Alas, despite this, what can we do? Although we are outnumbered, our strength is relatively strong. There is a huge gap between the three parties. If we don’t follow their orders, I’m afraid our lives will be lost.

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This is it.
The science of uniting the unwilling but can’t do anything at the moment is lament.
That’s the first way to practice smell speech, and your eyes flash slightly. You don’t have to be discouraged. Although we really don’t have the strength of these three parties, we haven’t had a chance to compete for the opportunity.
These three parties have joined hands to disperse us now, but when it comes to fighting, we will definitely face each other in life and death, and the situation will be tragic. I might as well wait until they fight for each other and get involved.
When the time comes, it is absolutely possible for us to take the chance together. This person’s voice suddenly attracted everyone’s eyes to be uncertain.
I’m not willing to fight for it.
Yes, we are the weakest, but in the end, it is possible to join hands and succeed.
Once you are ready, don’t leave anyone alive to cause trouble in the future.
Dozens of scattered repairs have a cold face and flashing eyes.
The figure of Gong Xijin in black is now outside the altar.
Looking at the front is like the altar of the God Tower. This person’s eyes can’t help but show excitement.
This kind of miracle can only be built by ancient power.
At the moment, the ban has been lifted, and it is time for him to stop.
Presumably, those little guys at the altar should be eager to wait now.
Well, no matter how hard they struggle, all these chances can be in his pocket today, and no one can get their hands on anything or they will die.
Gongxi brocade lifted its head and forbidden to crack a gap outside the altar. The man took a step by step and turned into a light whistling along the steps.
Eyes are hot and murderous.
More than a dozen figures on the ladder roared forward and went straight to the top of the altar.
At the moment, the ban has already begun, and the opportunity is at the top. Whoever can arrive fastest will have more opportunities to get it.
It’s in 365 pieces of tokens, which are incorporated into the ban, that the headquarters of the Association cultivates the hidden temple, Yan Nanfei, the little witch and others rush into it, and no one wants to lag behind.
Because everyone knows who has the upper hand, you can get the treasure inside. Chapter six hundred and thirty Tiantai.
At this moment, the strength gap between the people is gradually showing. Although they entered the altar ladder at the same time, they have already pulled enough distance from each other after a while.
Fu Xuehong and Yang Changfeng, Tsing Yi women of Lian Fu Association, ranked first in the first sequence of Tsing Yi women.
Yan Nanfei’s little witch occupied the second sequence and followed closely.
Yu Mengfei deliberately kept a certain distance between the two sides. Although his speed broke out and he didn’t have a chance to rush to the front, this action will definitely cause the two sides to jointly suppress it, so don’t keep a low profile for the time being until the last hand is not late.
The first to arrive at the altar is indeed the most likely to get a chance, but it may also face the most fierce strangulation attack
Meng Fei didn’t think that the ancient power of arranging this harsh elimination machine would make people leave home so easily.
But at this moment, Meng Fei’s pupil shrinks sharply as he moves forward.
See Yan Nanfei figure suddenly stagnated ahead. Although this figure is still clearly seen, Meng Fei can clearly sense that this is just a projection left here. He has already been sent away at the moment.
However, this chance will never be put on the altar waiting for them to take it. I’m afraid this ladder will never let them pass so easily.
For a moment, Meng Fei slightly pondered the backhand and put the demon fish king into life. If the crisis was not forbidden, Meng Fei recognized that he was not afraid, but if the demon fish king fell into it, it was obviously unimaginable.
The little witch’s face changed slightly, but at the moment, the dark bite of silver teeth didn’t stop and continued to roar forward.

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