"By the way, I suddenly remembered one thing. Please wait a moment."

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Feng Xi accused everyone of a crime and went into the hall with a few hands. There was a circle to block him and he was no longer worried about being discovered. His excitement was beyond words.
He solemnly took out a flying sword from the storage ring and handed it to the strongest middle-term master in Du Jie. He said with a heavy voice, "Brother Jin Li, you are two products higher than Brother Chen Han. How sure are you that you can beat him with this flying sword?"
"Unless he is not in the late stage of integration, I am sure to win, please rest assured!"
"good! But … don’t be a second son in private in the future. Don’t forget that we agreed before that we will be brothers forever from the day you decide to help me. "
Jin Li was so moved that he almost burst into tears. He said slowly, "A scholar died for his bosom friend because of the word" brother ".Today, even if I die, I will win this game and win Chen Han’s little brother over!"
Feng Xi reluctantly shook his head and patted him on the shoulder with a wry smile: "Brother Jin, I really dare not let you play when you say that. You and I are brothers. If anything happens to you in order to win Chen Han’s brother, I don’t think we should argue. I’d rather give him to my eldest brother. "
"Brother, I … I see, I will win this game and I won’t die!" Jin Li’s heart was moved enough to make waves. Even if the master really died for him, it would be worth it, but he would never know what Feng Xi was thinking at this moment.
"Big Brother lost this game?"
When he walked out of the cella in a moment, he found that the early master of Du Jie sent by Feng Kui had been easily defeated by Chen Han.
Feng Kui became angry from embarrassment, and he knew very well that Chen Han’s fighting capacity would not change even if he went up. There is no master beyond Bailing around him, and he is half a chip higher than Bailing. This fight is completely hopeless.
"Chen Han, I will give you one last chance to be loyal, and I will regard you as my most trusted confidant, otherwise don’t blame me for being ruthless!"
"Eldest brother takes a fancy to you as a blessing from your previous life. Don’t be unappreciative!"
Seeing that Feng Kui, who can’t win the fight, threatened again, echo each other, the arrogant third son, so that Feng Xi couldn’t help but face a cold: "Eldest brother, as a man, he is going to lose. Since he has made a bet, what kind of man is he who threatens to lose?" As long as I am here, no one can be bad for Chen Han’s brothers, not even my own brothers! "
"Second child, are you threatening me?" Wind kratos sneers coldly.
"I’m just protecting my brother. If you think you can kill me and my brothers, just try!"
"You …"
Wind Kratos is choked speechless, even if he and Feng Wei’s men unite, they may be a little worse than Feng Xi.
Three masters in Du Jie are the biggest reliance, not to mention a master in Du Jie in the middle period and a strong one in Du Jie in the early period with congenital Daoism.
At this moment, Feng Wei looked at the past with a smile and said gloomily, "Since we lost, we have to watch the last scene. People who might be second brother will lose, too. I wonder if second brother can afford to lose?" Ha ha … "
"Lose lose what’s the big deal? A man must be able to afford it. Even if Chen Han’s brother wins this game and continues to follow his fourth brother, he will still be Feng Xi’s brother! "
"Jin Li learned Chen Han’s brilliant idea, please!"
"Senior, please!"
Chen cold in the mind a hesitation, this gold from a higher order than Bering, according to the previous repair for comparison, in theory, with their own combat effectiveness should be similar.
However, there must be some little tricks when I just went to Nacella. I should have worked hard on magic weapons and Dan medicine.
Once the gap on the magic weapon is leveled, according to the strength, he is even better than himself. If there are some Dan medicines that are temporarily enhanced, he will overcome himself. That’s for sure. We can’t lose in his hands, but how can we beat him without being too outrageous for everyone to accept?
The best weapon!
Two people walked into the enchantment, Chen Han found his own speculation that’s right, and the other party really called out a flying sword with a gourmet spirit.
The magic weapon of this level is all in the hands of the major forces, and it is impossible for the pro-guard, the son of the duke, to hold it. If it is discovered, it will inevitably lead to fatal disaster.
Of course, this is just one of the above rules. In fact, it is normal to keep secrets secretly.
After all, Feng Xi’s methods are much better than those of his brothers, and Feng Yuqin, the duke, also likes him best. It is not an exaggeration to give him some life-saving capital, as long as it is not too outrageous, Taiyi Xianmen will not seriously care about so much. What’s more, he usually hides the Acura in the storage ring, and only takes it out at this critical moment today, which they don’t even know about.
"Second, you … your father is so eccentric that he secretly gave you the best horcrux!"
Feng Kui stamped his feet with anger, but there was nothing he could do. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to snitch, unless Feng Xi could come up with a fairy device, which would really attract the attention of the above.
Just as he was furious, Chen Han and Jin Li’s attack collided head-on.
Chen Han, who was forcibly suppressed to the combat power in the late stage of integration, suddenly flew out like an arrow from the left, and his face was flushed with blood. This result is completely expected, that is, Chen Han’s fighting capacity is weaker than Jin Li’s. However, with the help of strong physical defense, it is unlikely that he will win in a short time.
Jin Li’s eyes conveyed a message of wonder and appreciation, and his heart was really full of shock.
I also have a talent increase of more than one grade, and the magic weapon quality is comparable, which is two grades higher than the other. In this case, the head-on confrontation is only half as strong as that. This person’s talent is too strong, and he may be an inner disciple of Taiyi Xianmen in the future, and even hopefully become a disciple of Chuanchuan.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Chen Han’s figure, who is good at melee, is flying at an incredible speed. Jin Li naturally dares not engage in close melee with him. His posture is displayed and he keeps pulling away from each other, while driving a flying sword to launch a long-range attack.
The two figures are moving in the enchantment, the full-scale confrontation between strength and truth, and the confrontation between lightsaber and knife shadow.
The constant crash is earth-shattering, and the constantly spreading shock wave will be twisted like a void, which is more stable than the source star by more than ten times, so that it will tremble in the aftermath.
Watching the crowd was shocked by Chen Han’s coup, but also cheered for Jin Li’s better fighting power, and the battle between the two soon entered a white-hot state.
Chapter 300 Dress up as pig to eat tiger 1
The battle lasted for nearly half an hour, and Chen’s cold gradually became untenable, and Feng Xi’s heart outside was gradually relieved and happy.
Finally won!
A stunning figure will become his own subordinate, as long as he pretends to be a corporal of courtesy in the future, give him more benefits and so-called care, and be afraid that he will not be dead set on following himself?
At that time, when Chen Han breaks through to the Du Jie period and even the Mahayana period, he is recommended to Taiyi Xianmen as a pro-guardian of the wind family, and that is the family’s team in the sect. More importantly, from grandfather to grandfather, there are many branches, and there are a lot of brothers, cousins and cousins, so they can completely suppress them with the help of Chen Han.
Thinking of the bright future, he almost couldn’t help laughing out loud. Chen Han was worth a hundred times more than all the people he had dug up from his fourth brother before.
"Chen Han, you useless waste, beat Jin Li that bastard!" Feng Kui jumped up and cursed.
"Eldest brother … why did you lie to me, why …"
Feng Yan’s heart is full of unspeakable pain, and he has been suppressed by his three brothers. He really regards Chen Han as a brother, but in exchange for deception.
The face of all the people watching the game changed dramatically. Just as Chen Han was about to lose, a layer of colorful glow rose from his heavenly spirit.
This is a special omen from the change of Yuan God. There is only one reason for this situation, that is, Chen Han stimulated the potential in the battle, or got a breakthrough in some sense. If you are an ordinary person who fixes the truth, even if you break through at the last minute, it will be in vain. It will take time to transform the true yuan to a level equivalent to the realm.
However, he doesn’t need such a transformation process. He has no energy but strong strength from the body, and the realm broke through the strength and immediately improved.
"Ha ha … I broke through … I broke through to the early days of Du Jie …"
Chen Han, who had previously looked dim and thought that he would lose, was filled with unbounded excitement, which was also the way he thought of after playing with Jin Li for a while. As long as you break through the realm when you get cold feet, you can win this game without any doubt.
If you use Xuanyin or make the increase stronger, or use a stronger magic weapon, take the best panacea to enhance your combat power and so on, it will attract everyone’s attention.

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