Well, I made some soup for the emperor to make him better. What is Grandpa Guo doing now?

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Thousand colors face Guo’s father-in-law’s guilty conscience. After all, she fainted him by improper means earlier.
Guo Gonggong’s eyes wander, and Miss Nie is really heartbroken. Please give the soup to the slave, and the slave will transfer it to the emperor for you.
But she wants to kiss Cang Ao and see him drink with her own eyes.
Is Guo Gonggong busy now? Isn’t this the time for rest?
The emperor is eating now.
It’s about four o’clock in the afternoon. Usually it’s dinner at this time.
Then the good emperor can have soup after dinner. I’ll take it to him.
Thousand colors bypass Guo’s father-in-law and plan to go in.
Miss Nie Guo’s father-in-law stopped her at the back.
Thousand colors looked back doubtfully. Grandpa Guo didn’t want her to go in.
Don’t you think she doesn’t want to see her?
But she must see him today.
Ignoring Guo’s father-in-law to stop Qianse from rampaging into Cang Ao’s bedroom.
But what she saw was an unexpected picture.
Even Huai Yu Cang ao is sitting cross-legged on the bed facing each other in a thin coat at the moment, and their palms are against each other, and there is also a faint white smoke.
Two people face slightly thin sweat also light flush.
Look at their posture as if they are healing.
Even if two people really do it in the room, it is certainly a matter of course to come to Lian Huaiyu.
But thousands of color heart suddenly can’t help but flush a burst of bitterness.
Thousand colors suddenly broke in and disturbed the two men. They opened their eyes and turned to look at her in surprise.
Miss Nie and Empress Lian are healing the emperor. Would you please wait outside first?
Guo father-in-law guiltily didn’t dare to look at the emperor’s eyes while complaining in his heart and said to Qianse.
However, Qiancai’s eyes were in a trance and he didn’t hear him speak.
It was not until a figure was in her sight that she came to her senses.
What’s the matter? Cang Ao glanced at the jar in her hand in front of her.
Oh, I made a little soup today, specially for the emperor to mend his body.
Thousand colors said while wondering that they had a momentary heartache just now.
Just put it there. With that, Cang Ao turned and walked to the bed to put on his coat.
At this moment, HeLianHuaiYu has dressed up and walked to come over.

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