Before you know it, the two of them have flown to send a large array of Zhenyuan, which seems to have thought of something. Li Laodi, you are going to Taiji Xianxing after returning to Cangdi Xianxing and closing the practice.

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Li Yueling nodded his head, saying, The younger brother is going to do this.
That’s good. That’s good. If you decide to go to Taiji Xianxing immediately, it’s hard to be original, so you will go to Zhenyuan with you. It’s like putting a worry on your mind and saying a sigh of relief.
The elder brother of the town elder brother can’t understand what Li Yueling said.
The most chaotic place in the purple mansion world is not the magic domain Samsung, but the three regardless of Taiji Xianxing bro. You want to go to that place now, brother. I’m afraid it’s really difficult for you to repair your strength and get there. It’s reassuring. Even now, you’ve become a famous western Taiji Emperor, and I’m afraid it won’t matter if you get there.
Brother, what the hell is going on? At the first moment, Li Yueling once again realized that he had lost the jade emperor. What did this old fox do to make himself rule Taiji Star Root? It was to kick a trouble that even he couldn’t handle.
After the daylights out of the emperor in the past, a Tai Chi star fell into chaos and didn’t pay attention to it for three days at the beginning. However, the jade emperor didn’t send anyone to intervene in it, only to find that there was a big noise later. The jade emperor also couldn’t sit still and dispatched 100 thousand soldiers to suppress it, but he ended up with a door and fled back.
This matter has always been taboo in heaven for a long time, and no one, the Jade Emperor, does not want to waste energy on Taiji Star, which has become a three-regardless region.
Li Yueling interface asked what a mess.
Dragon, snake, heaven, earth, man and three realms ran over to the ancient fairy’s magic realm, and Samsung practiced magic in the western Buddha realm. Many demons and immortals gathered in Taiji Star, and all of them took the place of Wang Wannian, and the war did not go out. Zhenyuan seemed to understand the situation of Taiji Star very well, which also made Li Yueling scold the jade emperor more mercilessly in his heart.
Brother, what do you know about Tai Chi Star? But countermeasures. Teach my younger brother Li Yueling an open-minded way
Zhenyuan thought a little that being original had been to Taiji Star once a few years ago with a kind of rare refined material. Personally, I think it is necessary to unify the current Taiji Fairy Star, but it is necessary to be strong and powerful to achieve this goal. At the same time, it is more necessary to be both rigid and flexible, even though Xuangong has won the hearts of the people.
Li Yueling gave a long sigh and said, Brother, what do you mean? It’s not yet time for my younger brother to digest all this half gourd and nine turns into elixir, and then I’ll go to Taiji Xianxing to have a good time. I have to make the jade emperor’s old son stunned for a while and dare to design me to hum with him.
In front of Zhenyuan, Li Yueling can speak frankly and hate. Obviously, Li Yueling feels extremely uncomfortable about the jade emperor’s repeated design.
Zhenyuan is also used to Li Yueling’s straightforward words and deeds. In fact, Li Laodi, you don’t have to worry about this. Although Taiji Xianxing is chaotic, it is not a bad thing. If you can unify it, it will be a powerful force, which will help you a lot in the future.
Can Tai Chi Star Fairy buddha magic be worse than three immortals? Li Yueling said noncommittally.
It’s even worse, Zhenyuan affirmed. When I say no matter how much, it’s also empty words. It’s clear that you have already taken a trip after your cultivation. Fortunately, if you go there as the emblem of the Emperor, you may get some support from the former western Taiji Emperor. Alas, if the method is proper and the reunification is successful, it’s not a bad idea.
Brother, do you have so little confidence in my younger brother? Li Yueling hangs his inertia and lazy smile on his lips. The jade emperor and his son put me together, and I will let him have a good look at whether he is the brother or I am the brother. Just be good. After ten years, my younger brother will definitely be a veritable Western Tai Chi Emperor instead of a name if you want to do it.
Well said, if you need to come to visit me in the Five Villages of the Earth Fairy Star, there is nothing to give you in this jade pupil Jane. It’s quite interesting for your brother to learn some magical powers. If you are interested, you might as well talk to Zhenyuan and hand Li Yueling a jade pupil Jane.
And then don’t wait for Li Yueling to answer that Zhenyuan has disappeared into the fairy array with a pinch and seal, which is also very free and easy.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-seven Return to the Sect of Palm Teaching
It’s better to stay in the old nest
By sending the spirit array, Li Yueling has already driven the colorful fairy Yunfei in the pale emperor’s fairy star. The fairy cloud is very fast, but in the blink of an eye, Li Yueling has already been in Wanling Mountain.
He drove all the way through the fairy clouds, but it caused a great sensation in all Jin Xian in the city. It was not small. The immortals saw the sky and crossed a colorful fairy cloud, and the flowers at the moment were gone.
Being able to control the fairy cloud is at least the level of picking Jin Xian, but it is also difficult to control such a fast fairy cloud.
When did Cang Di Xian Xing have such a superior person? It won’t be sent in three days, will it? Li Yueling hurried by, but it provoked a lot of discussion in Cang Di Xian Du.
Attached to the endless green foot, Wan Lingshan is full of aura, and Li Yueling can’t help secretly praising one for being able to reunite the aura of Wan Lingshan with the aura of heaven and earth in just a few months. It seems that ten is the contribution of Sister Cher.
It is said that the main peak of Wanling Mountain is mixed with the Yuan Zong resident. At this moment, there are many mixed people outside the mountain gate. The younger brothers of Yuan Zong are stopping to watch the gorgeous and colorful fairy cloud in the sky. You are holding a word and discussing it endlessly.
Don’t go to practice, are you lazy here? You are floating from the gate, but a face of awe. Today, the dragon Tibetan Buddhist monk is a mixed Yuan Zong overseer. His sternness has already been mixed in Yuan Zong. Seeing the dragon Tibetan Buddhist monk, a group of mixed Yuan Zong brothers talked about it. All of them stood up and saluted the dragon Tibetan Buddhist monk, saying that they had seen the old superintendent.
The guest visited a master interface in Yuan Zong and explained to the Tibetan Buddhist monk.
Oh, the Tibetan Buddhist monk will also notice that the colorful fairy clouds in the sky can control the fairy clouds. Is it a master who came to visit or pick a fight?
You know, today’s mixed Yuan Zong is already 6,000 younger brothers in the dark emperor Xianxing’s power.
It is also the creation of five sects living in the peaks of Wanling Mountain. It can be said that it has become stronger and stronger along the way, and it has not been hindered at all. Even the popularity of the three major sects with a long history in Cangdi Xianxing is a little short. I believe that it is inevitable that it will not be long before the mixed yuan will become the first Sect of Cangdi Xianxing. This is still a hypothesis for Li Yueling’s palm-teaching absence.
Therefore, it is difficult for many immortals who come here to visit Yuan Zong today, and it is more likely to be jealous. It is the governor of Longzang Toutuo who is always cautious.

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