Here he paused a little before continuing to speak. I have secretly ordered him to leave the holy palace to inform XuanYuanWang to come back today. I, the Lan family group, will win this battle.

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Farsi, the king of Xuanyuan, has a strange luster on his face.
King Xuanyuan is sure to lose even if the brute beast dynasty regiment is strong.
Second-class brother Lan’s family group’s worried face suddenly dissipated, and many people thought of Xuanyuan King, and their hearts were much more emboldened for no reason.
Second-class brother Lan’s family group’s worried face suddenly dissipated, and many people thought of Xuanyuan King, and their hearts were much more emboldened for no reason.
What are you afraid of when the blue family is strong and Xuanyuan Wang sits in them?
At that time, the self-effacing momentum was swept away, and people were eager to try.
Farsi saw that the morale of all the people had been encouraged, so he no longer said much. He immediately ordered a group of officials to call the Lan family to be strong. He led the group of people to make a huge soup and went to pick up the empress. After following the dragon’s chariot, he led the monks in the holy palace to fight against God.
But at the moment, I don’t know how to spread the news. The news of World War I of the Blue Family Group of the Emperor Dynasty has been spread to the old capital at a very fast speed in the holy palace.
At that time, the number forces in the old capital sent people one after another.
Board of Rites
Oh, it’s such a thing. Xiao Huan, the left assistant minister of does, let go of the teacup. His face is full of thoughts. The iron king is still in does, isn’t he?
No gift list is still being checked, so be careful. The first confidant monk doesn’t know what the adults mean, but he says cautiously
You should all be careful about the tributes of the major affiliated forces, otherwise it is not delicious for anyone to blame. I just saw the tribute list of the Lan family, which really contains several treasures, and I should have a good inspection.
Adults say is immediately ordered to let them have a good look at a LAN family tribute, although it takes a little more time, but it can also be like this. The confidant monk smiled and turned to the door with a respectful salute, and Chapter one thousand two hundred and fifty-one failed miserably.
Xiao Huan saw that he was white and nodded with satisfaction. He stretched out his hand and took the cup and slowly took a sip.
Xiao Gujin is in the limelight. He needs to be more careful when he acts, but a little manipulation can make people pick the wrong ones.
Although his eyes still don’t know Meng Fei Xiao’s grudges, he has no good impression on the Lan family, but he is willing to see them lose face.
Xiao Huan slightly thoughtfully low mouth bearer.
Outside the hall, a department of rites walked quickly into the disguised terms and did not know the orders of adults.
Ask the guards outside the courtyard to check the tribute ceremonies of various countries to prevent accidents. It is not important to step into the check compound without official permission.
Looking at does the friar quickly leave Xiao Huan corners of the mouth with satisfaction.
Since the hand should be perfect, it should be almost the same.
Meng Fei frowned slightly. When he entered does, it was not short, but the tribute was still not verified. In my heart, I vaguely felt something wrong, but I couldn’t find the source. I stretched out my hand and called in a monk who did, saying, I have served the Lan family gift list, and the tribute has not been verified until now.
Wait a moment, my Lord. The officer will go to you immediately. You urge the friar of the Ministry of Justice to turn around and walk quickly to that row of low-rise bungalows.
A moment later, the man returned to salute Meng Fei and reported that the official had asked about several treasures in the tribute ceremony of the Lan family for you. We do not need to make a careful appraisal before we can register them. Now, I think it will be completed soon.
Meng Fei nodded and waved to the monk does not retreat.
But I don’t know why, but instead of disappearing, the inappropriate meaning in his heart has become more and more serious, which seems to be a very bad thing
I waited for a moment and felt more and more uneasy.
The pale golden Yuan God’s intuition about danger has always been effective.

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