"All right, my captain is obedient" is all about this. If Chen Senran refuses again, it will be too embarrassing.

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Besides, it’s no fun to stay on the boat.
"Let’s go, kid. I know you can’t wait." Chen Senran patted the head of the fisherman Fitz and said goodbye to Planck. "Hey, Captain, have a nice night."
"Have a nice evening," Planck said with a smile.
Through the bustling crowd, Chen Senran struggled in front of the shops, which were still popular even at night. After spending a whole half of magic, he finally told the fisherman Fitz the address before he helped find Miss Doom.
West side call girl
A tavern with the same name as her ship, the ambiguous pink magic light draws an attractive arc in the dark, and the rich rum fragrance wafts out from the slightly opened corner door, mixed with the faint feminine fragrance.
To Chen Senran’s surprise, he didn’t hear too many giggling and moaning. What came to his ears were some faint women’s whispers, but it was even more attractive than those brothels where breasts, hips and waves laughed repeatedly.
"It’s really a set of" Chen Senran sniffing the smell in the air that is not too annoying and shoving the door that is not sealed.
"Oh, look who’s here?" Before Chen Senran could say anything, a charm sound rang with a charming smile.
"my dear Jack, what brings you here?" Miss Doom seemed to be waiting for Chen Senran. When Chen Senran stepped into the call girl, she walked towards him.
"Oh, the west wind is blowing today. I think it may be bigger here." Miss Chen Senran easily escaped the bad luck, hugged warmly and pulled a chair to sit down. "Sit down, kid. You’re not scared, are you?" His last sentence was to say to the little fisherman.
"No … no" The little fisherman was really scared. He looked at the whole dimly lit pub and looked at the beautiful women who were looking at him and not at them. He was really at a loss.
It’s the first time that so many women have looked at it with disgust.
"Jack, you really don’t look like a lost person." Miss Doom was not embarrassed because Chen Senran didn’t accept her hug. She smiled and sat down and snapped her fingers at the bartender. "Hey Mina, three glasses of red lips. Oh, little friend, can you drink? After all, there is no prohibition law in Bilgi Water. "
"Yes … Yes." The little fisherman Fitz nodded awkwardly. It was looked at by those women and even a little afraid to lift his head.
"Say, why are you here today? Not afraid? " Although Miss Doom knew that Chen Senran couldn’t see, she made an extremely tempting gesture. "I still figured out that the seafood festival should get rid of your virginity?" She said the last sentence almost in Chen Senran’s ear.
That sweet and greasy aroma from her delicate little mouth is absolutely unbearable for a man.
"I want you to give it? Miss virgin? " Chen Senran literally took a glass of bright red wine from the tray being sent and laughed.
"You …" Miss Doom was stuck like being poked. It took a second to continue laughing. "Come on!"
Laughing like you’re hiding something.
"Is there a private place? I want to talk to you about some business. "Chen Senran gently smiled and took a sip of his wine, but his name was overbearing and his lips were surprisingly pale.
"Oh, hahahahahaha, kid, do you think you can really hold me?" Miss Doom has a rare flinch, perhaps seriously frightened by Chen Senran’s tone.
"I want to try." Chen Senran put the light and tasteless wine on the table and symbolically looked at Miss Doom. His black eye patch had a special mystery in the dim light.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, come if you want." Miss Doom probably laughed and got up and walked towards the stairs.
Chen Senran, of course, with conveniently also pulled up the fisherman fitz.
"You …" Miss Doom turned to discover this fact.
"Haven’t three people tried it?" Chen Senran continue to tease said
"You …" Miss Doom choked again, and her face turned red. Fortunately, the lights were dim.
Otherwise, Miss Doom’s blushing alone will make headlines in Bill Giwater the next day.
Stepping on the oak stairs, Chen Senran followed Miss Doom to the second floor.
The second floor is a place with many rooms, but Miss Doom didn’t knock on one of the doors. She went straight to a magic crystal glass door that could see the night outside and pushed it in.
A moment of noisy night and not too cold wind poured into Chen Senran’s ear.
A rooftop stands in Chen Senran’s spiritual world.
"Come on, kid," said Miss Doom in an unfriendly tone.
"Aren’t you afraid of catching cold there?" Chen Senran still continue to tease.
"Well, kid, I lost to you. I don’t think you came here just to flirt with me, do you?" Miss Doom finally lost after all kinds of forbearance. She also figured out how she didn’t want to contact herself before. Chen Senran must have something to do today.
"Well, let’s get down to business." Chen Senran also put away his cynicism and said seriously, "Someone wants to have dinner with you."
"who?" Miss Doom asked in an unhappy way, if you say it’s you, I’ll kill you.
Unfortunately, Chen Senran can’t see it.
"My boss Captain Planck" Chen Senran was also frank at this moment.
"Never mind his dreams" Miss Doom sneered.
"Go or not, I’m in charge of taking a message, but I suggest you go. He seems to be …" Chen Senran paused to say something more.
But just then, a carriage passed by on the rooftop.
Vaguely Chen Senran heard a girl’s voice coming from the inside.
"I wish he could go with me."
An ordinary sentence, but I don’t know what it is, exploded in Chen Senran’s mind
It’s like breaking some seal.
At that moment, there was only one thought left in his mind-
To be pursued to be continued.

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