.
Mr. Ji Xianlin, who passed away not long ago, almost became such a bad example. Fortunately, the old gentleman realized quickly and took the initiative to take off the national treasure, including the three top hats. Recently, Mr. Ji’s quotations have been compared for many years. I have had a good wish that I am kind to everyone and hope that everyone’s good reputation for me can’t be destroyed. Recently, I suddenly realized that it is impossible to praise our country as patriotic, dissatisfied with our country as well as patriotic. This is my opinion, and there is no heroic words or sage atmosphere. Just a friend who reads his words and listens to his stories will feel that he is not a saint
The more difficult it is for a mortal to liberate himself, the more strongly he touches our humanity. Mr. Ji obviously knows nothing about this.
Another potential danger of model ethics lies in that although a good example can touch our humanity, a bad example is often more attractive. Plato asked the unjust people in a dream country that they are happier than a righteous person. Then why should we become a righteous person? This is a scratching problem. In realistic logic, moral models are destined to succeed in the secular sense, so in the end, the power of a bad example is poverty. Because of their nature, people prefer to imitate the most successful and profitable line in the meeting rather than the seemingly moving one, but actually suffer losses.
Compared with a bad example, a good example, a natural weakness, and a good example, it is not a day’s work to maintain the dripping stone, but it is an irresistible collapse. Shortly after the end of this period, the student told me that a teacher who was deeply loved by the students in the examination room was always strong and bitter, and she did not stand by and sighed naively when she saw the disadvantages. This way, I have nothing right or wrong or unfair. The student said that the first reaction of the idol at that moment was to paste it on the teacher’s face.
Many years ago, I planned a cover topic called Dream in an unknown company but served as the editor-in-chief of a media worker. China philosopher Chen Jiaying wrote a very colorful essay. He said that my dream country is not a runway, and everyone rushes to a goal. The difference in ranking is that my dream country is wild, jumping and picking flowers, and lying on the grass to bask in the sun without doing anything. Obviously, this dream is pinned on three or two good examples, because only when everyone rushes to a goal does it need to stand at the end. This benchmark is even worse. In a meeting where universal justice has not yet been realized, a good example, strength, and brilliance of human nature will be a glimmer in the dark night after all. It can encourage people to move forward, but it can really illuminate the earth. If we want to curb the root cause of poor example and destructive power, we must return to the construction of justice. This meeting must bring more protection than relying on people’s beliefs.
9 years
Please thank me.
In 399 BC, Socrates, an Athenian philosopher, was sentenced to death by 81 votes of his compatriots on charges of blasphemy and corruption of young people.
Socrates had a chance to escape from prison. At that time, the Athenian jailer was either Assange or Chen Shui-bian, and Socrates’ friends easily talked about or bought them off.
However, Socrates refused his friend’s kindness, and he also talked a lot about why he should accept the death penalty, even if it was obviously unjust. Two of the arguments were
The first city-state is like raising Socrates, and his father and mother are more noble, respectable and sacred than their parents and ancestors. Second, even though the city-state did something unjust to Socrates, the city-state allowed Socrates and his compatriots to share good things.
It can be said that we are grateful to translate these two poems into modern Chinese.
It is the nature that all grass-roots people hold kindness, and it is also the possible basis of benevolent governance through the ages.
Not long ago, our neighbors vividly demonstrated this unbreakable road to us again. On the occasion of celebrating the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party, North Korea distributed the largest special gift to residents after the 1990s. It is reported that residents in Huining City of Hamgyong Road were distributed with 45 grams of rice and 1 gram of soybean oil per person, and each family also received 5 grams of sugar snacks, which were necessary for Pyongyang citizens to be happier, get dressed, toothpaste and toothbrush.
The most exciting thing in this great welfare delivery was the bottle of wine with Kim Eun’s head printed on it. At the age of seven, this peerless leader is already as wise as a thousand miles. He has profound knowledge, mysterious and mysterious judgment, extraordinary military talent, versatile strength and generous mind. He has filled the hearts of the Korean people with indescribable happiness. On that day in send warm, tens of millions of ordinary people gathered in the park and thanked General Kim Eun for giving us a lot of gifts.
I have no doubt that the Korean people are sincere, so I am more and more saddened by the lack of gratitude education in some countries
As early as the 16th century, Italian political realism Machiavelli pointed out that the benefits brought by life would not cultivate a sense of justice, and no one would admit that he should be grateful for not offending his own people.
Being rewarded is more than being alone with mercenaries. Individualism, which brings disadvantages to life, is more harmful than being grateful to the government in a society where the sense of benefit is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Being grateful means that giving things is not what you deserve, but based on generosity and kindness.
There is an old saying that drinking water does not forget the digger, but once the drinker realizes that the digger is not doing a good job, he can change the digger to try something through bidding, and things will lose their aesthetic feeling immediately, and there will be no more stories that have been touching for years.
Now we don’t understand that any paternalism is unfavorable, because the people will be calm and grateful when they are brainwashed by what they have done in power, and they will often be picky and make irresponsible remarks to embarrass the leaders, which is really difficult to serve.
Machiavelli saw the pain in his eyes and kept pointing to a seemingly sinister road. In a nutshell, the trouble of the Republic is that its citizens will not thank them for being treated as what they deserve. For the Republic, the solution to this problem is to be less public and more dedicated, which will bring more benefits, so that it can get more thanks and better defend.
When equality is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and becomes a matter of course, even a little injustice will make people dissatisfied. On the contrary, even a slight breeze of barbecue can make people feel refreshed in a high-level meeting.
It must be admitted that Machiavelli’s ruling technique is crisp and sharp in ideological style, and it is not affected by the greasy look around in democratic countries.
I don’t think anyone wants to bear the crime of ingratitude, but let’s imagine such a scene before we are grateful. Suppose five young men and women are reduced to a desert island and live together in logic. Every girl has five possibilities to choose her partner, but unfortunately, one of the men is as wise and profound as a thousand miles, and his mysterious judgment is more profound than his courage. He has solved the other four men neatly. Let’s assume that the five women have neither lesbian potential nor sexual indifference. Five years later or one year later, they all married that man.
The question now is whether the man is the only choice or the right choice for these five women, or whether we are familiar with the only right choice.
11 years
I’m good
Yin Lichuan, a poet, said that once it snows, Beijing becomes Peiping. It’s a word difference between Beijing and Peiping. It’s quiet and poetic here, so that we can understand the mountains. Even if we recite steamed lamb, steamed bear’s paw and steamed deer’s tail by heart, I’m afraid it’s hard to really understand it.
Even though Lao She’s pen is everywhere, Beiping has become a daily nuisance to people. We are still deeply attached to this city, for example, it is Fifth Avenue in Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. I believe you will feel very different when you walk at Wudaokou Village, Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Those who sell sweet potato stalls along the street, potholes, pedestrians like Brown’s rules of motion, four fugitives and all kinds of street smells will make you feel warm.
Of course, you will also complain that Beijing curses Manhattan like Carry in SeandheCiy Sex and the City, but after the scolding, working girl will still shout with open arms on Fifth Avenue, and new york will not allow others to say that new york is not good.
What is the alma mater? The alma mater is the one who can scold yourself but others can’t say anything bad. It’s because the alma mater really cheated you and others can’t scold you. It’s because when others scold you, they feel that they are scolding you.
Scolding one’s alma mater is tantamount to scolding oneself. Although this sentence is eager to refuse, it is flattering and coquetry, but I still have to admit that it is true. Deleting the words "alma mater" or "motherland" still seems to make sense, because it is very simple. These words can be preceded by the attribute I and not the meaning I, but I agree with the meaning I.
I agree that the wonder lies in that it not only upgrades me to myself, but also further mutates me into a caring person in the theory of value. A mentally healthy person often has a higher evaluation than others, and imagines me as a kind-hearted motivation that is not universal and powerful. Compared with those methods, people who successfully start this motivation are often prone to depression and lack of trust.
I’m not necessarily a good person with mature mind. Generally speaking, it’s easier for people to become a solipsist when they are young. In fact, it’s not only an individual nation, but also two kinds of things in the world in the eyes of immature nations. I’m a good thing, not me, so it’s a bad thing. The ancient Greeks indiscriminately called the surrounding peoples barbarians babarian, which means to pronounce Barabara when talking. The biggest problem of solipsism is that they can’t jump to see themselves. The Greeks realize that their pronunciation is Bara in the ears of those barbarians, so they may not be so full of faith
In the 1940s, the Clark brothers, an American psychologist, did a study to show two dolls, one black and one white, to two children, and then asked them which doll they wanted to play with. Unexpectedly, almost all white children chose white dolls. Unexpectedly, most black children also chose white dolls to play with and recognized that this doll was better. I deny that I want to be someone else’s wish because I agree that after the serious imbalance, it is said that the idea that black is beauty did not gradually take root in the black consciousness until the civil movement in the 1960 s
Of course, I’m not necessarily good, but on the other hand, I’m good or bad, and I’m not a little superficial
Before the French Revolution, Edmund Burke, an Englishman, witnessed Louis XVI’s wife at Versailles. At that time, she was full of energy and splendor, and the stars were shining brightly. Seventeen years later, the perfect queen was bullied by thugs and poisoned by juice. Burke was resentful. It can be imagined that the glory of Europe is gone, the loyalty to the birthright women, the pride and obedience, the nobility even in slavery, and the attachment from the spirit to the heart. We will never see it again.

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