However, regardless of the outside world, it is still calm and surprising that the beaten back Blood Dragon Hall did not take revenge when it came. The strange tranquility surprised many people, but only some well-informed people were able to know that the Blood Dragon Hall Tianlong Yaoshuai seemed to be in a closed state, and at this time, it was to find trouble with Leiyuan Mountain.

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Some people who are gloating about this are a little sorry, but those who sneer at it soon know that this kind of silence will not last long. In January, the treasure house of ancient gods will be opened, and then the dragon demon handsome will surely be, and it is obvious that Leiyuanshan is unlucky.
At that time, perhaps it had just changed to a new demon handsome Lei Yuanshan and had to change hands again.
It is said that the dragon demon handsome in the closed it is no wonder that the day to is a demon spirit LeiYuanShan a hall of inflammation heard party belongs to intelligence eyes look to one side Lin frown way
Lin nodded slightly and immediately took one look at Fang, who was worried. Chen Tong and others laughed and said, You can do as usual, but it’s not a simple matter to destroy me, Leiyuanshan, although it’s troublesome.
Leiyuanshan people looked at Lin Dong’s smiling young face, as if he never knew what fear was, even in the face of such a terrible opponent as Tianlong Yaoshuai.
Hehe, since Lin Dong’s adults have said so, let’s not worry. Lin Dong’s personnel ratio is far from what we can guess. Gestured looks at others and laughs
The rest of the people smell speech and nod their heads. In their eyes, the young people always feel unfathomable with some smiles on their faces. Maybe he really has to deal with Tianlong Yaoshuai.
In the hall, all the people are fuels after reporting some news.
Brother, what should we do about this? The dragon demon is handsome and closed. Soon it will be a treasure house of sacred objects. Then we will go to Yao to stay in the hall and become a little inflamed. We will also look at Lin Dongdao.
Why not go?
Lin Dong smiled. Although he was not interested in those ordinary sacred objects in the sacred treasure house, he was very interested in the mysterious temple treasure house. It is obviously not unusual that this sacred object can rank tenth in the ancient sacred object list. If it can be obtained, it will be the most effective sacred object in Lin Dong’s hands today.
There are three big demon handsome men in this beast war field, and they will also have a gap with each other. I dare say that the dragon demon handsome man can’t really do our shopping, otherwise the other two demon handsome men will not miss this opportunity to fish in troubled waters.
At this point, Lin paused, and even if he really wants to devour the corpse in our hands, he can deal with it.
After being tempered by Kyubi no Youko Linghu, the devouring corpse has recovered a lot of strength. Although it is slightly difficult to defeat a runner, it is also possible to completely defeat the devouring corpse with that special physique.
Or big brother
Xiaoyan grinned, but it was a simple and honest taste a few years ago.
If the sable had saved these troubles, I don’t know what happened to that guy now. Lin Dongzhong had a stretch and said
Second brother is the hardest to provoke, and he should be better off than all of us.
Xiaoyan took his head. Even today, he is handsome, but he is still a little afraid of the mink. This is not a fear. At the beginning, Xiaoyan’s practice was always directed by the mink. At that time, there was no shortage of bad faces.
Thought of here, Xiaoyan looked at a smiling face. Lin still felt that eldest brother was the worst because even the second brother, the most difficult to provoke, was quite resistant in front of Lin.
During this period, you can watch Leiyuan Mountain. Lin got up and walked straight outside the hall.
Xiaoyan nodded. He knew that Lin had been practicing penance in Leiyuanshan during this period. Most things never bothered Lin again. Soon after, the ancient treasure house of sacred animals will be crazy when the time comes, and Lin obviously wants to increase his strength as much as possible during this period, otherwise they will face greater pressure.
In this beast battle field, one careless thing is that you will be eaten to the bone, and some success will be fleeting.
Is still the vast hall in the four light and shadow wrong sharp spirit with the storm swept and four figure a measure.
A thin figure fell to the ground with three cracks on his shoulder, which is obviously three big wounds, but this kind of pain has no feeling for him now. He is slightly tilted behind his head with three light and shadow. At this moment, these three figures suddenly shuddered and then exploded into light spots all over the sky.
not bad
Rock sound in the middle, he looked at Fang Lin and smiled. Now you have been able to beat the three-person mirror, which is much stronger than when you first entered here.
Only three. Lin looked at the closed Shimennai at the end of the hall and shook his head.
During this period, he has been practicing in the prison plate, and his spirit is also constantly improving. According to the rock theory, when he can defeat a prefecture-level mirror, his spirit should be able to reach the peak of the immortal Mahayana.
However, if you want to be qualified to challenge prefecture-level mirrors, you must defeat ten human-level mirrors at one time. Obviously, Lin is still a long way from that step.
Don’t aim too high. This speed is not too slow. Rock laughed
How long did it take for the ice master to defeat the ten-level mirror all the way? Lin asked
It seems like a month. Rock wanted to think
Lin dongyu, he has only defeated three mirrors in a month, but the ice master is abnormal enough.
Why do you have to struggle with going to the ice? The main rock suddenly asked
Lin moved slightly but did not speak.
Because your little girlfriend is the reincarnation of the ice master, you seem to be afraid of this little bit of rock eyes and can still penetrate people’s hearts

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