Destroy the surging billows and glanced back at the fierce Qingyang, while Qingluo grasped the young man’s skirt and wanted to hug his brother and fear something, and stood on the ground with wide eyes.

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Canglan’s lips are pale, and the boundary of Hanshan League is full of a strange Shaqi, which seems to be dead and dead, and blood has been crushing him for a long time after it rotted into pieces.
Destroy the surging billow face frost suddenly smiled and nodded, then turned around with the cold mountain night clock behind his back, and his hands gently hooked his fingers, and he knew what he meant, but let him keep the distance between Qingluo and her and not get too close to that strange cold mountain night clock.
And destroy the surging billow is closely followed in Hanshan night bell side as if single into the crisis encirclement.
The four loners stopped in the middle of the entrance and held the narrow passage tightly. Everyone’s eyes were gloomy with the hungry nighthawk.
I walked into the center of this cave and looked around. I saw the neat tables and chairs in the faint yellow rough cave wall. The red round table carved chair was clean and shiny, and it must be carefully wiped every day.
But the color is like a mixture of loess blood, and it looks full of lifelessness.
Destroy Cang Lan’s cold eyes and turn to see a row of seven soft red lanterns hanging from the zenith. The breeze is not enough to blow them. These lanterns are faintly shaking, like an invisible hand, lazy and plaintively pushing them constantly.
The display in front of us is like a thing, a room, tables, chairs and lights, all of which are placed in this desolate cave, which makes me feel weird.
The night bell in Hanshan suddenly stopped. At this time, he destroyed Cang Lan. Two people have gone deep into this cave. In front of the middle of the cave, a huge rectangular box is tall. From a distance, you can see the outline with a slight white fog.
Destroy the public near Hanshan night clock step on the edge of the box steps gently stroked the white mist filled with strange things. When you talk, you don’t look at it. Destroy Cang Lan and stare at the manual eyes intently, but it’s as gentle as a drop of water.
Destroy Cang Lan on the other side of Hanshan Night Clock. Looking diagonally opposite, this rectangular box is a huge coffin. The edges and corners have been corroded and polished by fog for a long time. The smooth tentacles are wet water droplets. The fog is colder than it is with a hint of sinister corrosion. It seems to be made up of several tiny white worms.
Hanshan Night Clock looked up and decided to destroy Canglan. Touching the coffin, it moved a hook and showed a little white teeth. The hand pushed it in the direction of destroying Canglan.
An extremely sharp friction cut through the breeze, and the surging billows flashed back. Just before that, the coffin lid was suddenly pushed down, and the finger was cut. The night clock in Hanshan pushed a coffin lid and lifted a large piece of pale fog, which was even more overwhelming.
A strong sour smell almost cut off Cang Lan’s breath, and he immediately drew a thin blood mist to cover his body and calm down his blood before leaning over and looking into the coffin.
In the white fog, Cang Lan saw a young man’s body lying on his hands with his belly covered with frost, serene and immersed in a sweet dream.
But his body is already hard, and layers of frost have frozen the folds of his robe into sharp radians.
Cold mountain night clock almost put the bust into the coffin and gently scraped off the ice on the surface of the body. It was as low as caressing a child’s delicate face. Did you sleep well, Cher?
That look is like losing your mind and madness, but you are talking in a gentler tone than ordinary people.
Destroy Cang Lan leaned forward, but when he saw that the surface of the body was gradually falling off, he showed a clear appearance. A storm called a shout and rolled over his heart. Destroy Cang Lan could not help but say a little cold wind. It was cold snow flying.
It’s rude. The cold mountain night bell is grinning again. Sen’s white teeth seem to be in urgent need of chewing some animal teeth. This is my son. He has been so asleep, and he doesn’t know when his guests come.
Destroy the surging billows and stir up the knife-shaped eyebrows as if ice were freezing his five senses. Suddenly, he smiled slightly. He gently stretched out his hand and crossed the hard lines of the body. Suddenly, he felt more and more sinister breath coming from the deepest part of this huge coffin.
Well, when I narrowed my eyes, I saw that Hanshan Night Clock stretched out his hand and pushed his chest, and smiled and stepped back with him.
It’s time to look at the faint floating soft red lanterns at the top of the sky, and they seem to be suddenly thrown into the howling wind
A drop of cold liquid suddenly fell into the forehead and fell like a snake. Immediately, I raised my hand and saw a drop of bright red blood trembling at my fingertips.
I didn’t think about it, but I suddenly poured out from the zenith. Cang Lan took a step back and set up the true spirit. The cold mountain night clock was still watching the blood drop like a rainstorm. The face of the blood bead had been turned bright red, which almost covered up the pale smile.
Seeing the blood rain pouring from the soft red lantern at the zenith and accurately falling into the huge coffin, all the white fog was turned into red, and the blood flowers were continuously sprayed to hit the red arc around the coffin.
Destroy the surging billow narrowed his eyes and looked back, holding QingLuo pale and fierce QingYang shook his head and stopped him from trying to move forward.
He could feel a diabolical and weird ShaQi splashing from the blood rain, and it was unbearable for him to be so clear.
The two men destroyed Cang Lan and didn’t want them to get hurt.
Seeing that the cold white coffin was born with red fluctuating blood from the bottom, lang gradually filled a coffin, and the white fog turned into a bright red pungent sour smell. Even if he broke through the underworld, he could not help but hide his nose and knit his eyebrows before he could suppress his mind.
The blood rain drops rapidly, beating the drums in a panic, and the red pupil shoots the coldest and most dangerous light. Listening to the blood rain suddenly stops, a few residual bloodshot wires break high from the lantern and the chaotic rain finally stops.
Hanshan Night Clock gently rubs the palm of your hand, treads the blood flying all over the floor, and goes to the soles of your feet to rub and squeak. The sticky sound sees him standing next to the lotus flower rippling coffin, waving to destroy Cang Lan and laughing to destroy the public.
Brother Cang Lan suddenly heard two calls coming from behind to destroy Cang Lan. His back seemed to be hit by those two warm sounds, and in front of him was the pale face of Hanshan Night Clock Gherardini. The strange man stretched out his thin talons and gently wiped off his face and splashed blood.
Destroy Cang Lan’s eyes and turn to judo. What’s wrong?
Brother, don’t go over there. Qingluo’s little face is green and white. She’s holding on to her skirt and biting her lip. That guy is so weird.
Fierce green sun with thousands of miles of frost on its back is silvery with layers of powder, staring at the extinction of Cang Lan at any time and shaking his head heavily.
Don’t you worry about destroying Cang Lan’s side, stretching a finger, shaking her skirt and striding to the side of the coffin without looking at the two of them? I always have to explain the opportunity to others.
Vote pk and get points. Chapter 8 Blood full of jasper coffins, cold fog around the undead.
Cold mountain night bell wide grin turned to fierce Qingyang two people hiss a turned and stretched out his hand and stroked the coffin that was washed away by blood and rain ice ballast body surface.
Wipe the layers of blood and destroy Cang Lan. Finally, I can see the dead face of the body completely. Even if my eyes are closed and my edges and corners are pale, I can still lose my memory.

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