"It’s impossible for you and Zhong Yi." Zhong Xin just jumped out with such a sentence.

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"How do you know we can’t?" I’m not very happy to hear that.
Although I know there is a gap between Zhong Yi and me, aren’t we both working hard now? What’s impossible?
Zhong Xin looked at the front and said softly, "No matter what you and Zhong Yi are doing now, it’s a bit futile. It seems childish to me."
I said, "What’s childish? How naive? "
Zhong Xin smiled and said, "Zhong Yi’s family is a veritable daughter family, and then she was treated like an’ economic marriage’. Sooner or later, she will marry Qiao Dong, which is irreversible. Her fate has been nailed down, and the future of Zhong’s family is beyond her control."
I said, "Do you think it’s an ancient political marriage? Now marriage is free. Why should she marry Qiao Dong? She doesn’t like him at all. "
Zhong Xin smiled so beautifully, but it bored me.
Zhong Xin shook his head and said with a smile, "Marriage is freedom. That’s for ordinary people like you, like high-ranking officials and wealthy businessmen nowadays. Why don’t you go and see what their children are like on both sides? Is one party prominent and the other is ordinary people? You are so naive. "
I said, "that’s impossible. You can’t shake my determination."
Zhong Xin said, "Shake your mind? You live in your own world, too. Do I have the leisure to shake you? I just can’t bear to see you being buried in the drum and struggling stupidly. Are you determined to draw water in a bamboo basket? What’s your resolution? Can you tell me? "
I said to Zhong Xin, "My determination is to win the championship in LPL."
Zhong Xin looked at me, smiled and nodded and said, "What if you win the championship?"
I frowned and bowed my head and thought, "Then … I really made a name for myself in the competition circle, and then I got the money."
Zhong Xin said, "Do you know who is the most successful and financially powerful person in the game circle now?"
I nodded and said, "I know if the wind is 20 thousand a year."
Zhong Xin added, "but do you know how many talents like him are in the whole game circle?" Most professional players lead a normal life after retirement. What will they do in the future if they have no skills, no knowledge and no knowledge? It’s sad. You want to be that successful person. Can you? If the wind had met many good opportunities and opportunities at that time, could you compare with him? And even if we take 10 thousand steps back, you can make millions of millionaires every year. Do you know what’s going on at Qiao Dong’s house? "
I was thinking carefully about Zhong Xin’s speech, but I was in a daze and shook my head and said, "I don’t know."
"Qiao Dong’s father is a supermarket chain in China, and after a person’s worth exceeds 100 million, these industries are Qiao Dong. Can you compare with him? This is a stable industry that can be combined with the Zhong family, even if it is ten winds! " Zhong Xin said
I shook my head and didn’t know what to say.
"So … what should I do?" I stumbled and said
Zhong Xin said, "Give up Zhong Yi. You are very talented in playing games. It is definitely much better to live a life after playing games than ordinary people. By that time, you can find a wife who is not inferior to Zhong Yi in size and appearance. Zhong Yi is too strange for you."
"Give up Zhong Yi … Give up Zhong Yi …" I murmured.
I do all kinds of things when I think of Zhong Yi.
Zhong Yi smiled at each other.
It has long been an indelible image in my mind.
"Impossible. I can’t give up Zhong Yi."
My eyes became firm
"I don’t know what to do after me, but I know what to do now, that is, do your own thing and let’s talk about it afterwards." I said carefree.
Zhong Xin caressed his forehead and said, "You are really … sometimes frivolous and sometimes so serious … I really don’t know which one is you."
I smiled and said, "I never let Zhong Yi have a reason to give up on me before she gave up on me, and I have no reason to give up on her myself. It’s not time for me to have a lover."
Zhong Xin shook his head and said, "You are really optimistic. You will always make you cry."
"Then I’ll laugh at you then," I grinned.
Zhong Xin didn’t speak, slowly walking towards the front, staring blankly at the front, I don’t know what to think about, but I lost my mind for a while.
"Hello Zhong Xin little sister, what are you thinking? Think of spring? " I said doubtfully
"You just miss spring!" Zhong Xin, scold a way at me.
"I saw the longing for love in your eyes just now. Alas, you are not inferior in appearance and figure. Why can’t you meet an infatuated person like me?" I bob sigh with emotion

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