Alas, you idiot, you can accomplish it like this.

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Kunling sighed lightly that she swallowed the main blood to protect herself and would not indulge in that kind of reincarnation, but here the reincarnation will hook the deepest attachment in her heart, and then no matter how strong she is, she will be weak.
Kun Lingyu’s hand gently shook Lin’s palm, but it was a milli-reaction. She couldn’t help frowning at Liu Mei and hesitated for a long time. She always bit her silver teeth and then her shell teeth bit her red lips with a little bit of blood, and her lips penetrated into a bright red rose.
Blood permeates Kun Ling’s charming body and leans forward like jade. Her arms gently encircle Lin’s neck, and then her red lips are printed on Lin’s lips with some coldness.
Blood is at this time along the lips into the forest mouth and then bloom.
At this time, the faint black S ripple is emitted from Kun’s spiritual body, and then Lin Dong is also wrapped and enters. The black S ripple becomes more and more intense, so that it turns out that a black cocoon will cover the two.
When Lin’s palm comes into contact with belle’s palm, a ripple comes out from the palm, and the two figures in front of him are suddenly distorted and then gradually illusory.
But even if the body dissipates, the belle’s eyes are still softer than those of the spoil, and the serious man nodded slightly with a bit of approval.
My parents murmured something, and the tip of my nose was sour.
If you behave so badly again, I can’t save you. A faint sound suddenly sounded in Lin Dong’s heart. It was Kun Ling.
Lin nodded slightly, and soon he took a deep breath and smiled with a smile on his face.
Mom and dad, don’t worry. I’m fine. I’ll be back soon.
Lin moved the palm of his hand to hold those blurred eyes and returned to perseverance again. Soon he sat down and wanted to really go back. Then control the power here.
Thank you, Miss Linger. This is the last time.
Lin Dongyin gently spread his hands in his heart, and then jng’s divine power spread again, and finally the mysterious samsara slammed together.
cry of some birds and animals
Counting the light and shadow, remembering the reincarnation, passed through Lin’s mind at this moment. However, this time he was no longer addicted to the calm rock in the changing luster eyes, and the outsiders were still watching the flowers fall and the clouds roll.
That kind of reincarnation wheel rotates endlessly.
A long time has passed quietly. The light cocoon hanging over the stone platform has dissipated and gone. The figure sitting quietly seems to be covered with a thick layer of dust, dust, gray mountains or faint light.
The sea of gorgeous reincarnation rippled slightly, and the road contained the meaning of reincarnation. Gorgeous brilliance rose from the sea and finally crept into two bodies.
I don’t know how long it lasted, maybe a year or ten years.
However, no matter how long it is, I don’t know when it ends. Suddenly, the thin figure on the stone stage shivers gently, and then the closed eyes slowly open at this time.
Still those dark eyes, but today there is an indescribable vicissitudes in the darkness, which vaguely seems to be a very light and very light reincarnation. Chapter 170 War.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy
The youth of Shitai slowly opened their eyes, and the dark eyes were deep in the night, but in that depth, the light reincarnation turned into a kind of fluctuation of law and words, which seemed to turn into a wonderful image behind them.
When he opened his eyes, he didn’t seem to be fully awake until a moment later. He looked at his body covered with dust and smiled. His body trembled. The dust was shining and all rose up, and thousands of spots were gorgeous.
Slightly soft sound next to Lin looked up, and then I saw a moving and charming face. The long silver S hair poured down like a galaxy and shone brightly.
At this time, Kun Lingqiao’s face is clean, and the eye movement in the phoenix eye is abnormal, and in his eyes, it is also the same as Lin’s reincarnation. Obviously, she has benefited as much as Lin’s.
Thank you for your help, Miss Kun Ling.

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