For once, we’ll soon

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Will come back
Toes cling to the red mud.
Head against the Woods
In autumn and winter, it is memorable.
The daughter is dark.
Lonely and painful.
So many nights are included in our hearts.
I don’t need dark green teeth.
I am not the moon.
I’m not eating wolves in the grass.
The old man called
Diffuse field
When alive
I have subtle hair.
Tobacco leaves are dry
Moonlight is water.
Round through the long night
Village, I am sad to leave the river
Now I’m going to sleep.
Give me your graveyard knees.
Those who feed me clay
Now my face is covered with flowers
Say goodbye to you again.
Found so many wild spots
Thalictrum qinlingense
Lie on the old man’s back
I finally failed to figure out.
The body is a mystery.
Say goodbye to you
Not a bird has cut the waves in the grave village.
No dance can complete an epiphany
Dayang always refuses to forgive us.
Day always won’t forgive us.
The wall explains everything before resurrection.
China heavy-duty cattle
Just leave a memory.

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