He Ming let go of Zhao Linger, and Zhao Linger quickly put on his clothes and said, "What are you going to do?"

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He Ming looked at Zhao Linger carefully for a moment and said, "We didn’t find the wrong person, but an expert helped him hide the mark behind him."
The Monkey King said, "How do you know that someone has hidden the mark on his back?"
He Ming said with a smile, "Have you forgotten the leaf on him just now? This is the evidence of the help of the superior, so I am sure that he is the person I am looking for." He Ming took Yang Ye to remind the Monkey King of the previous events.
The Monkey King looked at the poplar leaf for a moment and frowned: "This poplar leaf seems to have been seen somewhere, but I can’t remember it now."
He Ming looked at the Monkey King and then at Zhao Linger, and suddenly smiled: "Monkey, I know where you have seen this thing. Have you forgotten what this place is?"
The Monkey King looked at Zhao Linger and said with a smile, "So that’s it. I didn’t expect the carefree people to cheat my old grandson."
He Ming Dow: "Wandering around is not deceiving you, but not telling you. At that time, he was not on the mountain, and it was right to say that he didn’t know."
He Ming went to Zhao Linger and said, "Boy, we are here to help you. From now on, you must always follow us until the thirty-third year comes."
Zhao Linger looked at He Ming in surprise. Some people didn’t believe it. the Monkey King said, "Linger, you were reincarnated as a Tathagata. Now that all your family members are dead, it’s just a fate. Come with us to find the relic, and you can’t return until you have collected the relic."
Zhao Linger exclaimed, "Who the hell are you?"
He Ming Dow: "You don’t know who I am, but you must know the name of the monkey. He is the Buddhist who defeated Buddha the Monkey King."
Zhao Linger pointed at the Monkey King in surprise and said, "So you are fighting against Buddha, the Monkey King!"
The Monkey King said with a smile, "My grandson is the Monkey King, but the name of fighting against Buddha was given by Buddhism, and my grandson didn’t admit it."
He Ming Dow: "Now all the people in this county have been eaten by those two monsters. Let’s take revenge for the people in this county except these two monsters first."
The Monkey King nodded and said, "That’s right. Those two monsters are hiding in the temple here. If we don’t get rid of them, how can my old grandson be worthy of the people in this county?"
Zhao Linger said, "Those two monsters are around now. How do you deal with them?"
He Ming smiled and grabbed Zhao Linger and flew to the temple where the two monsters were located. the Monkey King naturally followed.
When they arrived at the temple, they saw a stone tablet in front of the temple, which was very strange. He Ming frowned for a moment and said with a smile, "So these two little demons are trying to trick us into it and plot against us."
The Monkey King said, "What’s the mystery here? Why can’t my old grandson understand? "
He Ming said with a smile, "The mystery here lies on this stone tablet." Then he stretched out his hand and pointed at the stone tablet, and a fiery magic hit the stone tablet. The temple immediately twisted, as if the space was twisted, and for a moment the temple turned into a big clock hanging over it.
The Monkey King said, "I didn’t expect those two little devils to take down the clock on the sky to deal with us. It is up to you. " Say, take care of yourself and rest.
He Ming reached out and took out the chaotic bell and threw it at the hanging and standing clock.
Chapter eighty-seven Will sit quietly
"When" the chaotic bell flew out and directly hit the big clock, and the loud noise of the collision made waves spread in all directions, and He Ming stood in front of Zhao Linger. That sound wave can’t hurt him naturally.
I saw that the big clock was knocked and shaken, but it never fell. The Monkey King said, "You won’t go out to work without making efforts, will you? That big clock is just the hands of two small demons, and you can’t even hit it. Hey. "
He Ming glanced back at the Monkey King and said, "Dead monkey, come if you dare. I don’t know what happened to that big clock. It’s really strange that I just shook it with a blow."
The Monkey King said with a smile, "It’s obvious that you didn’t contribute yourself, and you said there was a mystery in it. If you hit it with all your strength, the clock would have been shot down by you long ago, so how could something strange happen now?"
He Ming stretched out his hand and dragged the chaotic bell, mumbling. The chaotic bell immediately became bigger and turned into a bronze bell. He Ming slammed into the big clock again with the chaotic bell.
"Bang" the suspended clock was directly smashed by He Ming’s blow, and He Ming then suspended the chaotic bell in the air and slammed it on the ground.
"Boom" the chaotic bell made the earth into ruins. He Ming reached for the chaotic bell and put it away. It was a palm toward the earth.
The surrounding space was immediately broken, and everything returned to its previous appearance. In front of the temple, the stone tablet had turned into dust and the temple had become broken. Two monsters stood in the main hall of the temple bleeding. He Ming snorted: "Come on, let’s go in and have a look." Said the first to walk into the temple.
There is nothing strange in the temple, except a giant Buddha. Everything else is ordinary. He Ming looked at the giant Buddha intently and seemed to be fascinated.
The Monkey King and Zhao Linger went into the temple, but when they saw the two monsters who were bleeding seven times and He Ming who was in a trance, Zhao Linger said, "Are they the ones who killed the whole county?"
The Monkey King nodded and said, "Yes, these are the two guys. But they are dead. "
Zhao Linger reached out and touched the monster. Only when his hand touched the two monsters. The two demons drifted with the wind like weathering. There is nothing left.
The Monkey King stepped forward and took a photo of He Ming’s shoulder. Asked: "What’s wrong with your boy? Is there anything weird about this Buddha statue? "
He Ming nodded and said, "The eyes of this giant Buddha are relics."

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