I said that if you are not young, will you faint again? Yun Hong said with a smile and a smile.

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Li Yueling didn’t ask about this picture when he saw Yun Hong’s old road. He was sure that he had taken it from Jiu Ning Ding. It must be taking advantage of nature. Dan first stretched himself before casually saying that he didn’t respect such a big age and wanted to play me.
You are a junior, hey hey, but I live in the elder. Oh, where is a junior? It doesn’t mean that Xiao Yunhong’s old road is obviously in a good mood while drinking wine.
Now that we’ve got it, let’s go back and divide the spoils.
Chapter one hundred and six Take nature from heaven three
Bang, Li Yueling’s skull was quickly knocked on by Yun Hong’s old road. It’s a pity that you want to get these three natural Dan. Of course, you have to decide for the patriarch.
Come on, old drunkard, you’re so heartless, aren’t you? Li Yueling doesn’t believe that Yun Hong’s old man will ignore his own needs, but he’s not worried at all despite his bitter face on the surface.
Obviously, Li Yueling’s analysis of Yun Hong’s old road is still very thorough. At this time, Yun Hong’s old road stands in the palm of his hand and now there are three reiki. Dan said goodbye that my old drunkard broke his word and became fat. These three grandfathers’ magic pills should be arranged by the patriarch, but I promise you that you will be here when you are young before you go, so as not to cause gossip and trouble outside.
Where will Li Yueling be? He politely took a Dan medicine. How to eat it?
You can eat whatever you want. Yun Hong Road hummed a line. This amazing elixir is the first god I live in, and it is also ranked as the top-ranking elixir in the realm of repair. If you swallow it, you will get what you feel. If you can’t be promoted smoothly, my old alcoholic will stop drinking from now on.
Yun Hong’s old road said happily, and Li Yueling was unambiguous. He immediately gulped down the longan-sized Dan, which was swallowed by him. When he went to the entrance of that Dan, Daniel lee was inspired by a hot throat, and all his limbs turned out to be hot.
I know that it is the medicine that made Li Yueling’s discretion to hold Yuan cross-legged and sit down to cooperate with the spread of magic medicine.
This natural elixir is really wonderful, and even worse, Li Yueling is a thousand-year-old elixir, and its efficacy is even better than that of ordinary natural elixir.
After nine weeks’ work, Li Yueling felt that the heat of limbs was exhausted, and the powerful energy of this magic bullet filled Li Yueling’s body almost instantly, seeing that Li Yueling’s body failed to penetrate the meridians, and seeing that more than 100 golden forces were worn in the body, and then it was counted in the abdomen.
When the last golden force merged into Lingdantian, Daniel lee, I felt that my abdomen was warm and I couldn’t help yelling. It was a kind of catharsis. I once again saw that Pang Dayuan had been inflated and filled, and a three-inch golden statuette was sitting cross-legged in it.
This thing is Yuan Ying, and Li Yueling immediately released a stream of divine knowledge into his newly formed Yuan Ying body.
At the same time, Li Yueling was surprised to find that he had become the little golden statuette, and moved around his body at will, which made him really observe what his body was like for the first time.
It took Li Yueling to get excited, and then Yuan Yingti suddenly flashed into the purple mansion and sat down.
When Li Yueling opened his eyes again, he found Yun Hong Road with a very puzzled look. He couldn’t help wondering if there was anything wrong with the old drunkard. I was a baby.
Of course, I know that you have formed a baby, but I didn’t expect that you could actually form a golden phase. It seems that this is an extraordinary thing.
Heaven metallographic what the hell is this Li Yueling startled way
Yun Hong Road pointed to Li Yueling’s way. You can see what you are like now.
I don’t think Li Yueling feels strange. Really? Why am I shining all over? This can make me meet people later. Isn’t that a monster?
Smelly little fool, you’re so stupid. You’re so lucky to fix the golden phase all day, and you’re still so strange. Yun Hong’s old road boasted and stared, saying, you must work hard in the record of heaven. This golden light will disappear.
That’s more like it. Li Yueling can ignore the brilliant golden light of the whole body in accordance with the law no matter how Yun Hong Road wants to smell it. At this time, Li Yueling found something wrong again. His skin turned out to be as bright and clean as white jade, which is definitely more tender than peeling eggs.
God, I finally got a bronzed complexion after sunbathing in Hainan Island for half a month, and now it’s even whiter than warm jade. This day is really hard to live.
Just as Li Yueling darkened his healthy bronzed complexion and regretted it, at the same time, Yun Hong Road suddenly said, "What do you feel about your realm now?"
Oh, Li Yueling went back to his blind seven-blind, random thinking and said that the three-inch yuan baby body should be regarded as the middle stage of the yuan baby. Li Yueling already knew it by heart and immediately gave the basis according to his own situation.
Yun Hong’s old road lamented that Yuan Ying’s mid-term is light. Do you know how many Yuan Ying’s masters were in XuanYuanzong?
There are a total of 120 people in XuanYuanzong, but now there are only 32 people in Yuanying period. This is a large number of major doors in Daozong. Don’t be dissatisfied.
Li Yueling hangs up his lazy smile, old drunkard. I’m not satisfied. Hey, hey, how long have we been here? It’s time to go home. Today, Li Yueling is in a good mood when he thinks that his self-cultivation has reached the standard of being far from this empty land.
Yun Hong drank the last sip of wine in the gourd. It’s a pity that the secret mansion of the ancestor explored this magic cave. It’s still a magic weapon. The cave has not been able to go. Let’s leave it to the descendants to explore it again
Speaking of Yun Hong’s old road, he threw two exquisite jade bottles to Li Yueling. Here are some formulas that were refined by the ancestors in those days, and some others are definitely beneficial to you. It is because of your good fortune to come here. These five jade bottles are the ancestors in those days, and the alchemy medicine can live and die, and the consolidation and repair of meat and bones is always beneficial. You are good at remembering the names of these Dan medicines in the future.
Where is Li Yueling? Yun Hong is sophisticated and polite. He immediately took over these life-saving good things. By the way, are you going to go naked like this, old drunkard?
Just now, Yun Hong Road has put omega supreme God to good use, and all the clothes in France have risen and cracked. Today, it can be described as naked. After Li Yueling said this, Yun Hong Road has a rare face and a red road. Where can I find clothes now?
Li Yueling conveniently took a suit from the ring and handed it to Yun Hong Laodao. I, the elder, should be considerate to you. While talking, Li Yueling wondered whether to take the mobile phone to Yun Hong Laodao and take a picture of him as a souvenir.
Yun Hong Road is just a middle-aged man in his thirties. Today, he handed Li Yueling his famous brand suit. When he wore it on weekdays, his loose and sloppy strength was not like a successful person. This was the sight of Li Yueling laughing again.
Yun Hong Road has never worn a suit. See Li Yueling laughing impudently. Don’t laugh again. I can leave you here alone.
After laughing, Li Yueling shouted at Yun Hong Road and said, old drunkard, I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing. Let’s go.
Looking at yourself from Li Yueling’s intriguing eyes, Yun Hong’s old road is also helpless to shake his head. Where is this guy like a monk at all? It happened that such a guy was in his twenties and reached an ordinary age to pursue a lifetime of yuan baby.
Yun Hong’s old-fashioned recognition is one of XuanYuanZong’s best pranks, but this little one has obviously robbed Yun Hong’s old-fashioned name.
Chapter one hundred and seven This gift
Brother Cang Hong, what are you talking about? I’m going to stay here for another month. Li Yueling’s eyes are wide open and the boss looks at the silence from Cang Hong Road.
Elder Xiao, although you have become a Yuanying, you have made a breakthrough in the mid-term repair of Yuanying. Although there is no problem from the fairyland in Taixu, you have failed to spend some time in all the exercises, but you have failed.
Cang Hong Lao Dao said this is also his concern. After all, Li Yueling is now an elder of XuanYuanzong. However, he should have the corresponding strength in this identity. Li Yueling is barely able to make do with this realm, but he is not very clear about all kinds of techniques. If his door is outside, other disciples will know the situation. Won’t XuanYuanzong show jokes to other disciples then?
Brother, I have memorized all those techniques. Can’t I practice them slowly after waiting? Li Yueling doesn’t want to stay here for another month. He immediately bargained
Cang Hong Lao Dao is also looking at Li Yueling’s eagerness to leave. For Li Yueling, such a generation is higher than himself. Many clan elders Cang Hong Lao Dao can’t be severe. After a moment of hesitation, I don’t want to ask you to know other techniques immediately, but one thing is less. You must practice your realm before you leave the fairyland. It takes only a few more days to practice it.
Practice what?

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