This was keenly grasped by careful Brewer.

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"It seems to be to the left!" Brewer was so proud that he had a feeling of seeing through Tang Wenlong.
Sure enough, as he expected, Tang Wenlong’s right hand holding the ball seems to be changing hands to the left in front of him!
Brewer made a forward measurement and took a step to the left.
It happened that at this moment, Tang Wenlong’s ball control right hand magically turned into a smooth broken line, and the basketball was grabbed by his big hand and sent back to the right, and then his body suddenly jumped out like a cheetah!
"Falk!" Brewer was furious.
Tang Wenlong didn’t expect to get the chance so easily. Brewer and Iguodala’s defensive judgment were simply different, which made him slightly relieved to break through the past. Everyone was as strong as Iguodala’s defense. He really didn’t know how to score.
Tang Wenlong didn’t rush to the bull line in two steps of controlling the ball, and chose a safe jumper.
Easily took his first goal in the NBA!
"Well done!" When I retired, Iguodala took the initiative to reach out and find Tang Wenlong to high-five.
Tang Wenlong smiled and hit the goal. He felt that the pressure of being confined to himself seemed to be less.
Brewer’s face is a bit awkward. I’m afraid he is a talented rookie. It’s really beneath his NBA predecessor status to be so playful.
Then Tang Wenlong found that Brewer stuck to him like a mad dog in the post-attack, and it was very difficult for him to make every move. This A-level defense made him very uncomfortable, and the most important thing was that Brewer was a substitute and Tang Wenlong was also a substitute. The timing of their appearances was exactly the same.
In front of the camera, Tang Wenlong fans saw that Tang Wenlong scored a goal smartly, and then scored two points at half time with a free throw, and the rest never scored again. Then, in the preseason, the defensive intensity was not high, and the game was embarrassed to get four points and one shot.
At the end of the game, the 76 ers won by 7 points instead of 14 points to 97 points.
The focus of the media is on Tang Wenlong, a special second place.
23 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 mistake. From any point of view, it is an embarrassing and extreme data situation. He still has high hopes for the rookie.
Audrey Smith, a reporter from the City Chronicle, unceremoniously attacked the Summer Games of the 76ers, and wrote in his article.
"There is no denying that Tang Wenlong’s college career is wonderful and his physical talent is outstanding. However, after all, he is still too young. The 76ers are not a team under reconstruction. We have been focusing on Andre Iguodala’s core array to maintain competitiveness. Is it more important to be visible, that is, combat power or the remaining training to cultivate rookie? Therefore, I have reservations about the fact that we didn’t win the second place in the draft and selected super winger Evan Turner who won five awards. "
Said Aldridge thinks Evan Turner is more helpful to the 76ers, but Tang Wenlong may have potential but needs to grow up.
It was only a few days after Tang Wenlong learned that the outside media had commented on him again, and he felt the unique rhythm of the NBA.
The pace is very fast, even the preseason games come and go in a hurry.
The first two games against Bulls and Bobcats in the preseason of the 76ers were away games. Tang Wenlong went out with his teammates and didn’t return to the city until five days later.
In just a few days, he traveled back and forth to three cities, which opened his eyes and made him realize for the first time that professional players are not easy.
At Wachovia Center Arena, Tang Wenlong’s 76ers played their first home game of the season against the Atlanta Hawks in the East.
The Hawks have always been a powerful team in the East. This team claims to have five-star starters, and its offensive and defensive balance is very strong.
This summer, the Hawks and Joe Johnson completed the contract renewal of 100 million yuan, and Gajosh Smith and Jamal Crawford helped them become the most powerful opponents of the ambitious Heat in the Southeast.
In the face of such an opponent, Collins told the 76ers that even in the warm-up match, they should compete with their opponents for half a quarter to see the real strength of the two sides.
However, for Tang Wenlong, this time is really unlucky.
Whether the attack time is 24 seconds, the unusual penalty scale here, or the degree of player confrontation makes him a little uncomfortable.
When facing the bull, I met a Brewer who was eager to prove himself. It was even better when I played Bobcats. I met Stephen Jackson, the "warrior". Although the latter didn’t have the strength to go, it also made Tang Wenlong miserable in the flank position. Although I scored points, it seemed that the score had grown exponentially, but I got the score after Steven Jackson’s field.
To his surprise, after the game, the media turned a blind eye to Tang Wenlong’s moisture score and praised Tang Wenlong’s rapid progress
Back at Wachovia Center Stadium, it was the first time that Tang Wenlong set foot on the floor of his team’s home court, and it felt really different.
He made his debut in the middle of the first quarter and won the support of many Chinese fans who came to cheer.
As soon as he appeared on the stage, he faced the test of "Mr. Billion Yuan" Joe Johnson. Tang Wenlong looked at the eagle Wang Jianyi’s face and secretly stunned. How much was Billion Yuan? He doesn’t feel that his eyes are turned up in exchange rate conversion.
Joe Johnson didn’t know that the young man in the new field was actually converting his salary, and he felt that the second-place show seemed a bit different.
And seems a little distracted? Joe Johnson stole a glance at Tang Wenlong and found that this little guy was really a little wait for a while, which made him a little angry and felt as if he had been despised and decided to teach this little rookie a little lesson.
Then he reached for the ball when the hawks served.
Mike Bibby passed the ball as soon as he saw that the boss of the team wanted it, and he returned the wrist skill in the strength of the ball to make the whole trajectory fast and accurate. Then he admired himself quite proudly.
Tang Wenlong withdrew his divergent thoughts when the referee whistled.
By this time, Joe Johnson had received the basketball. He dribbled two steps horizontally and then suddenly made a hip cross step. The dribbling basketball was constantly exchanged in his left hand and right hand.
When it was dazzling, Tang Wenlong was in a trance.
Chapter 54 Opening match

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