After Kyubi no Youko’s magic fox, next, Qing Ye soothed the fourth familiar with seven purple bears, the fifth with a thousand-legged magic spider emperor, the sixth with an iron back armor, the seventh with a mammoth elephant, the eighth with a three-headed silver wolf and the ninth with a double-horned Taurus.

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It took Qing Ye five days to soothe these nine familiar things. Because of the experience of soothing the first three familiar things of colorful magic tigers, the other six familiar things that were soothed later were naturally good, but the other six familiar things that Qing Ye was looking for were also nine-level high-order, because Qing Ye felt that the nine-level high-order, after
After some hospitality, the chances of breaking through to the sanctuary are very high.
Without exception, the six familiar animals that were later soothed made breakthroughs and became the Warcraft of Sanctuary.
However, because these familiar creatures are undead Warcraft, their skins are all black, which looks too single and visually boring. So Qing Ye refined a kind of Dan medicine called Lingcao Dan for these nine familiar creatures of sanctuary, and then let them take it. When their skin colors were all restored to their original colors, Qing Ye was delighted, and Lingcao Dan was able to clear the breath of death in their bodies.
The reason why these undead Warcraft are all black is because they often take the breath of death. When all the breath of death is removed, they naturally return to their original appearance.
According to the lazy cat of the colorful magic tiger, these Warcraft were originally Warcraft in the mountain range of Warcraft, but they were led by the death here, and that’s it. And there seems to be a barrier to the death of Warcraft, and they can’t leave if they want to leave.
Qing Ye suspected, however, that he had taken away the five 8 familiar wolves from here, and it was all right. Is it because they were put in the best kit, so they can be taken out? This is the only explanation that makes sense.
After nine members of the familiar legion of Sanctuary, Qing Ye stopped searching for the target with gods, because this power was almost the same for him, and it was time to explore the mysterious cave of death.
When Ye carefully converged his breath and approached the mysterious cave, although he had nine-headed sanctuary familiar as a bodyguard, his heart was still uneasy. This time, when Qing Ye was close to 100 meters, there was nothing out of phase, gradually, 80 meters, 70 meters and 50 meters. When Qing Ye was close to 20 meters, the mysterious cave vaguely heard the cry of brotherhood of the wolf.
Closer to the inside, this kind of screaming becomes more and more clear and audible.
Qing Ye eyebrows a wrinkly, what is this? Is there someone inside? But how is it possible, if there is someone inside, then those undead Warcraft in the sanctuary don’t tear him up. Is that person beyond the existence of the sanctuary? Otherwise, how can you hide in the nest of a bunch of undead Warcraft in the sanctuary? Nothing’s wrong.
Qing Ye thinking about thinking, unconscious is close to the big cave about ten meters, all of a sudden, a lion-like animal roar spread to come out from the cave again, Qing Ye facial expression, a worry about what will come, it seems that the last time I chased myself, the lion-like sanctuary undead Warcraft is now myself.
Escape? Ye Qing thought sharply. If it was just a head of sanctuary, Qing Ye was not afraid, but there were at least ten heads inside. Finally, Qing Ye weighed it, and had to hurry back to fly, and the head of the lion-like sanctuary undead Warcraft was first drawn out and solved.
Like last time, the head of the red-eyed Sanqu undead Warcraft has been chasing Qing Ye to the valley, standing there, screaming. Looking at the head of the majestic sanctuary undead Warcraft, Qing Ye sneer at in my heart, Lao tze not soaring, you really when you are the boss.
When the head of Warcraft, the undead of Sanqu, wants to return to the bottom of the canyon, how can Qing Ye let it go back? Immediately a finger with both hands, a chaotic world, the head of the sanctuary undead Warcraft trapped inside.
The strength of Warcraft, the head of the undead in the sanctuary, was trapped in the chaotic world, and immediately his red eyes were red, and when he bombarded the boundary of the chaotic world, the chaotic world was shaken. Qing Ye couldn’t help but hurry up the real yuan, and after strengthening the chaotic world, he thought about it and summoned the nine familiar of the sanctuary.
Lazy cats, terrorists, and Yan Yan’s familiar knew Qing Ye’s orders earlier, so when they came out, nine familiar immediately surrounded the head of the sacred area undead with red eyes.
"Are you? I didn’t expect you all to break through the sanctuary! " The undead Warcraft in the sanctuary looked at the colorful magic tigers, and their blood-red eyes were cold and tunnel. It seems that they all knew the lazy cats.
"Lord Effie, please forgive our rudeness. We have to obey our master’s wishes and keep you today." Colorful magic tiger tiger, looking directly at the head of the sanctuary undead Warcraft.
So this guy’s name is Effie! Qing Ye thought, all of a sudden, Qing Ye felt that he had been ignoring a problem, that is, colorful magic tigers will they know the secret of the mysterious death cave?
It’s possible. Qing Ye is going to solve the head called Effie after the undead of Warcraft, then ask the colorful magic tiger them.
Although I don’t know how the colorful magic tigers suddenly broke through to the sanctuary, Effie knows today that it may really be confessed here this time, even if it is in the middle order of the sanctuary, the other party is all in the initial order of the sanctuary, but the other party is in the initial order of the nine-headed sanctuary.
Want to keep me? Effie’s blood-red eyes showed a cold light. Even if she died, she would pull a few heads to cushion her back.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Angel of Death
To Effie’s animal eyes flashing red light, Qing Ye’s mouth can’t help but evoke the Cold Death Grand Canyon, which may really be as it wishes. However, now it is in the chaotic world of Qing Ye, in the chaotic world of Qing Ye, and the familiar of the nine-headed sanctuary is the immortal Xiaoqiang, as long as Qing Ye is willing.
In the mainland of Dragon God, water system magic can be treated, and the water effect of geomantic fire in chaotic world is even worse. So when Qing Ye first soothed familiar things such as colorful magic tigers, he first made them dying, and then used geomantic fire to bring them back to life.
Effie, as the powerful undead in the middle order of the sanctuary, is beyond reproach, but Qing Ye’s nine familiar sanctuaries are not vegetarians. The lazy cat of colorful magic tiger has become the majestic king tiger, and it has opened its wings full of blades for ten meters at this time, and countless wind blades greeted Effie.
Colorful magic tiger, a lazy cat, shows the tiger king’s power and prestige. The terrorist, a fierce lion, is unwilling to lag behind. The flames everywhere are burning, and it is necessary to burn Effie into a roast pig. However, Kyubi no Youko magic fox, the disaster of the country and the people, first threw a wink at Effie: the eye of confusion, and then Kyubi no Youko turned and started the dimensional blade.
As for the seven purple-striped bear, the whole body is full of soil elements, and countless yellow pillars burst out from the ground and blew out at Effie. Other thousand-legged magic spiders spat, and its poisonous spider silk also caused Effie a lot of trouble.
The iron back armor roared, and the huge bear’s paw came straight.
The mammoth elephant and the three-headed silver wolf also made stunts. The two-horned golden bull crossed its horns and let out a whoop of ox king’s qi to push Effie down. After pushing him down, what action is unknown.
Effie bitter call even, both hands and feet used, in a short time was mammoth elephant like a giant nose hook, simply dumped out, and then, by a head of the three silver Wolf black toxin spray in a hind leg, fortunately, not in the middle leg thinking, all of a sudden, a pain let out a whoop of a lion’s like a tiger’s miserable roar, looked to the middle, bleeding profusely, but was Kyubi no Youko magic fox in the middle leg of the secondary blade.
Qing Ye stood by. Seeing this, he couldn’t help zheng. This fox seems to have been used to it before, but now it’s used again. It’s hard for Effie to restore her function then.
By this beating, Effie’s blood-red eyes were like drops of blood, and their eyes were radiant with red light, which spread slowly, just like a red net, and all the people were shrouded in the net. A dangerous smell rose in Qing Ye’s heart, and he was shocked. The geomantic fire in the chaotic world came out, and when the red net wanted to cover all the animals, it blocked the red net.
I saw Zhang Hongwang touching the geomantic fire. Immediately issued a sizzling sound, and the geomantic fire in the world immediately faded down. Qing Ye saw this pupil closed. Strong hot air and forbidden fruit. Just now, that nine-headed familiar was touched by this net. I’m afraid I’ll die soon.
If you hang up at once, you can’t save it if you want to.
See their strongest attack was blocked by Qing Ye all. Effie roared. Will attack all transferred to Qing Ye. Suddenly. Its short tail stands up at the back. Sweep. Tail hair into countless fine awn needle light coming to Qing Ye.
Ye is ready early in the morning. There is no hurry at this. Sacrifice the dry Kun Ding. The tripod gives off a clear light. All received.
Effie roared repeatedly. Was about to attack Qing Ye again. But Jiuchong had already cut it off. How can it be drawn? More let it panic and rage is originally attacked by it to Kyubi no Youko magic fox this smelly bitch instantly wrapped by a mass of things. And then it came back. The same is true of several other animals.
This space. What the hell is this place? Effie finally roared.
Qing Ye met Effie, who had been driven into a crazy state, and smiled indifferently: "This is the space I created. Here, everything is up to me. You’d better give up resistance."
When Effie heard Qing Ye’s words, the beast’s eyes showed horror and stepped back: "This, this, this is the space you created? ! How, how is it possible! Are you the Lord God and have reached the realm of the Lord God? "
Lord god? Qing Ye eyebrows a wrinkly, it seems that the world, reached the realm of the Lord god, you can create space, this is the first time Qing Ye heard the news about the god of this world.
Looking at Effie, who was seriously injured, Qing Ye told the familiar to stop the attack and said, "If you surrender to me, I will consider letting you live." There are still eight days, that is, when the Saint Ceremony is held in the Holy Mountain, this Effie is not weak, and it is not bad to soothe.
After listening to this, Effie’s eyes changed. Suddenly, she roared aloud and rolled on the ground with her head in her arms! Abnormal pain, Qing Ye stunned for this mutation, and frowned. It seems that this Effie is controlled by others, and it has just moved to surrender to itself, but the person who controls it is cheating in its mind.
Suddenly, Effie, who was rolling painfully on the ground, stopped, her blood-red eyes glowed with cold light, stood up and said coldly to Ye, "Young man, it’s very good. You have the ability to defeat my messenger!" Then the tone changed: "However, you want my emissary to submit, hehe, it’s a delusion!" " Say that finish, a jie jie sneer at.
This laughter reminds Qing Ye of the mysterious Jie Jie laughter coming from the mysterious mountain cave. Qing Ye’s face changed: "You are not Effie, who are you?" !”
"Who am I? Hey, hey. " The voice seemed to hear a very funny question, and then murmured: "Who am I, who am I, for many years, for tens of thousands of years, I have forgotten who I am!" Then Jie Jie laughed.
Qing Ye frowned, no action, but wait.
As if laughing enough, the voice rang again: "Young man, it’s very good. Since you can create your own space, although this space can be easily broken by even the average god, it is also a natural talent!" You know, creating space is a magical skill that the Lord God can understand. "

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