The holy king looked back at his eyes and the old dog stepped in without saying anything, but a smile flashed in his eyes when he turned his head.

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Lingzhu, I’m coming.
The old man fought back his excitement and called in secretly for a while.
At present, the shadow flashed that the old dog had reached another huge fixed eye and immediately exclaimed.
Because I am hanging on my feet at this time, a gangster is secretly unfathomable, and it is also dark around me, but it is full of faint golden light.
Huge, majestic, cold, emotional breath is full of every inch of emptiness here, which makes people tremble and worship.
What astonishes Lao Gou most is that there is a huge cylinder suspended in the center, where everything comes with dignity.
It is dark all over, but the golden light is flickering, and its tentacles are thin and long, extending into all directions.
It is really shocking to see that when it rotates slowly, thousands of tentacles also rotate with the swing, and every inch of virtual brush gently around it. Although it seems gentle and slow, it can bring up a large phantom, dreamy and false.
It looks like a ghost coming to the ghost domain, where it is very strange and scary to dance alone.
A faint golden light at the top of it illuminates the square, and a virtual part is the most eye-catching part.
Is that cylindrical thing that the altar of the holy spirit is filled with spiritual beads?
This huge monster in the center has vaguely guessed what it is when it is shocked by other things.
have you seen it
Just then the holy king turned to the old dog and asked with a smile.
Uh, where is it?
Old Gou immediately wondered and looked a little anxious because he really didn’t see Lingzhu.
Look at that top, the golden pearl is among them.
Sheng Wang xing Dao
Really? I can’t see it.
Old Gou stare big eyes staring at the golden light but root can’t see inside is not depressed way
Haha, to tell you the truth, you can’t see old people.
The holy king finally unbearable suddenly satisfied. "
Staring at the holy king, Lao Gou suspected that he had been tricked in his heart.
Oh of course
Holy king chuckle a very sure way
I said the old man’s joke was not funny at all. Why did you bring me here when I couldn’t see it?
Old Gou suddenly angrily said

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