Beating Shen Tu is a bit of a skill, but it’s even not enough for miss to pay attention to, muses the middle-aged man

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After that, due to some grievances, the evil bone old man went to kill this person alone, but in the end he turned into a stick and escaped seriously.
Oh, that middle-aged man is just slightly moving. That evil old man is half dead and mysterious. This is a big name in the windy sea.
In addition, I just turned to some information that came back. Six months ago, there was a terrible war in the East Xuanyu. In that war, the three palms of Yuanmen tried to kill a young man at the same time, but in the end he managed to escape. It is said that at the end, there was still a reincarnation to help him.
Tang Dongling’s beautiful eyes were full of curiosity, and he looked at the stunned middle-aged man beside him with a charming smile.
And the young man is also called Lin Ban Chapter nine hundred and ten Refining and burning Tianmen.
Miss means that this person is the same person in the East Xuanyu Lin Dong.
The middle-aged man’s face is full of shock. These two people are really the same person. Wouldn’t it be said that behind Lin Dong, a person has stepped into the reincarnation?
That kind of level is strong, even their Tianshangge can’t afford to offend.
Although the law is certain, it is necessary to protect some necessary mutual affection. I believe that if Dad were here, he would also choose to do this. Although a volcanic stone is precious, it may not be worth it in the long run. Tang Dongyu chuckled.
Even though the two are not the same person, Lin still has the potential to win over, and he can force a half-step-dead Xuan to that extent by virtue of his small strength. His means should not be underestimated.
If such people can make friends, it is far better than being enemies.
Miss, things are getting more and more watertight.
Middle-aged people admire and nod their heads. Lin is really behind a reincarnation. Even if they are here, they have to treat their distinguished guests.
Tang Dongyu smiled and said, "Don’t let anything out in the forest." He is in no small trouble now, although he has hit the evil old man hard, but he forgot that the old guy is an evil expert and the little Pluto Xie Yan is here. If he recognizes it, Lin will have some trouble.
Middle-aged people are white when they nod.
Well, let’s go to work first, and the auction will be held on the 10th. But this time, there are a lot of heavyweight forces coming here, so there is nothing wrong with Tang Dongyu.
Middle-aged people respectfully replied and then excused themselves, while Tang Dongyu was tilting her head. Beautiful eyes looked at Lin moving away from the direction and her lips slightly lifted. She was obviously very curious about Lin’s identity.
Lin moved away from the treasure room, then found the one that was dazzling outside, and Mu Lingshan dragged it straight away from this Tianshangge area.
This time, coming to Lin Dong was a big piece of volcanic stone, which solved a very difficult problem. He was able to exert the power of burning the tripod, although the degree was still not as severe as when the old man burned the sky, but he wouldn’t be afraid if he didn’t meet the dead and strong forest.
And this kind of strong card is obviously necessary in this kind of mixed cloud.
The Tianshangge Lin did not rush to stay, but took Mulingshan to stroll around the mall on this day, which only satisfied the little girl’s mind and finally took her to find an inn in the city to stay.
In the spacious and quiet room, Lin moved his palm and burned the tripod, then it was swept away and suspended in front of him, and a latosolic red light kept coming out.
Lingshan, I will practice in it these days. Try not to go out. Now the shopping mall is quite chaotic. No one knows that there is no shark clan in The Hunger. If you are found, even if it is troublesome, don’t look aside, Mu Lingshan warned.
I heard that Lin was going to close Mulingshan’s mouth, but I finally nodded my head.
By the way, what happened to your seal? Lin seems to think of something and suddenly asked him if he could sense that Mu Lingshan’s strength should be quite tough. They are all better than Xiao Hades Xie Yan. She is in the seal. If she removes the seal and recovers her strength, she will definitely become a good helper.
It hasn’t dispersed yet. That smelly shark seal is quite powerful.
Mu Lingshan pulled the sleeve and there was a blood shark light stripe on the small white shoulder. She looked at the light stripe and was distressed.
How can I crack this seal Lin is wrinkly to knit the brows a way
I need a kind of spiritual material called Neptune Lingcao, which I can break. Mu Lingshan thought for a moment.
Neptune Lingcao Forest murmured something. This is also a rare Lingcai. We can try to see if we can meet the problem of anti-Mulingshan seal at auction. We must do everything possible to help her lift it.
I’ll give it to you if you pay more attention to the dharma these days
Lin Dong tugged at Mu Lingshan’s little head, and then he laughed in the dissatisfied eyes of the little girl. He was swept into the burning tripod with his body.
Burning the tripod is still that piece of red and yellow earth, and the forest is suspended for half. His eyes glanced at the rock and laughed. What should I do?
At the beginning, the old man who burned the sky had completely integrated this tripod with you, and the method of burning heaven and earth was also hidden in the tripod with burning heaven. You can find a light and shadow floating from the surface of the ancestral stone forest and look at the forest road.
Lin Dong nodded and closed his eyes slowly, but it was gradually distributed, and then the burning tripod gradually merged, and with this integration, he was also able to clearly feel that a lot of information hidden in the tripod was gathered for him
The latosolic red light enveloped Lin’s body for ten minutes before it gradually dispersed. Lin closed his eyes and slowly opened it with a faint latosolic red light flashing.
Come here
Lin Dong smiled gently, and now he has obtained the method and means of practicing burning Tianmen in this tripod. To some extent, this is a rather complicated practice, but it took the old man several years to refine that burning Tianmen.
Now, of course, Lin dare not go to burn heaven with the old man, but it was made by moving an ancient volcano to burn heaven, and after the success of the smelting, it was enough to suppress the demon of the general level, even the demon of the king level could threaten it, but now his smelting material is just a fine stone of volcanic inflammation, although it contains considerable volcanic energy, but the two methods are still in contrast
But fortunately, Lin Dong doesn’t expect this thing to deal with those demons. He wants himself to do enough to deal with the evil old man when he comes to the door.
Do it.
Lin Dong breathed a sigh of relief, but his hands were flashing with red light, but his printing method was fierce. With the change of printing method, this piece of land suddenly trembled violently, and the red and yellow earth suddenly cracked, and a huge red light column went straight into the sky, and a violent and hot surge quietly in the middle.
The light beam was woven in the sky and then turned into a huge array. In the array, the fire was burning as if it were a monstrous flame.

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