Before Li Yueling finished speaking, the ward door was beaten, and Xiao Houyuan came in with her mother in the wind.

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Yueling was able to see you at the last minute with the wind. I think his wish has been fulfilled. Xiao Hou is a famous doctor. I knew early in the morning that it was very difficult for my son’s injury to last until now. Now, this statement has provoked Aunt Xiao to cry and faint again.
Li Yueling couldn’t bear the sadness of his parents. He hurriedly said, Aunt Xiao Bobo Xiao is not what you think. He slept with the wind. You can see that his complexion is rosy and his breathing is smooth. Don’t worry too much.
Yue Ling, you don’t comfort us anymore. It’s all days. Xiao Houyuan obviously believed that what Li Yueling said was to comfort them on purpose.
Li Yueling stood in the way of Xiao Feng’s bedside. I’m not talking nonsense. Uncle Xiao, your aunts are all doctors. You’ve been watching.
A moment later, I cried and choked from my parents in the intensive care unit. Xiao Houyuan put his hand on Xiao Feng’s wrist. It’s a miracle to look happier after the pulse, while Li Yueling watched the parents happily until the parents’ emotions calmed down a little. That’s the way to go. Xiao Bobo Xiao Aunt, let’s go and have a good rest with the wind first.
At the moment, the parents’ mood has changed from extreme sorrow to extreme, and even the pace of the door has become much easier. Although they can’t figure out that their own son can survive the dying situation, Xiao Feng will not die. How can parents manage this? Even now, people tell parents that the Buddha appeared to save Xiao Feng’s life, and I believe they won’t mind.
What happened to Xiao Bobo that made him go to the hospital with the wind? After Xiao was out of danger with the wind, Li Yueling was ready to investigate the cause.
Xiao Houyuan sighed lightly and said, we don’t know if we got a call from the hospital. This is the hospital where Dr. Jiang called to inform us.
Dr. Jiang, is this Dr. Jiang still here?
Xiao Houyuan pointed to a doorway on the left side of the passage, right?
Pushing the door of the office on duty, Li Yueling quickly walked in. In the office, a doctor in a white coat was busy with his back to the door.
Is this Dr. Jiang?
What’s the matter with me when I heard that the doctor turned around?
I can’t believe that Dr. Jiang is such a beautiful woman, and her beauty is absolutely beautiful. One copy of the golden jade is missing, but the elegant temperament of the golden jade is more natural and pure. Li Yueling immediately said after a slight stare blankly, I am a friend of Xiao Suifeng, a patient in intensive care unit. I heard that Dr. Jiang called to inform her parents to come to the hospital with the wind. I want to know about the situation at that time.
Oh, Dr. Jiang, a patient with no emotion and indifferent tone, was diagnosed with a blunt blow to the head after admission, causing temporary coma and excessive blood loss, multiple soft tissue contusions, four fractures, dirty blood and complications. It is estimated that there is little chance of survival.
Li Yueling smiled and laughed. Dr. Jiang said that it was not too pessimistic. My friend wanted to die, but it was very difficult. Besides, I think Dr. Jiang misunderstood me. I want to ask what kind of situation my friend was sent to the hospital.
Dr. Jiang took a strange look at Li Yueling, and then her body was slightly shocked. Then her cold tone said that it was a private club located in South China Road, saying that one person was seriously injured and needed treatment. We sent an ambulance to pick him up. From the patient’s body, we found his family contact information.
Happy ever after with the wind turned out to be in happy ever after. It occurred to me that he had personally given the A-level membership card of happy ever after to Xiao with the wind. Li Yueling felt regret. This matter must be found out. Whoever hurt my brother Li Yueling must pay a painful price. Now Li Yueling is no better than the small clerk of the real estate company in the past. After winning the cold ring, Li Yueling has cultivated a strong letter over time.
When Li Yueling thought about this matter, he could never be kind. Dr. Jiang’s voice once again, this is the duty room. You can go after you ask.
Why are you so ungrateful, doctor? This is Li Yueling’s first feeling after seeing Dr. Jiang’s cold and emotional expression.
Looking at Dr. Jiang’s black eyes suddenly changed color after Li Yueling retired from the duty office door, and the green pupils matched her beautiful cold expression to form a strange picture.
Well, you are familiar with the fluctuation of qi activity. Yes, it’s a Taoist. When will the rules of Taoism be changed? Can’t my brother enter the WTO to practice when he is a baby? Like that man just now, the fluctuation of qi activity is only a smart period. In fact, Dr. Jiang overestimated Li Yueling. Now Li Yueling is at best a young bird who has been practicing in the foundation period.
The green awn in the pupil gradually faded. Dr. Jiang’s mood was calm for nearly a hundred years, but it was because of Li Yueling’s sudden confusion. At that time, Daozong saw that Daozong’s consciousness was hanging on the jade neck. Yu Pei suddenly couldn’t help but read about the past thousands of years, but she saw that her indifferent ice face was slipping a crystal tear.
It was a winter night a thousand years ago, the man who gently called his own poem.
Chapter 32 Anger sweeps Huaxing one
I’m looking for the person in charge here. Li Yueling is at the gate of happy ever after at the moment.
Sir, if you are our member, I will inform you, but now you can’t even get your membership card, which makes it very difficult for us to guard the door. Li Yueling is not an ordinary person, but his tone is polite and very polite
Li Yueling didn’t want to make trouble either. After a moment’s hesitation, he said, I am indeed a member here. I lost my membership card, but I remember filling in the details here at the beginning. Here is my ID card. You can verify it.
After receiving Li Yueling’s ID card, the security guard answered and went into the room. In a short time, the security guard walked with a respectful expression on his face and told Li Yueling that your identity had been verified. We always wait for you on the fifth floor at the moment to hand back Li Yueling’s ID card with both hands.
The efficiency here is so high. Li Yueling couldn’t help feeling that she went to happy ever after with the security guard without much thought.
On the fifth floor, Li Yueling was led into a luxurious guest room.
Mr. Li, this is Liu Yu, the general manager of happy ever after. Can I help you? As soon as I entered the door, Li Yueling met a middle-aged man with a grim face and greeted him warmly.
It’s even worse for people who reach out and don’t smile. Although Li Yueling learned that Xiao Fengfeng was in happy ever after, it doesn’t mean that Xiao Fengfeng was seriously injured in happy ever after.
Li Yueling was polite. Liu Jing shook hands and saw the mountain road at the back door. Today, a friend of mine was here. The hospital told me that you called an ambulance to take my friend to the hospital. I came here because I wanted to thank you, and secondly because I wanted to teach Liu Jing something.
Li Yueling’s words, Liu Jing, knew what he meant. In my heart, I couldn’t help but measure whether it was telling the truth or asking random questions. I immediately thought that Hong Lao had told Liu Jing to himself and finally decided to tell the truth.
After listening to Liu Jing’s narrative, Li Yueling’s chest is on fire. Huaxing Gang won’t raze me tonight, you bastard gangster. Li Yueling is worthy of my good brother who is still lying on his deathbed.

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